Beaty's last game?

  • This is the last game before the bye week. Providing WVU gives us the ass kicking we all expect, do we just kick Beaty to the curb now? Or do we let him finish the season guaranteeing he gets fired and we don’t have any loons calling for Bowen to be the head coach after he somehow runs into a win?

    I say, screw it, fire his ass and let’s “officially” start the job search.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Agreed. Let all potential candidates the job is officially open.

  • I think they should fire him on Monday. I would love to see what this team has without the noose of Beaty around their neck. I don’t see any real positives at this point in keeping him around. He can’t recruit, coach, and or anything for that matter.

  • You guys aren’t serious, are you? ONE more win this year and he will equal the number of wins he’s had in his ENTIRE KU CAREER!! Name one other coach in America that can say that…

  • Unless KU gets absolutely destroyed, something like 55-0 or such, I don’t think Beaty gets fired during the bye week. There’s no real point. The best candidates are in the middle of their own seasons, nobody on staff that got the job in the interim would be considered as a candidate, and it would destabilize the recruiting situation.

    Better to make that decision at the end of the season and be able to actually interview and hire then, than have to wait two months.

  • @justanotherfan KU has just 2 commitments at this point, destabilizing recruiting isn’t an issue because there’s nothing to destabilize. Both current commits are local kids who are probably coming to KU regardless of who the coach is.

    Firing Beaty now doesn’t change anything with recruiting this year any way.

  • I still believe it all depends on Les Miles. If he’s interested and going to take the job, there’s no point in firing Beaty at this point because you already have the next coach lined up.

    If Les is not interested, then I’d say fire Beaty after the game assuming it’s a blow out like we expect.

    Les Miles is the crux in how to handle this situation, keeping Beaty all year should be a sign that he is very interested and may have already agreed to take the job.

    Les Miles to KU rumors are something other potential candidates are aware of and of you want to advertise that the job is truly open after this year, the fire Beaty now because that will spread rumors that Miles is not coming to Lawrence.

    That’s my take on the situation.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Forgive me for being ignorant - but i am. Does Les Miles really have any interest in coming to KU? And are we talking about the same Les Miles? The one who has coached at major universities and won Conference and National titles?

    Or is this the Les Miles that is a greeter at Walmart in Booneville, Mississippi?

  • @nuleafjhawk Yes, it is the Les Miles who coached OSU and then LSU. Miles is 65 now so currently good programs would not likely be interested. Miles has said he’s interested in getting back into coaching. Jeff Long’s hiring of Mike Vollmar who played with Miles at Michigan is an attempt to lure Miles to Kansas.

  • I’m leaning more towards just firing at this point, he announced he wouldn’t be redshirting anyone this week. Get someone to be an interim coach and get a few guys to red shirt to help with the scholarships for the next staff. @justanotherfan I’m predicting a 65-17 win for WV idk if that’s enough to get him fired but it should be.

  • @kjayhawks An interim wouldn’t care about that either because there’s maybe two people on the current staff to look at retaining, but neither are interim candidates. Hull and maybe Cassius Sendish because Sendish does have an eagerness that could make him a good person to consider retaining and keep mentoring him.

    The interim is either going to Bowen or Meachem and neither should be retained so they would have no incentive to redshirt players either.

  • I used to go to church with Les and Kathy Miles. Nice guy. KU should hire him based on all of that.

  • @wissox Did you drive? Will Les feel obligated to a Jayhawk?

  • @mayjay Actually, he drove there and we drove there separately.

  • Oh, shoot.

  • @KUSTEVE Yeah, I was being facetious. If I were the AD, I probably would have sent him packing about halfway through year two. It’s painfully obvious he has no clue how to coach a college football team. He may be the greatest guy in the world, I don’t know, but he’s no more of a coach than I am.

    One thing that COULD save his job - find a different quarterback for EVERY single snap of the game. It would be a new innovative offense, the QB would not get tired, and the chances of injury are almost nil.

  • @nuleafjhawk It’s like he’s mad that Stanley did well. He has the smartest guy in the room syndrome.

  • Beaty, for whatever reason, has decided to tie himself to Bender as his QB, even though Bender is pretty clearly the worst fit among the QB’s for KU’s current offensive situation. I don’t understand it, but that is the decision that Beaty has made.

    His inability to adapt to the talent that he has at his disposal has probably cost him a couple of victories in his tenure at KU - a couple of wins that he could desperately use right now. KU isn’t going to be outrecruiting OU and Texas right now, so if the coach cannot capitalize on the talent that is available, he will never succeed.

