Will KU Win Out To At Least Share The Title?

  • Looking ahead, first I wonder if KState will keep pace with its schedule: @WV, OSU, @KS, Baylor, @TCU and OU. Saturday’s home loss to IState really makes me doubt that KState will win out. Even with Wade at full strength, I see two losses there.

    Every team on our remaining schedule will oppose KU like it’s the National Championship game. The other teams must be embarrassed and pissed off at KU’s 14 title streak. This is their best chance to put an end to it. After our game at Tex Tech, we have KState, @ OSU, @ OU and Baylor. When we get past Tex Tech, I still see stumbling blocks at OU and even OSU given our record there. If we win the title this year, this team will have truly performed a miracle.

  • I think KSU schedule is actually pretty weak. I think they lose in Lawrence, and then the rest of the games they should be able to win. I think they will be favored in all of them except maybe @TCU and they just lost at home to OU. Not sure where else they will lose another game, but that’s why they play them.

    At Tech is going to be a monster for a game for KU. No reason to think they are going to win that game. Tech seems to be playing a little better and KU still struggles on the road.

  • KSU is dependent upon the return of Dean Wade. If his latest injury keeps him out more than a week, KSU probably doesn’t even share the conference.

  • Texas Hawk 10 said:

    KSU is dependent upon the return of Dean Wade. If his latest injury keeps him out more than a week, KSU probably doesn’t even share the conference.

    OL squeeky said he tweaked it - -but not the same injury. - -said he didn’t practice during the week and wore a boot. God chance he doesn’t play tomorrow night an was hoping for his return by next Saturday

  • I feel bad for Wade. He’s an awesome guy. Foot injuries usually require a full year to heal. There are 28 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons in each foot… don’t forget ligaments, blood vessels and nerves. It is impossible for doctors to locate all stress fractures when it comes to feet. It is unlikely Wade will be effective from here on out. I do see him returning, but the chances he has more trouble is probable. Add on top of that the Diarra loss.

    I still see our biggest threat being TT. We get past them and it should be a downhill ride from there, though we will have to be on our game from here on out!

  • Looking at the schedule, I can see both KSU and ISU ending up with 4 losses. KU and Tech with 5. That Tech ISU last game of the season could likely be for first place. Yes, we can win at Tech, but it’s a tall order with all that is at stake and with our young team…even with the better play recently. History tells us that some of these teams will trip up along the way. And…Wade’s injury could change the dynamic. Will be interesting. But it seems as if the top 4 teams are significantly better than the rest right now.

  • Hopeful KSU will stumble again this week and that we beat them next monday. TCU could give ISU trouble Saturday but I’m not sure how many guys TCU will have out again. There is a chance that we could still tie for the title with a loss on Saturday but I’d say no way we win it out right without winning out at this point. Obviously that last match up between ISU and TT will be a big game in who gets a share.

  • With the way the schedules fell, I think KSU probably has close to a 75% chance for at least a share of the title. It would take them absolutely laying an egg against someone besides us to lose two games and someone else winning out.

    Of course, it’s definitely possible… But I’m not betting on it this year. KSU wins at least a share of the title. Either with KU or ISU if either of them can win out.

  • I just want to win Saturday and Monday. I’m just not worried about 15 yet. We control our fate over the next 5 games if we win out.

    But I’d love to pound Tech in their gym and get revenge on K-St at home in a 48 hour span. If this team pulls out both wins its going to be exciting times.

  • @BeddieKU23 Agreed, to be honest I’m more worried about getting swept by KSU than the B12. I want to win it but it looks like last years is getting vacated so lets just make sure we don’t let the Mildcats sweeps us. They would be talking about for at least the rest of our lifetimes my even our children’s.

  • @kjayhawks

    K-St could be down two important starters going forward. Wade and Stokes are unlikely to play in their game at West Virginia tonight.

  • @BeddieKU23 when did stokes get hurt?

  • I think that’s a mistake. I believe Stoke is playing. Probably referring to Cartier and Wade.

  • I heard stokes left in a boot, but I didn’t see him get hurt. I think if it was hurting the tiniest bit, they boot it. Sounds like wade shouldn’t even have been playing.

  • @user_RCJH

    I just assumed him being in a boot would lead to a doubtful designation but I guess we will see if that’s premature

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I guess in the game Saturday. They have been vague about his injury or severity

  • I saw where Wade is a game time decision tonight. I think that is probably a smoke screen. There is no reason for him to play tonight. I am actually surprised he even traveled with the team.

    @BeddieKU23 I haven’t seen anything mentioned on Stokes. I assume he is a go tonight. It is also sounding more and more likely that Cartier will be back sooner than later.

  • @Woodrow they haven’t even said how he broke his finger??

  • I also heard earlier, wade wasn’t traveling to wv w/them. Who knows.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I don’t think they want too. Sounds like he did it doing something he shouldn’t of been doing. Heard a radio interview this morning with a KSU guy who said he has heard a ton of different stories, but didn’t feel comfortable putting anything out there. Sounds like it has been pretty tight lipped about the situation.

    Who knows…

  • I heard Cartier will have to have surgery on the broken finger, or perhaps has already had the surgery. If true, that doesn’t sound like he’ll be back anytime soon.

