Health is wealth

  • Here’s the new category for those who wish to flaunt their vim @DanR @drgnslayr

  • Haha… now I’m on the spot! Better come up with some huge health tips!

    Tip #1: Laugh as much as you can! You only live once… or twice… so make it count.

  • @drgnslayr I love this one! We don’t laugh enough anymore.

  • I’ll write a long thing about this eventually, but if you’re able, change your surroundings if you don’t like where you are. My community has undergone drastic changes since I moved here and not for the better. I’m traveling a lot this spring for work and checking out and revisiting other parts of the country to see if I want to relocate (I see u LFK 👀). Perhaps one good part of this whole shishow is decoupling work from where you live in some parts of the economy. I’d love to hear parts of this great country posters live and recommend we check out!

  • @FarmerJayhawk

    I think the same! I just rebounded out of a few mediocre years. I don’t do mediocre well. So I made some changes to my business that push me out on the road… I’m off to New Orleans in 10 days for a two week trip that should bring back some zip to my step! Planning other exciting places after that.

    Not sure I can relocate anytime soon… but in the least I can travel more and defeat the staleness!

  • I finished 1000 miles in the calendar year 2021 on New Years Eve. It was mostly running, but some walking, some swimming, and some cross country skiing. 1001 miles this year is my goal!

  • @wissox I probably ran about 900 last year. I try to run 20-25 miles a week, but I had a nagging foot/heel problem last year and had to rest a few times. It’d be interesting to track milage for a full year rather than weekly. I think I’ll try that and see if it motivates me more or is just a hassle.

    I use the Runkeeper app on my phone when I run outside, but I don’t bother manually adding in treadmill miles. I don’t really set goals. It’s just a break in my day, and I just sort of keep track in my head each week.

  • Pretty sure I ran about 3 miles last year, some in airports and parking lots in the rain… . Walked hundreds. Golf carted hundreds more. All good for stress relief (golf substitutes deeper life stresses with short-term success/failure stress that is easy to set aside).

  • That’s great! Some of my running miles were on a treadmill in my basement. To achieve the goal 2.739 miles per day (1000/365) needs to happen. I use Irunner, but as far as I can see it doesn’t have a cumulative function so I just put them down in a spreadsheet which is really simple to do.

    @mayjay I don’t golf cart. 1 is because I’m a cheapskate, but 2 is because I like the exercise and try to play as fast as the players in front of me allow me to. So some of my miles were from walking the golf course.

    It’s interesting to me that as I posted this accomplishment on Facebook some of my friends had to one up me and show how many steps they took and how many miles that added up to. They were largely miles from working which mine aren’t at all.

  • @mayjay I bought a pull cart this last year. Walked probably 10 rounds with it. Goal for 2022 is to walk at least 50.

  • @wissox @Kcmatt7 I used to walk when I played, but this course is in a development and has long long distances between holes. We do our walking on the streets and bike paths, and see all types of wildlife–gators, herons, egrets, bald eagles, geckos, billions of bluebirds and other birds, etc. Fun to hit an approach shot with a gator 30 feet behind you on the bank!

    I liked walking whenever I played a new course because I was able to get a look at everything, especially (ahem) the woods and creeks, etc. But at 65 with the heat here 8 to 10 months of the year, I’m not able to carry all the junk I can carry in my cart (2 waters, sand bottle, lots of tees and balls, towels, and extra gloves). Cart is built into the member fee, but I always use our own. (Bonus: won $35 as 2nd prize in this year’s Christmas Cart Parade! We will break even by 2350 or so if we can snag a few firsts!)

    Enjoy the agility of youth while you can!

    FB_IMG_1639351643344.jpg !

    Zoom in to see Santa Jaws’ golf shoes!

  • @mayjay really cool! Not getting the shoes, big ones!

  • I run 4-5 times a week, no set goals but I just got back into it last March after buying a treadmill. For the year I dropped 26 pounds running, lifting weights, minor changes to eating habits. No diet or hardcore change in eating but have found what works for me and will continue on this path. We had actually put in a gym downstairs before the pandemic hit so its been a great thing to have during this s***show.

    It’s been even better for my mental health though having that outlet 5 days a week. I stay with it and I enjoy it so much.

  • @BeddieKU23 that’s great. My treadmill has been great. I don’t use it too often but when it’s nasty outside it comes in handy.

  • Just saw this. The lady I used to be in contact with that worked in Self’s office for over 15 years quit on 12.1.21 to start her own health and wellness program. She got into it during the pandemic, and as hard as it was to leave KU, she went for it and I wish her all the best in her new endeavor. It’s an important part of living a good life. Oh and positivity too is important!

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