  • Sounds like Clay Cunliffe one of our 2 commits is headed to Wisconsin this weekend and is likely to decomitt and commit to the Badgers. That will leave us with one recruit for 2019. Long needs to cut bait ASAP WITH Beaty.

  • @Woodrow

    Without a replacement in place, I don’t know how this helps recruiting. We all know that the interim will not get the job, so its somewhat pointless to commit to the interim coach.

  • If, and truly a big if, the hire is Les Miles we should can Beaty and make the Les hire official. Let him start contacting guys to be on his staff and then hit the recruiting trail himself with nothing else to do but recruit.

    My thought is that if we have a near full staff in place for next season before the season is even over we can start hitting the recruiting trail hard right of the get go.

    But if we end up poaching a current coach, we obviously have to wait until bowl season.

  • @Kcmatt7 Let me ask you something. Let’s say Beaty gets canned after the WVU game and announces Les Miles is the new coach on Monday. How does that help anything? The current assistants would be in a lame duck scenario and have little motivation to do anything to help Miles out.

    I’d also be willing to bet that just about every potential assistant coach Miles would want to hire is currently employed elsewhere and would not be too inclined to leave their current job midseason and I doubt their current employers would even give Miles or KU permission to speak to them during the season.

    Even if Beaty is fired after tomorrow’s game, it makes no sense to do anything beyond announcing who the interim coach would be (Bowen most likely) and say that search for the next coach is underway and leave it at that. Even if there is a deal already in place for Les Miles, it would make no sense to announce it officially until after the Texas game when KU’s season is over.

    The only way for your hypothetical to play out is if Miles hires a bunch of currently unemployed coaches which would not be something that would sit well with many people, including you.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I think the assistant coaches might just be smart enough to know that busting their butts for a new coach could well be their only hope of ever being employed in D1 again.

    Even if they are released at the end of the year, they would go with good references from Miles and might benefit greatly from all his contacts. Conversely, if Miles senses they are just going through the motions, his negative assessment would be a kiss of death even beyond their utter failure at KU.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 They know they are Lame Ducks even if Beaty is canned. It’s their audition for another job and the difference between going to Coastal Carolina or North Carolina. That is their motivation. On top of just owing it to the players.

    Any extra time we can give Les in an official capacity the better. But that’s just my opinion. I realize he can’t officially hire a staff, but he can send out feelers and have a decent idea of who would be coming.

  • Texas Hawk 10 said:

    “it would make no sense to announce it officially until after the Texas game when KU’s season is over.”

    Announce it now - KU’s season IS over.

  • @Kcmatt7 I don’t mean phone it in as far as game planning and day to day stuff. There’s no motivation for these guys to go out and recruit for 2019 knowing they won’t be back so announcing a new coach now does nothing to help the recruiting situation to begin with.

    2019 is a lost cause recruiting class at this point because there won’t be much out there by the December/January rolls around and the new coach has his staff in place. That’s what recruits are going to be waiting for any way, not who the head coach is. The assistant coaches do about 90% of the work recruiting players because that’s who builds the relationships with the recruits.

  • @nuleafjhawk When you qoute that, what is your purpose in quoting that?

    I suspect you’re trying to use that quote to imply I’m suggesting Beaty not be fired until after the season ends. If that is your intention, I don’t appreciate my quotes being taken out of context in that manner.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 But if Les can reel in 1 or 2 big fish, it’d totally be worth it. That’s all I’m looking for. Maybe he can nab a QB still. An OL. Hell, anything. Anything is better than nothing.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Don’t take things so seriously man, at least not from me. Look, I love KU sports - sports in general, but I’m not an analyst, not a coach, not a guru of any kind. I like to laugh and have fun. My intent is never to make anybody look bad or to put them down, I’m just looking for a laugh.

  • Ok I plead the idiocy rule. - -Did is Miss something? - -did the boat take of without me, cause I for sure have no idea. - -What and or why when every time I turn around and read on the football - -all I keep hear/reading is Les Miles. Did I miss something? - someone got some inside poop or what? - -have we secretly offered him? - has he accepted? - why is his name out here so much? Also if I haven’t then I’m just not seein it. - Why in this point in time of life would he ever want to come to a program such as ours to finish his career? - - I just DO NOT see Les Miles coming to KU - -at all - but like I said maybe some one has heard something from a guy - -who knows a guy - - who they know a guy - -that knows a guy that knows - -maybe Les is already on board - -anybody know? – - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @nuleafjhawk I just don’t appreciate stuff I say being taken out of context to the extent that you did because it’s implying that I’m defending a position that I’m not defending.

