The NCAA Belongs on Probation...

  • So now we discover that Diallo (Drame) may have received Adidas money. This is separate from the $165 benefit Drame received which made Diallo ineligible until the NCAA cleared him for eligibility again. Since they cleared Diallo (after investigation)… and now we discover Drame may have received $ from Adidas… doesn’t that put the NCAA as the guilty party for clearing Diallo when he shouldn’t have been?

    This sounds like “lack of institutional control” by the NCAA! Especially since the NCAA investigated Diallo. Kansas, and the case against them with Diallo, Preston and Silvio did NOT involve a formal investigation by Kansas. Right?

    So who is guilty here? Kansas? Or the NCAA?

  • None of this information is new. There’s a largely redacted section of the NCAA’s NOA against KU that had the name “Drame” not redacted so it’s been known for awhile Diallo was apart of the investigation. I know I’ve specifically mentioned Diallo’s name when people questioned who the third name was that I would refeence since only Silvio and Preston were named unredacted.

    Also, Diallo’s eligibility issues that the NCAA investigation was about then was related to Diallo’s academics and the high school he attended here in the States ( They didn’t investigate financials at the time.

    Unless there’s something blatant during recruiting, the NCAA’s initial eligibility ruling usually comes from the Clearinghouse based on academics.

  • In the eyes of the NCAA KU is guilty here regardless of whether they knew or not.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Right… so they should apply the same concepts to themselves!

  • @drgnslayr

    Of course and I agree. I don’t agree with pretty much everything the NCAA does and that has nothing to do with our case.

  • At some point this is on Bill. All of us here knew Preston and Diallo were giant red flags.

    I’m not saying he should be fired, but he knew better. And then it just so happens he took some of his sketchiest guys in the midst of an FBI investigation. Call it bad luck. Call it whatever you want. Bill took risky guys and it blew up in his face.

  • @Kcmatt7

    I think it shows the struggle of being a head coach at a school like Kansas. I recall how much pressure Self had for bringing in top tier talent, too. To me, it seems that there is so much risk going after that top shelf. Most of those players have “handlers” around them.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Yep all 3 recruitments were sketchy.

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