Vick and Josh

  • Rumors that they are involved in a vandalism probe according to the Star. Anyone know about this?

  • When will the investigations and allegations stop? Sounds like someone has it out for these guys.

  • That someone is the same girl who is accusing Vick of hitting her and kicking her, which I believe is the same girl who accused Bragg of also hitting her

  • The vandalism was to the car of that same girl

  • Just to get the rumor mill churning on this, I’d say it is payback from this girl after the Bragg incident. It would match up with the other rumors saying this is the same girl in both the Bragg and Vick case and that she embellished both times.

  • if this is the same girl, then she’s a saboteur.

  • She probably just saw the hair from behind and assumed it was either Vick or Josh lol

  • Can’t even blame the Star. It’s their job to investigate a potential coverup by the University. Makes me want to take down all my KU gear at work. It’s so damn embarrassing shit seems to be coming out left and right.

    This looks like crap for recruiting too. Especially with JJ being potentially involved. Imagine the negative recruiting we are going to get from this.

    “Bill can’t keep players under control. You send your stud athlete there for one season and he could end up a felon and drop his draft stock and cost him millions.”

    Fan-F******-tastic. Vick and Bragg are on such thin ice. The whole team better be walking around on eggshells for the rest of the season. Or better yet, lock themselves in McCarthy and don’t do anything besides practice and play XBox.

  • @Kcmatt7 yeah but this is beyond out of control. The university or someone needs to step in and say enough is enough.

  • @HawkChamp I don’t think they legally can.

    I work for a University and there are so many regulations it’s absurd. Title IX is no joke man. We get a required lecture on it every year here. And you can break the rules without even thinking twice.

  • But we may best support our players by not engaging in the discussion and dissemination of such rumors. Let’s let law enforcement and the courts sort out fact from fiction. We only add to the harm by discussing rumors here.

  • Man…get all the players away from this skank…

  • @BShark You’d think it’s time to get a restraining order on her. Not welcome anywhere near the team.

  • Sorry I don’t believe this bullshit for a MINUTE- -come on man, the star has a hard on for KU now - -here you go- - here is something to run with a really hot rumor - -I’m going to be the pope tomorrow. - -this gets blown so out of control. - -Just like this Vick situation this is some that may or may not happened TWO YEARS AGO - - TWO FRICKEN YEARS - - if it happened - -how do we know he hasn’t already been or is on some kind of stipulations? - these things just run sooo rampad. - - If he would of been charged would he still even be on the team - I mean that is some serious crap. - -these things just get BLOWN UP of he said - - she said - -they said, No wonder Self is getting ticked off HOLY BATSHIT enough is enough - - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @stoptheflop Nothing wrong with a little speculation as long you keep in mind it is just that. We definitely don’t know for sure this is the same girl in all 3 cases and don’t know who committed the vandalism either. Interesting that this happened over two months ago and no charges have been filed even though there are witnesses.

  • I agree with others - we have every right to be suspicious of the Star’s motivations for reporting this stuff.

  • I think some of you, who are obviously very Judfemental, even though you don’t know many of the actual facts, need to get a Life. It isn’t like you are Saints! And if you want to take you KU stuff down, please do so, because we don’t want ‘fair weather fans’, anyway! Quitters! Probably in your everyday Life, too! You live your Lives through these kids (and they are, still kids), because most of you couldn’t play a lick! Seriously!

  • Jeff Rosen said it is the same girl who accused Vick of hitting anf kicking her but not the same girl that accused Bragg recently

  • @HawkChamp i call bullshit on that one

  • @TRUBLUE I’ll be whatever kind of a fan I want to be. And as judgmental as I want to be. And as embarrassed as I feel like I should be.

    How about our players quit putting themselves in poor positions. I may not be perfect, but if I did have their athletic ability I would have been like Perry and sat in my dorm playing Xbox and basketball until I got paid Millions of dollars to play a game.

    I didn’t put myself in situations like that just so I could get a job making $50k. So I could only imagine what I would have been doing with the chance at millions.

    Not to mention, they reflect on hundreds of thousands of Jayhawks that came before them. Just because you don’t take the cautious side about women getting beaten or our guys committing FELONIES, doesn’t mean everyone else has to be. These players represent us. All of us. There is a lot of responsibility when you put on that jersey.

    And the facts are really irrelevant. The perception is all that matters. And right now if you asked a basketball fan about KU they would call us a bunch of pot smoking women beaters. And that Bill Self recruits players that are thugs. Not the greatest look. I like when the value of my degree goes up because KU looks like an upstanding university. Not when we get trashed in the media and our university gets disgraced.