  • @jayballer73 It’s some connecting the dots. 1. We hired an old SEC AD. 2. Les has been in the B12 before. 3. At 65, this is about all the offers that Les is going to get. There are only a handful of jobs that can pay Les what he would want AND would be ok hiring a 65 year old coach.

    He is certainly a logical candidate, and probably the most high profile one that we would have a shot at. So naturally that’s where people will start with their “what if” scenarios. Just talk brotha.

  • @jayballer73 Les Miles has said he’d be interested in coaching again and there’s enough traction to these rumors that’s been on his wikipedia page for quite awhile now.

    The biggest reason for the speculation is Jeff Long’s hiring of Les Miles former Michigan teammate Mike Vollmar to oversee the football program specifically and basically be a liaison between the staff and Long.

    Miles may not ultimately take the job, but he is definitely the top target for Jeff Long and is a realistic possibility as of this time.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Like I said, try not to take things so seriously. Life’s too short to get upset about things like this. I’m going to take my own advice now and quit commenting on this particular subject. Have a good day brother. Or sister.

  • @nuleafjhawk That’s not one of those things I like to joke around with because I’ve had someone try and get me fired from a job before when I was younger by taking something I said completely out of context and trying to say I was bad mouthing my boss at the time. Only reason I didn’t get fired was because of multiple people backing my side of the story.

    That’s just not one of those things I like to joke around about because of stuff I’ve experienced in the past.

  • Flipping through the channels and see Louisville and Georgia Tech are on. How would people feel about Paul Johnson as a coaching candidate. Seems he is becoming kind of stale at GT and they could move on. Just curious how people would feel with the brand of football he plays. I think he checks a lot of boxes of a coach we need, and his style doesn’t bother me as we need to try something new.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 FWIW, I have read and reread your original post, and @nuleafjhawk’s, and honestly cannot find anything that mischaracterizes what you said. In that portion of your sentence you weren’t discussing if or when KU should fire Beatty or Hire Miles. You suggested, in the quoted section, that only after the season should they announce a deal not taking effect until then, and he was only making a play on what it means to be so bad that realistically it is already over. I think you are missing that his playful point is based on our near ubiquitous sense of doom.

  • @mayjay

    I saw @nuleafjhawk post the same way you did, nothing more than a clever word play.

  • Ugg!

  • You know guys , sitting here watching this Ku/WV game today - I dunno man frustrating cause dam, I mean here we are playing against a very potential Heisman player like they are mentioning and yet - -ok West Virginia coming into this game today had been in the red zone 20 or like 25 times this season and had neve been stopped - -they had scored EVERY TIME this year- --yet we stop them 3 times in the 1st half. - - -West Virginia has lead the nation this year in NOT being tackled for a loss they had only been tackled for a loss 14 times all year - -and yet we have 4 TFL’S in the 1st half. - -We have 3 innerceptions in the 1st half - - - -FRUSTRATING as hell.

    Now I’m not trying to back Coach but I mean we have had opportunities in this game - -I mean really good field position and on 4th and short Stanley just fumbles the ball right out of his hands - -giving West Virginia excellent filed position pretty much gimme TD for WV. = = Beaty can’t catch the snap for Stanley

    Bender throws the ball for INT - -Coach can’t throw the ball for Bender. -I don’t know if it’s timing between QB and Receiver or what – -Coach can’t throw or catch the ball that’s on Bender.

    Hasan Houston only has 1 man to beat to return for Int for TD and gets caught by the QB - -make a juke and it’s a score -just saying guys there IS some pieces and we can’t blame EVERYTHING on Coach - little things focus - -concentration by our plyers - -come on - -just frustrating

  • Well?

  • Are any of the remaining games winnable for KU? Iowa State is winning today, as is K-State. TCU?

  • @Gorilla72 Not unless we could somehow schedule Nebraska.

  • I’d almost best he is fired Sunday or Monday. Think that might have always been the plan.

  • Gorilla72 said:

    Are any of the remaining games winnable for KU? Iowa State is winning today, as is K-State. TCU?

    Iowa State is a good football team, 1-3 but with a really tough schedule.

  • KSU is losing, at the moment

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