Prediction time

  • It’s here folks, the 2017 football season. Our Jayhawks open up Saturday in Lawrence vs SEMO. A team that we beat in 2014, 34 to 28 to open the season. The redhawks are coming off of a 3 win season and lost a high number of starters from that team. I don’t look for this years contest to be anywhere near that competitive. All signs are that Bender will be the starter at QB, that being said I’m picking Kansas 59-10, Bender throws for 300 plus yards and the offense rolls with an easy win to celebrate the orange bowl team. The rest of the B12:

    Ok state 45 Tulsa 17

    Texas 31 Maryland 13

    UTEP 10 OU 48

    EWU 20 TT 55

    UCA 9 KSU 31

    JKST 13 TCU 42

    UNI 17 ISU 20

    WVU 27 Virginia Tech 20

  • I’ll say something in the respect of 41-13 KU - - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @kjayhawks Texas Tech is going to be KU and ISU levels of bad this year. Don’t be shocked if FCS power Eastern Washington pulls that win out. Same for Northern Iowa over ISU.

  • KU should beat SEMO pretty easily. I’ll say KU by at least 4 TD’s on Saturday night.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 UNI did beat ISU last year but that’s why I picked ISU this year. Tech won’t be good and Kliff is likely gone but I have this as one of their 3 wins.

  • @kjayhawks Eastern Washington is #4 in the FCS. Even if Tech wins that one, it won’t be by 5 TD’s. That’s going to be a close game and don’t be shocked when EWU pulls that win off.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Eastern Washington is good and beat Washington state a year ago but I hope for the conference sake tech can win. Okie state is already up 21 with 4 minutes left in the first quarter. Maybe it is Okie states year again, I just don’t like Gundy. If you take away the 2011 b12 title team, they are very average, they’ve only managed to beat OU 3 times in the last 15 years and being double digit favorites 5 times last year they covered a single time.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 @jayballer54 @Kcmatt7 @stoptheflop and anyone else lets pick the b12 games every week and get a little contest going here.

  • Wow just watched the CMU vs Rhode Island game, we play CMU next week and RIU is the team that has won 3 games in 3 years that we spanked last year. CMU needed 3 OTs, a missed 33 field goal and 6 interceptions ( yes 6!) thrown by RIU to escape 30-27.

  • @kjayhawks May not mean much. Ohio lost at home last year to a really bad Texas St. team and then came into Lawrence and beat KU the following week.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Never count your chickens before that hatch for sure but at least Texas State is a FBS club. Rhode Island is really the Kansas of FCS if you look at their last few years records and coaching changes. We should be focused on SEMO and honestly LY we let Ohio get up 22 to 0 in the first because I think we thought they were push over, we were the better team for 3 quarters but 2 muffed punts by Quv doomed us and lead to 10 easy Ohio points when we had the mo. I’ll have my usual breakdown for the CMU game next week.

  • I like the idea of posting our predictions each week in a friendly competition. I haven’t studied this week’s games at all, except for our game. I’ll just go on record predicting all Big 12 teams will win. I assume our schools are smart enough to pick opponents they will most likely beat to start their seasons right. I plan to be in Lawrence by 3 PM Saturday and to get to the stadium early. Thank goodness my wife is very patient with my devotion to KU football. RCJHF

  • @stoptheflop Texas Tech is playing Eastern Washington who is #4 in the FCS ranks and beat a pretty good Washington St. team last year that was much better than what Tech will be this year.

    Iowa St. also plays a Northern Iowa team that’s beaten them before and ISU is still going to be a bad team this year.

    Those are the two Big 12 teams in danger of losing this year.

    That said, I’ll go with the Big 12 to go 8-2 this weekend with Tech losing to EWU and West Virginia losing to Virginia Tech on Sunday.

  • @stoptheflop I’m taking 3 relatives up w/me plus 2 lil people!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I hope you and your family have a great time. I’m really looking forward to a good game by our rebuilding Jayhawks and to all the accolades and festivities surrounding the 2007 team. RCJHF

  • @stoptheflop @stoptheflop wish you guys were going next week we could’ve met up.

  • kj: I do plan to go to the Central Michigan game. Of course things could change, but my plan is to be there. We will set a place and time to meet. I thought about making a stoptheflop t-shirt, but haven’t gotten around to it. We sure could use a few more regular posters on here.