  • Rape, vandalism, battery, drugs. 4 things I’d rather not be thinking about with this team. What next? Terrorism, grand larceny, malfeasance of funds, arson…? This is making me sick to keep reading about this crap. Bill Self must be going nuts with all of this. This is legacy tarnishing. This is career defining kind of stuff.

    Character counts.

    This is Cincinnatti/Georgetown/Syracuse/Kentucky/UNLV/Baylor type of crap that I never dreamed would be associated with our squeaky clean program. It makes me think I’ll have to hide my KU gear that I’ve worn proudly for the last 30 years.

    It makes me doubt Bill Self which is the hardest pill to swallow right now. I haven’t given this much thought, but to heck with winning if it means winning with fools like these guys. Boot them off the team. Send them packing. Win the whole darn thing with 4 guys.

  • Lol TMZ at its finest yet again

    Why is everyone playing into it, your doing them a favor. Please stop

  • @wissox Do you think just maybe it might be wise to wait until the facts are in, or at least more than a couple of newspaper articles and thousands of words of speculation and assumption?

  • @mayjay said:

    @wissox Do you think just maybe it might be wise to wait until the facts are in, or at least more than a couple of newspaper articles and thousands of words of speculation and assumption?

    Thats not how things work on the internets.

  • @BeddieKU23 Exactly - - - -PLEASE this is just past crazy - -let due process play it’self. out - -if it needs to stop - -dam. - -nothing like throwing gasoline on an open flame - -like BeddieKU23 says – -Please just stop - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Why does KC Star hate KU?

  • Next up, several members of KU Jayhawks being questioned for allegedly jaywalking after 2am in 2014.

  • Hey KC Star, here’s a news tip: Allen Fieldhouse is a safe house for immigrants.

    Seriously, if these reports are false, the source and the Star are on the edge of libel/slander, because this kind of repeated accusation appears to be with intent to defame and the Star is propagating the misinformation… Unless such protections are now dead in an era of Fake News.

  • @Kcmatt7 Facts are never irrelevant. The fact that this occurred on Dec 9 and no one has been arrested in almost two months suggests that there are a lot of unknowns here.

    Perhaps these things are being leaked by someone with a vendetta who filed spurious charges and is frustrated that their intended targets are not being railroaded.

    Perhaps they did do it and are the only clearly identified felons allowed to walk around for 55 days without facing any charges.

    Perhaps they are being targeted by someone so that people who are afraid of bad publicity will start freaking out and demand that heads must roll. No facts? Get the axe!

    But go ahead, burn your gear if you like. For me, I will wait for more. And if people look askance at my KU sweatshirt, I will wear it happily, and I will respond to any comments or questions just as I would have previously. “Yes, I believe in Bill Self’s integrity.” “Yes, I am proud.” “Yes, I believe in the right of anyone not to be pilloried by rumors, social media, or their own blasted fanbase.”

  • @BeddieKU23 Since when does someone of character let the internet determine where he or she stands when it comes to the matter of treating other people fairly?

  • Now everyone, we are all frustrated about what has transpired. I started this thread for informational purposes and do not want everyone getting mad at each other. I am sure that Bill knows much more about this and I am confident in his ability to handle it properly. I personally doubt charges will ever be filed against Vick and JJ, so let’s all take a step back and wait for more info.

  • Welcome to Kansas. Where we call reputable news sources liars and value basketball over integrity.

  • @HawkChamp 🙏 I keep thinking about their parents.

  • @bskeet Technically, if the two players were identified in the police report as persons of interest as detailed in the article, there could be no libel provided the Star was not negligent in believing that the police report was genuine. Papers are allowed to report even things from confidential police files (although woebetide someone who gets held in contempt for divulging it).

    If the Star said they were named in a report but omitted a finding from the report that they definitely did not do it, the Star could be guilty of what is known as a “false light” tort, which means setting out facts that portray someone negatively while knowing the conclusion to be drawn therefrom is false.

    The Star seems to be on safe ground here, but I don’t know about their sources. I expect the Douglas County DA’s office will be doing a pretty intense investigation, as will KU.

  • @Kcmatt7 Doesn’t the integrity of an investigation matter, too?

  • For everyone’s consideration, please note what Wikipedia says about the term person of interest. Read the very last sentence I bolded if nothing else.

