Anyone concerned about losing Leipold to Nebraska?

  • I’m hearing rumors

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  • @Gorilla72 Nebraska seems like a bigger rebuilding job than Kansas.

  • I think they’d be better off getting the Coastal Carolina coach, but I doubt anything happens until the season is over.

  • What makes Leipold a strong candidate for the Nebraska is his buyout here is only $5 million. Nebraska should be able to afford that on top of Frost’s buyout and whatever salary they’d pay Leipold.

    Personally, if I was Nebraska’s AD, Leipold would be third on my list after Matt Campbell and Chris Klieman simply because they’ve established good programs in the P5 and Leipold isn’t there yet with Kansas.

  • I’m not to concerned , concerned - - yes , but not that concerned. - I mean sure there is a chance he has family there I think or his wife does , I think one of them I think Lance might be from Nebraksa. I just don’t think he would leave this soon - - could be wrong but sure hope not.

  • Why would he go to a losing program?🤣

  • lol see some betting % they have Lance down the line at 10 -1 - - Campbell is the favorite

  • Campbell is the front runner. I doubt Lance is anywhere near the top of their wish list.

  • 4-10 won’t get you the Nebraska job. They have fired guys for 9 win seasons.

  • I am a bit concerned

    Big money can talk

  • @AsadZ I’ve never been in a position to turn down “big money”, although whatever Leipold is making at KU is ginormous money compared to my salary.

    Having said that - from what very little I know about this guy, he wants to prove people wrong. How many folks do you think told him " Oh God, not Kansas. Hold out for a good job "?

    I think he wants to prove he can win - even at Kansas. I hope he proves me right.

  • Lance Leipold won multiple national championships at a D3 school in Wisconsin. Bo Ryan won multiple national championships at a different D3 school in Wisconsin and nearly won a national championship. A multiple champion at D3 knows how to win and while it’s no guarantee for winning a D1 championship, I believe that we have a top notch coach in Lance but others will recognize it as well.

  • Again have to say not that concerned I think Lance is probably 3rd or 4th in line. Seeing Campbell has come and said he would be interested in the Job according to a CBS rumor, and especially since Nebraska saying they would like to have the Coach in time for the Early Signing period in December. Just don’t see that happening

  • I think Lance would end up being a phenomenal hire for Nebraska. But I don’t think a big money donor for Nebraska ponied up the $7.5M to fire Frost early to hire Lance. They are going to backup the Brinks truck for Matt Campbell or someone like that. I’m shocked I haven’t seen Dave Clawson’s name thrown around. Could see Mark Stoops there.

    Really hoping we have our big money guys step up to match whatever offer. I do think that if he stayed here he could be a legend. At Nebraska he’ll be “a guy.”

    I personally think the Nebraska job is one of the absolute worst in football. Expectations of B10 championships despite being maybe the 7th or 8th best job in the B10 now that UCLA and USC have been added. Its an absolutely awful job imo.

  • Legit question - is the Nebraska job better than the Iowa job?

    I think that it is a worse job than:

    • OSU
    • PSU
    • UW
    • USC
    • Michigan
    • UCLA

    Basically on par with the Iowa job imo. Reality is that Nebraska is in a barren wasteland of talent. They can try to recruit Ohio/Penn rich area but you’re competing against the big boys and you are further away than Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Cincinnati, Iowa, Purdue, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisville, Illinois and Michigan State. They have lost the Texas pipeline by moving to the B10. Nebraska’s in-state talent is awful. Neighboring states are also vast wastelands of talent.

    It is a shitty job.

  • @Kcmatt7 It is a shitty job only because of the expectations. They have unlimited money, facilities, in the richest conference, etc… There are obviously a lot of things to like about the job. However, it will take someone that can handle the donors and expectations.

    I don’t think Lance is the first choice for them, but I bet he is in the 6-10 range. If they get turned down by Urban, Campbell, Rhule, Stoops, and then come a calling with 5-7M per year he is going.

  • Nebraska is just not a premiere job anymore. Unfortunately, their fans are not aware of that.

    Nebraska can’t go into any talent rich state and be a top recruiting option anymore.

    They are probably the 15th choice (at best) for a kid from Texas. Probably the 20th choice or worse for a kid from Florida. Probably the 10th choice (or worse) for top talent from Ohio/Michigan/Pennsylvania. As @Kcmatt7 said, they have almost no in-state talent. They can’t just come into nearby metro areas like KC, StL, Chicago and get their pick of those players. Nebraska has no talent base to get players from.

    It’s a lousy place to recruit to with unreasonable expectations. Leipold would be crazy to take that job.

  • Like they are saying Nebraska isn’t going to settle say for a coach in his 2nd year that is like 4 - 10 record -or if we can get 4 wins or show like 7 -17 record in two years, do you really think the Nebraska fans - -Alum would be happy with that kind of a hire ?

    More rumor of Fleck Coach of Minnesota - Little talk of Urban Meyer , Klineman of K/State - - Campbell of Iowa State. - -not to worried yet.

  • @Woodrow I wouldn’t blame him. And I do think he’d go.

    I just think Nebraska is a weird job.

  • Read this of Baylor 365 Sic-em . - -A Article or tweeted out from Lars Anderson - -said from inside sources he knows usually pretty solid, he said that it sure looks like after this is all said and done that is expected that Nebraska is Highly expected that Nebraska will hir Matt Campbell of Iowa State. - Guess interest in him an him in Nebraska. Been stated of CBS article that he Campbell has interest in the Nebraska job. May not be til towards the end of the foot ball Season but looks like he could be the leader.

  • The two most cursed head coaching jobs in the last 25 years have to be Nebraska and Tennessee. Delusional fans living in the past.

  • @DanR

    I think you could add Miami to that group as well

  • I’m hearing Wisconsin rumors on this front now.

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