Devonte Graham Heroics.

  • Fanbase been a little tough on him this year.

    He can play still. Huge 3’s. Just straight cold daggers!

    Thanks DG

  • Devonte and Frank won this game. It still appears Devonte is going through the motions and not putting his heart into these games, especially early in the games. But, without his clutch 3’s we lose a must win.

  • Devonte and Frank get the well deserved glory for this game. The unsung hero to me is Vick. His 14 off the bench was huge in a game where the other team is so deep and wears out the starters.

    Speaking of our bench, I just looked at the box score and Bragg played 18 minutes, was 0-1 from the field and fouled out. You almost can’t make up a worse stat line. Thankfully Vick stepped up.

  • @joeloveshawks

    His one rebound was big though, I believe it led to a basket. But otherwise maybe the most miserable game I’ve seen him play. Couldn’t have missed an easier layup.

    I agree Vick was terrific in the 1st half and we might have seen more from him had he not gotten in foul trouble

  • With about 4 minutes to go I was cursing Devonte.😆 When he plays well it makes us REALLY hard to beat. He was not any good until about 2 minutes left. Then he was outstanding.

  • @joeloveshawks Bragg’s miserable performance left me to wonder if it is worth the coaching staff’s time and effort to keep him around for another season. Right now he looks to be on a hopeless track.

  • @BeddieKU23 I’ve been waiting for him to play like he did last night all season!! Cojones grande!

  • The three he hit in regulation off the offensive rebound was cold blooded. It was the kind of shot that made me feel good about March. I wasn’t even concerned with whether KU was going to win last night after that shot went in, because that is the kind of shot that will matter in March when we need that level of fearlessness and cojones grande (h/t @Kcmatt7) to survive and advance.

    Also, has anybody ever seen a player that can make a horrendous play, and then an incredible play in almost the same breath like Josh Jackson? That turnover in OT was just a terrible play. I cannot express how bad a play it was in that moment. It was awful. And still, within like 10 seconds, Josh Jackson had gotten a steal and a layup that basically erased that turnover in an instant. He’s done that several times this year. Kid just makes plays. It’s incredible.

  • Bragg has a big issue adjusting to his new body. The 30 pound he gained over the summer should allow him to bang inside but he does not, he plays like he is smaller and shuns contact and does not even try the jumper anymore; the was supposed to have range clear to the 3 point line but I have not seen him take any shots outside 3 feet. Lightfoot, on the other hand, plays like he is 30 pounds heavier and 3 inches taller; he will be special in the not too distant future.

  • Someone mentioned last night that Graham has the head fake, shot fake and pass fake down to an art. A little overused, IMO, but It seems to help him get into rhythm, so I can live with it!

    I’ve been critical of Bragg, but I’d still like him to get it together this year (so he can go pro). I just don’t get how he can be SO out of position on offense all the time. He can’t stop dancing like a butterfly to even set a screen or box out. Even worse on D. It’s pretty bizarre for a sophomore.

  • @JayHawkFanToo the weight is not a factor

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Brick between the ears not too heavy ??

  • @Crimsonorblue22 To me it looks like Bragg just lacks confidence and is playing too tentative. Like that missed layup…

  • @Hawk8086 Everybody had ugly missed layups last night. The basket looked like it had a Jack-in-the-Box with a Bill Russell hand on top that would pop up whenever our layups would touch the rim. SPROING!!!

  • @Hawk8086 We have such terrible finishes at times because JJ instead of a simple layup or two handed dunk, has to fly in from twice as far to make sportscenter and misses. Bragg and LL should dunk the ball a 100 times more than they do, like braggs layup, just a soft dunk is fine.

  • @justanotherfan HA! You asked have we ever seen a player make a horrific play, then a stellar play…Devonte popped into my head quick, mostly for giggles. Frank was a bit like that as a frosh, but always better than badTyshawn. (“plays you cant coach vs never been coached”).

    Frank is gold now. And almost every game this seadon Josh has been wildly net-positive. His freshman mistakes are few. And fewer still lately.

  • @ralster

    No question that Josh is a fast learner and remembers not make the same mistakes…No Ts lately. 😄

  • It was a team victory. This is a very good highlight vid of the game showing the scoring from both sides. Yes it was a team victory, but Devonte dominates the end of this presentation.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Not only No Ts… he drew a T on WVU by using a veteran ploy. He started that exchange, and then stopped and let the guy snag the T. Totally brilliant move!

  • @kjayhawks I dont think Josh is trying to make Sportscenter, since he is one of those gifted few to whom it comes naturally. He does things only people like Wiggins can do. Josh plays with nasty as first nature. Nothing hurts more than the angst of blowing a dunk. Remember Julian Wright’s biggest wanna-get-away? moment…

    And I guarantee any KU player that missed a FT or layup vs IowaSt in regulation, likely felt sick over their piece of that debacle. And lack of trey D on IowaSt, of all foes…

  • I’ve been hard on Devonte all year because the magic we saw at the end of WVU is something unique and positive Devonte brings to the game. We have seen very little of that this year, and we need to see it more often now.

    Devonte’s magic is a weapon few other teams can match. It can easily be the extra weapon we need to win out in March!

    I adored Wayne Selden. Wayne had the magic, too. But as we know, it often disappeared for long periods when it was needed and didn’t happen. There is no way to fight up through a loser’s bracket in March. One mistake, and adios!

    Devonte is reminding me too much of Wayne. I hope he brings up more magic moments because we can use them… and he can make scouting us impossible because with his magic we truly do have 3 guard threats instead of 2. WVU played off of Devonte to put the pressure on Frank. It partially worked. Teams need to pay the price for slacking off of Devonte. We need Devonte’s magical presence often!

  • Coach Self seems pretty pleased with Devonte’s play and understands that all the attention is on Frank and Devonte is not getting nearly what he deserved but his numbers are solid.

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