Vick Has Earned The Start

  • I love Svi on offense, at least some of the time. Earlier in the season when we first saw Svi driving to the rim a la Wiggs, I thought he was going to be a difference maker on offense for this team. But, we may no longer tolerate his defensive ineptness. Vick needs to return to the starting lineup. Then, bring Svi in for offense as a spot up shooter and occasional penetrator, similar to the way Brannen Greene was used last year.

    I know Svi is our fourth leading scorer at 10/game in 28 minutes. But, against Baylor, Svi’s play created dissention on the floor. Vick’s energy and better defense necessitates the promotion. Svi’s contributions have been on the decline recently, whereas Vick’s play off the bench has provided much needed offense at critical times and many have attributed our last two victories to Vick’s efforts. Reward the slashing Mr. Vick and use Svi as an offensive hammer off the bench.

  • I wonder what Svi’s +/- is? He gives up too many easy drives to the hoop.

  • @stoptheflop I agree that Vick has earned the spot. That said, I have noticed that Coach has the quickest hook for Svi when things are not going well. He pulled him about 2 minutes into the game yesterday when Svi was throwing the ball away and letting his guy get open. Vick is a nice spark off the bench (or in a more pessimistic way the only contribution off the bench).

  • Three years into the program and Svi makes inexcusable freshman mistakes. His offense has improved but I think his d has actually been worse each year.

  • @stoptheflop My thoughts exactly during the pregame intros. Vick’s confidence is booming & his team mates clearly prefer him on the floor. I do myself as Svi’s foot speed is not getting the def job done. Very good thread & food for discussion. Svi still has to get major minutes because of depth issues, but the more tired he becomes in the game, the more the D liabilities are increased. I also think Mitch can benefit from a few more minutes here & there. We’ll need him as well in March & April so get him polished up for the dance asap. JMO Far as I’m concerned-13 is in the bag now. RCJH!

  • To the effect I’d like coach to give some PT to colbey during the next few games. This will increase his confidence for March and will help keep Lucas fresh

  • You risk completely shooting down Svis confidence. Then you may not even have a spot up shooter.

    You can play Vick more than Svi all you want, but at this point in the season, changing the starting lineup is drama a team on a roll doesn’t need.

  • @Kcmatt7 I agree, Svi started but logged less minutes. Both players have had good games and bad games. I’d keep the line up the same.

  • The current substitution allows HCBS to put Vick in for anyone except LL, and he can be effective. With Josh’s always possible foul issues, and Svi’s lack of reliability in handling the ball, I like Vick’s versatility in keeping KU consistent during the starters’ minutes out.

  • @AsadZ said:

    To the effect I’d like coach to give some PT to colbey during the next few games. This will increase his confidence for March and will help keep Lucas fresh

    At this point it’s clear Self prefers Lightfoot over Coleby.

    As far as Vick/Svi, both have their weaknesses. I wouldn’t mind seeing Vick start though, as I feel Svi has been a big part of the slow starts recently.

  • @BShark I disagree completely with Coleby not getting more minutes but that’s Selfs decision and not mine

  • @HawkChamp

    Imo it has to do with the fact that Mitch will be here 4-5 years and Coleby might not be here next year.

  • @BShark Where is Coleby going? Will he not be a senior?

  • @Big-Clyde52 said:

    @BShark Where is Coleby going? Will he not be a senior?

    Out to pasture. He might stay though, depends on who is available in terms of post grads and decommits.

  • @BShark Coleby is still recovering from his ACL tear in summer of 2015. It usually takes basketball players longer than any other group to fully recover from that kind of injury.

    Also, are you aware that KU is still going to be pretty thin in front court depth next year. We’ll see if Doke has recovered 100% by then, Lightfoot is still a work in progress, who knows what we’ll get out of Bragg next year and finally there’s the issue of whether or not Billy Preston will even get through the NCAA Clearinghouse or not. Coleby will be an important player to have because he can be a steady presence like LL when he’s 100% next year.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 could he graduate?

  • W/Vick and Svi it’s kinda like Tarik and Embiid, more important who’s in at crunch time.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Yes. He played 2 seasons at Ole Miss, sat one at KU and is playing this season. If he graduates he can transfer and be eligible immediately.

  • @Kcmatt7 Agree. Self always says it’s not who starts but who is in at the end. Continue to start Svi, but play Vick more if that is who is playing better.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 He could, but I don’t see it happening. Coleby at 100% will likely be the first big off the bench if Self goes back to the traditional 3 out 2 in line up.

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