    “Person of interest” is a term used by U.S. law enforcement when identifying someone involved in a criminal investigation who has not been arrested or formally accused of a crime. It has no legal meaning, but refers to someone in whom the police are “interested,” either because the person is cooperating with the investigation, may have information that would assist the investigation, or possesses certain characteristics that merit further attention.

    While terms such as suspect, target, and material witness have clear and sometimes formal definitions, person of interest remains undefined by the U.S. Department of Justice… Person of interest is sometimes used as a euphemism for suspect, and its careless use may encourage trials by media.

  • @mayjay Not really.

    You realize the majority of crimes that get reported don’t end up with charges being filed right? Hefty majority. Doesn’t make the person accused not guilty of the crime. Just means they don’t have evidence to charge them.

    Most bank robbers aren’t caught. Most hit and runs aren’t caught. Most DV accusations get dropped. So just because our guys aren’t getting charged doesn’t mean they are completely innocent in all of this.

    I’m sorry that it pisses me off to see news that our players were being idiots (guilty or not they are putting themselves in situations to get in trouble and be on police reports, most of which are public record). It devalues something I care about and something I am proud to be. That diploma I busted my ass for. That I went into crazy debt for. That I worked 35+ hours a week on top of class for. The fact that I was the first generation in my family to graduate college. And that I am so proud to call myself a first generation Jayhawk after being a fan my entire life. That apparently other people don’t have the same respect for that I do.

  • Let’s not forget the Star has been going down the tubes faster than crap through a goose. They have to justify their existance to sell much smaller papers. They are piling on to any thread that will create hype. Smacks of desperation while “home town” MU is beyond putrid and mired in a long losing streak.

  • From Matt Scott

    If you’re blasting #kubball players - trust me when I tell you nothing is as it reads and there is a HUGE other side to the story

  • Look at the pictures they are choosing. Look at how they are reporting (using that term loosely). Look at how they keep tieing togrther accusations. Muckraking 101. Trying to drive up clicks and sales to justify their dwindling ad revenue.

  • This is a good candidate for locking

  • .@LawrenceKS_PD says it’s not named suspect or any “persons of interest” involving 12/9 vandalism re: rpt. Vick & Jackson are POI’s #kubball

    From John Holt (fox 4 news)

  • @Kcmatt7 I am sure that I have the same level of respect for our shared education as you do. But I think my respect includes a sense that a few reported accusations covering almost 17 months are not going to destroy our alma mater, whereas hasty actions, rumors, and jumping to conclusions can destroy these young men’s lives. And I suspect someone (not the Star, with which I personally have no beef) has that in mind.

    I also have respect for our system of criminal law in which I practiced, and for the fairness values underlying my condemnation of the social lynching of anyone.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @HawkChamp 🙏 I keep thinking about their parents.

    Keep thinking about the parents and the young lady who allegedly got hit too.

    @Eric-san I don’t live anywhere near KC. Fill me on the Star. I really am not aware of the Star and their biases/leanings.

    @mayjay Yes, facts are great. What are the facts? 2 of our players are persons of interest in a felony. Vick hit a girl in the arm and kicked her in the face. It doesn’t matter to me that he wasn’t charged officially. If those are facts those are serious actions and as a father, as many of you are, I can’t imagine some guy doing that to one of my daughters or sons.

    @BeddieKU23 Come on man. I can’t criticize the team for a report, not from TMZ but from a reputable newspaper alleges these things?

    Boy we’d be having a heyday if Duke or Kentucky had been associated with all of these things!

  • I’ll just say this about the KC Star … on the day of the Chiefs playoff game with Pittsburgh, they run a re-hash story on Tyreek Hill with the premise of whether some have gotten past his incident with his girlfriend. They pick the most important day in many years for Chiefs fans, a home playoff game, and run a sensationalistic repeat of old news – but of course searching out interviews to further malign the guy.

    The timing was ridiculous. I guess they follow ESPN’s lead.

    The Kansas City Star is a rag.

  • Id rather be arguing about playing time between, LL, HUnter Mickelson or C Diallo

  • @mayjay If these are legit police investigations, then yes. However, not all police reports are equal. So if this is flimsy and the Star is not filtering (which is their job) then it’s sloppy at best and negligent or self-serving at worst.

  • @Bwag Those were the good old days ….

  • @Bwag Jam Tray!

  • @mayjay said:

    @Bwag Jam Tray!

    Him too!

    Now we’re so thin on the bench we can’t talk PT and rotation. Our lineup is so imbalanced even Bill Self changed strategy to 4 out 1 in.

    Without these off court issues, season has been downright boring.


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