  • Speaking of Central Michigan I saw their first game. KU had better beat them…

  • So has anyone even have a sniff about possible attendance tonight? - It would be really be good to get a quality turnout, back this team , I’m not going to be able to just coming off my knee surgery pretty laid up and bruised right now but hoping the team can see it has some backing - -With Mark coming back would also hope people come back to recognize the guys. - - -rooting for that 1st win of the season - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • stoptheflop said:

    We sure could use a few more regular posters on here.

    Final game loss complaining, politics, and lack of basketball news has driven most away. When the games start back up most will be back.

    Pro tip: block the politics section and you will like your fellow bucketeers more.

  • dylans said:

    stoptheflop said:

    We sure could use a few more regular posters on here.

    Final game loss complaining, politics, and lack of basketball news has driven most away. When the games start back up most will be back.

    Pro tip: block the politics section and you will like your fellow bucketeers more.

    I generally don’t open that section. If I wanted to talk politics I’d be on a political board.

    And you are right when games start more people should be back.

  • @BShark @stoptheflop Not all basketball fans are football fans, or, like me, they may be fans who will watch a game from afar but don’t have enough familiarity with the team to contribute much here.

  • I don’t really follow football at all. But, for some reason I am intrigued by this years KU football team. The things Ive read on the other site point towards Coach Beaty really digging in and getting things rolling this year. I probly still wont watch any games but Id love to see those guys break .500 this year!!

  • DAM Texas threw you a huge curve buddy. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @mayjay My most fond memories of four years at KU don’t have anything to do with academics. My best memories are of going to KU football and basketball games with friends and cheering hard for our guys. When I was in school there wasn’t any television coverage of the away games, but you could go anywhere in Lawrence and hear the radio broadcasts of the games from stereos and cars. It was great. Even though my college buddies are spread out from coast to coast, I still text them during games to get their responses. RCJH

  • @stoptheflop The fb games in the Cromwell years were fun for me, too. But basketball games were exponentially more fun!

  • Texas A&M went full Texas A&M tonight, holy crap that was painful for A&M. Looks like they’re probably getting a new coach after this season.

  • @kjayhawks I’d love to do that. Sorry I was in Nashville this weekend for a wedding. Wasn’t even able to watch the game because I didn’t realize how far in the woods this wedding would be…

    Not that anyone would have done great this week… Baylor and Texas losing? Jeeze. And Texas losing even with 3 special teams or defense touchdowns. That’s bad. Really bad. If UT goes .500 this year will people still believe in Herman as the savior?

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    How about Missouri? They scored 72 but gave up 43 to Missouri State, an FCS team; talk about a crappy defense. SEC teams are going to light up MU like a pinball machine.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Other than Alabama, I’m not sure the SEC is as scary as its made out to be. It just so happens that Alabama may be two TDs better than pretty much every team in the country.

  • @JayHawkFanToo @justanotherfan The SEC has had a losing bowl record for the past 3 straight seasons. They have Alabama and that’s it anymore, the ACC is the best conference in football and basketball right now.

  • @justanotherfan @kjayhawks

    I think it is safe to say that every team in the SEC is better than Missouri State, right? If Missouri State can score43 points against MU, how many points do yo think SEC teams will score on MU?

    That was my only point and I was not comparing conferences or stating how strong every team in the SEC is, only how bad MU defense appears to be,

  • Banned

    Michigan looked pretty tough last weekend. That defense was, was, was, sparkling.

  • Big10 looks pretty salty this year. Alabama may be the best team in the country, but the Big10 looks like the best conference with OSU, PennState, Michigan and Wisconsin all top 10 teams. The Big12 is lagging quiet a bit with only OU looking respectable so far.

  • @dylans I honestly think the b12 gets left out of th CFP again. I think OU loses Saturday, then I think they win out and lose to OKie state in title game and everyone has 2 loses in this conference.

  • @kjayhawks That’s my fear as well. We shall see

  • I could both the B12 and P12 getting left out. I think Washington overachiever big time last year and I think they lose a couple and I think USC is over rated as well. If that happens, I could see 2/3 of Ohio St., Penn St., and Michigan getting in along with the ACC and SEC champs.

  • DoubleDD said:

    Michigan looked pretty tough last weekend. That defense was, was, was, sparkling.

    Defensive coordinator is really darn good at his job. Had a stingy as heck d at Boston College before going to Michigan

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