Mo Bamba

  • Ouch Shaka. This one hurts.

  • Well this is interesting for sure…

  • Doesn’t look good but we’ll see what happens. Will the NCAA even take notice with all that they have going on… How valid is this brother’s story going to be. It seems hard to take 100% for granted with the way this is being brought to the public.

    We all thought Preston would have issues and from everything we know he’ll be playing next year. Oak Hill really must be magic.


    In a rambling, profanity-laden 22-minute Facebook Live video filmed poolside, Ibrahim Johnson detailed the alleged relationship between his younger brother and financial adviser Greer Love. Shirtless and wearing a backward baseball cap, Johnson accused Love of violating NCAA rules by supplying Bamba with money, vacations and other extra benefits and steering him toward certain schools in hopes of working with the 6-foot-11 center in the future

    So my question here is “who’s payroll is this Greer Love on”? Nike?

  • @Statmachine This is the layer that the ShoeCo theory has been missing. How they separate themselves. It’s genius.

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    Oak Hill really must be magic.

    alt text

  • Actually the article goes on to say “He chose Texas last month over fellow finalists Kentucky, Duke and Michigan, which happens to be Love’s alma mater.” So is he on Shaka’s payroll?

  • After listening too the whole video, I’m just not sure of the validity.

  • @Kcmatt7 Brotherly love – heart-warming, don’t you think?

  • I kind of have the same feeling as Kcmatt7 on this. - - -Not very sure about this 1/2 brothers whole allegations.

    Bamba has been cleared by EVERY compliance dept from each of the schools he visited, then ultimately has been cleared by the NCAA Eligibility center, Bamba and Love both had been cleared it was reviewed cleared and certified by the NCAA.

    This has been an ongoing feud between Bamba and this 1/2 brother for some time, after Abe Johnson Bamba’s 1/2 brother was removed from his recruiting process. Because of the long standing relationship between Bamba & family’s with Love they wanted Love to help in the recruiting process. - -Even with that said It was said that Loves organization is not a booster of any University.

    It just sounds, seems looks like just maybe it’s a case of a PO’D brother looking for some attention.

    Kind of hard to believe when it is coming from someone who faces FIVE separate felony and misdemeanor charges in FIVE different States. - Fl, NY, South Carol, Ohio, & Illinois.

    Hit & run in Fla, - - -Forgery, falsication, petty theft & Possession of drugs in Ohio, Possession of drugs in South Carolina & theft in Illinois.

    Been rumored for a long time that Johnson was wanting to try and exploit Bamba in his recruitment for College and Professional Community. - - Just kind of hard to fully believe his story. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Nothing will happen. UT won’t get any penalties because “they were unaware” which is the BS lines schools get. The NCAA will never prove this because they don’t have the legal authority to subpoena people (reason why KU will never suffer for Cliff) unless Bamba’s handler is a complete idiot and males his involvement public record.

  • This clown wants to be a sports agent? Does he really believe that throwing, who would have been his first potential client, under the bus is a good business move? Nothing to see here, most likely nothing will come out from this. Even if some of the allegations are proven to be true, having this numb nuts as a witness will make it look like a case of sour grapes.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 “unless Bamba’s handler is a complete idiot.”

    Never underestimate the power of determined idiocy.

  • @jayballer54

    From what we have personally experienced from the NCAA, it doesn’t matter if allegations have legs or not. The pursuit by the NCAA relates strictly to their own motives, not some kind of real justice.

  • NCAA cleared him already. I guess they didn’t believe the bat**** crazy brother

  • @BeddieKU23 Actually, they may have believed him about the payments, but (to summarize) found that the relationship and support Bamba received from his “mentor” passed their test of long-lasting (since 4th grade), continuous, and not arising out of the kid’s athletic prowess.

    Apparently Diallo’s didn’t.

    Oh, and this guy is going to Texas, whom the NCAA would like to see resurrect its bb program. Forgot that.

  • @mayjay

    I thought about making the comparison to Diallo but what’s the point, the NCAA doesn’t do anything consistent with these cases of benefits.

    It’s good for Texas that his situation is not in limbo headed towards the season like Diallo’s which-hunt was. For that I give the NCAA credit for not putting this kids immediate future on eggshells

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