  • Interesting so diarrhea supposedly broke his finger doing something he shouldn’t have, last time something like this happened that they hushed about Wainwright was involved in a drive by shooting

  • Alright, who is on the “we are now in the middle of the ksuck epic fail” bandwagon with me? You heard it here first. Tonight is #2 in their losing streak. And it ain’t over yet!

  • @bcjayhawk he had surgery, Bruce thinks he’ll be back in a few weeks or conference tourney😳

  • Well Wade is starting

  • @Woodrow not sure that’s the smartest thing!

  • I thought I could watch this kstate wvu game, but I’m bored to death. I’ll check the score later

  • @DanR KSU ahead by 2 at half, 30-28. Wade has 8 pts.

  • @tundrahok blowout.

  • Go hugs!

  • Spoke to soon!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 They had to play Wade - the only way they could beat a powerhouse like WV at home…

  • Stokes turf toe doesn’t seem to bad either.

  • Am I just being optimistic about our next game with K-Suck? I honestly feel like we’re going to beat them by 25.

  • @nuleafjhawk maybe a tad hi?😳 step on the turf toe, sprain an ankle and then maybe? They do seem to heal quickly🤔

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @nuleafjhawk maybe a tad hi?😳 step on the turf toe, sprain an ankle and then maybe? They do seem to heal quickly🤔

    The KSU Animal Husbandry and Veterinary departments do amazing research.

  • I just want to beat them, could care less about the score. I’d be shocked if its a blowout, they only lost by a possession the last 2 years in AFH with this same team. I worried we will have trouble with them especially if Garrett is still out.

  • nuleafjhawk said:

    Am I just being optimistic about our next game with K-Suck? I honestly feel like we’re going to beat them by 25.

    Well - - - – -maybe just a little lol. - - I will agree - - I think we win the game yet I’m looking as possibly more like 8-10 -BUT hey IF it did turn out that way ( 25 ) - -then Hell ya -I actually am beginning to think I have even a stronger dis-like for them then ever before. - Something about them just eats at my A- - . - They play such ugly ball. - Their entire offense is very hard to watch - it basically boils down to pass - - -pass – -pass — - -pass - – pass – - run the shot clock down and then basically Brown trying to break it down and just play one on one ball jack up some shot and hope it goes in - -more often then not. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @nuleafjhawk not everybody gets you!🤣

  • @Crimsonorblue22 As long as YOU do, that’s all that matters 🙂

  • @mayjay You know, there used to be a sign posted on I-70 (true story) outside of Mancrappan - said something like " National Livestock Judging Champions (I forget the years 1991-1993?)" I think they took them down because people were laughing uncontrollably and swerving off in the ditches.

    BUT - them boys DO know their cows.

  • @nuleafjhawk “BUT - them boys DO know their cows.”

    Wallowing in bullcrap so much, they learn to tell individual bovine identifiers.

  • @nuleafjhawk True story…we are driving back from Colorado and we took the southern rout back to KC so we could stop to pick up our beef (Huck beef, best in the state!). We are outside Dodge City and we see a sign that says, “Scenic Overlook” 1 mile. I say to my wife, hmmm wonder what that could be? Maybe a flint hills type vista. We pull over a big hill into the scenic overlook and all you can see for miles and miles…is cows. Had to be one of the biggest feed lots on the planet. We just laughed our butts off. So Kansas!

  • There goes ISU, folding for KU.

  • @Fightsongwriter When you drive by a feedlot, someone always says…“that’s the smell of money”.

  • @KUSTEVE yes! Her beloved Uncle Vernon always said when detecting the funky waft in the air: Smells like money!

  • @KUSTEVE @Fightsongwriter that smell is why I could never live in Dodge City lmao, it’s not a terrible town but that smell never leaves. It’s hard to explain to folks how different it is once you get west of Junction City(dump). It goes from trees, hills and cities to wheat and cows. Lots of wheat and cows lol. But it’s nice and quiet here with the wheat and cows.

  • The area around Liberal is full of feed lots. i don’t miss it a bit.

  • @kjayhawks the upside…there is wheat and cows!!

  • You know , before this game between Baylor and Iowa State last night - -here again I was wondering Maybe - - -Maybe - -just my gut feeling again.

    Now here I sit today listening to the local sports talk program and they bagging on Iowa State and the Hilton magic - -Guys – Baylor is NOT that bad a team. - -If Baylor was truly that bad I wouldn’t of given this any kind of thought. -Iowa State is NOT that bad of team - so for Baylor to go in there and do what they did as short handed as they are - pretty good accomplishment.

    Now I here these broadcasters throwing shade at Iowa State for losing - Baylor is pretty decent - -they will beat you to death on the boards - which played a big part last night - -they do this Without McClure - - Tristan Clark - -have been without Mason for a bit - and had two others

    What I’m getting at here - - - -Here is these K-State people beating their stuff talking their smack - -saying well they losing at Hilton - -So my gut is telling me - - don’t strut to hard - - My gut is also suggesting – that Baylor could very easily go into Bramlege and beat K-State just like they did to Iowa State - last night. - very easily - - and my gut was wrong last night - and it’s saying look out - -could very easily happen. - -There is no way anyone is going to tell me that K-State is more talented then Iowa State - all I’m saying is – do not be surprised that this Baylor team COULD go into Manhattan and repeat what happened last night - -we shall se - -it’s my gut - -been doing pretty good with this for a while now. - - WATCH - - ROCK CHALKALL DAY LONGBABY

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