VICK GONE for Good this time???

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Thanks. I think I get a different perspective by being out of the media cauldron surrounding KU. I get to see games every few days, participate here, and just read a few national websites, so I am not riding anyone else’s emotional roller coasters. (Except my wife when she screams or gets really nervous, but she does that about “Family Feud” and “Deal or No Deal?” also, so…)

  • @BShark Kudos! I saw some reluctance, but not overwhelming evidence, to not wanting him back. But I guess the evidence clears you of all presumptions of mine that you were just blowing smoke!

  • I just want him to get straightened out, for his family’s sake. Self was really bragging on him in the preseason. Is there something affecting his play? I don’t know. That family needs Vick to play bb.

  • I feel like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day and ready for this to end.

  • I think Vick has always had off-court tough things to deal with. That has finally reached a point where he needs time at home. It’s a coin flip if he returns, but what we need to do is think positive and support him during this tough time. He’s a Jayhawk, and there is clearly no bad intent here on his part.

    Perhaps his absence may help the team regain a bit more focus down the stretch.

    We have reached a magic moment when the streak is at stake and the struggle should help toughen up our young guys. I still wouldn’t be surprised if we win out in the league. I recall what happened with the 2012 team without a single McDs AA after TRob’s tragedy.

  • @drgnslayr @mayjay i appreciate the level-headed optimism and compassion here. Thanks for sharing!

  • truehawk93 said:

    I feel like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day and ready for this to end.

    Me, too! But, we have to remember that there was a significant moral in Groundhog Day: You have to learn really important things about yourself and change to move forward.

    Either that, or the message is you will likely make a few thousand dunderheaded mistakes before you can get laid by the woman of your dreams. I get so confused by deep movies…

  • His head hasn’t been in the game in quite a while. i hope whatever is going on, he finds some kind of resolution to it, and he can come back with a fresh mind, and play like he did the start of the year. i hope the team rallies, and strings some wins together. This might turn out to be a blessing … you never know.

  • Here’s what losing Vick means to this team:


    Other than the first 4 or 5 games, he’s been a distraction and a disappointment. He’s not a good team player and he is not a leader. Vicks absence will only help this team. Not having a lot of “depth” is, in my opinion, a great thing - barring more injuries. If 6-7 players can learn to play well together (maybe we could try 6 or 7 at one time…never mind), it’s a WHOLE lot better than trying to get 9 or 10 players happy getting them minutes and disrupting whatever flow there had been.

    Bye Vick. Don’t come back.

  • I agree with @BShark I don’t think Self is notorious for recruiting bad kids, I don’t believe it for a minute. Yes we have had a few bad apples and so has just about every other program at any level. Is it Self’s fault that Doke and Garrett are injured? Now you could argue that some of the SDS situation is Self’s fault, I still think we have 1 or 2 losses to date if we have all of our players that we were supposed to. Ochai, Dotson and Grimes are all freshman, they aren’t getting into trouble, they are playing like freshman at times. Garrett, Moore and KJ are just sophomores, they don’t have loads of experience either. The only character issues on this team could be Vick. But I’ll say it again for those in the back, WE DON"T KNOW WHAT HAS HAPPEN CUT THE GUY SOME SLACK!! At least until we know more, should change the name of this post to reasons to hate Vick.

  • I received a little second hand info last night that Vick apparently used an expletive directed at Self, and said he “quit”, after the KSU game. The source, friend of a friend stuff, is supposedly inside the program. But this should obviously just be treated as mere rumor, kept here, and not repeated on social media.

    Regardless, It is obvious that we should be extremely skeptical of the vague “leave of absence.” If we’ve known anything of Bill Self, he does a great job of giving his players cover for their indiscretions. There is no value in embarrassing a player.

    My point there is, I guess, that unless we have something concrete, I don’t think we owe Vick any sympathy or empathy right now. From my view, the presumption is that this is another instance of making one’s own bed. All signs point to that.

    Heck, there’s been a number of obvious issues with him throughout this season.

    Self said this last season, after benching Vick and when asked what he meant about his “selfish” comment, " “Thoughts, thoughts. Not carrying out an assignment, not running or executing a play hard because you know it’s not for you, things like that.” Regarding benching Vick last season, Self said, "“I am predicting the guys that start will try harder than the guys that started the last game.”

    This clearly seemed to be the issue this week at KSU.

    I was very much for his return this season and thought it could be a moment of maturity. A humbling experience. Signs here would strongly suggest that those thoughts were incorrect.

  • Same “Family issues” as Naadir Tharpe.

  • Mutual parting of ways. Wasn’t working out for anyone so Vick is gone for good.

  • @HighEliteMajor You are a 100% correct and the rumor is prob true but I just don’t like throwing one of our own under the bus continuously til we know a little more.

  • @HighEliteMajor Oh he quit DURING the game too. Thanks for sharing.

  • I was still in school when Vick was a freshman. I was at a party and he was hitting on one of my friends. She asked who he was, and this was his response:

    “You don’t know me? What do you mean, you don’t know me? I’m on the basketball team. Legarald Vick. Look it up.”

    And then he legit got so worked up and pissed off that she didn’t know who he was that he left the entire party. He is, and always has been, an asshole who felt like he was better than he really was. He shouldn’t have been brought back this offseason, that was a mistake from the beginning.

    Self should have talked Newman into staying.

  • @Kcmatt7 That story is a big YIKES. And yes, Newman would have been MUCH better to retain but he wanted to go pro.

  • I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around where Vick is mentally. Self gives him a second chance and praised him repeatedly for his effort in camp and early in the season. If he could play consistently as he did early both this year and last, he would a first round pick. It would be a win win for all parties involved, He has a daughter maybe he is having issues with her, him quiting would basically put his NBA dreams on life support if there isn’t a lajit reason.

  • Well, as has been said in so many ways here over the years, we have had it very good as KU fans. Our team wins way more than they lose, and as a top tier D1 program, we stay up there because of the nature of the beast that is college basketball. ( Hall of fame coach, ability to recruit, 1st class facilities, unparalleled tradition of excellence, and total commitment from the school to keep it that way) The rich stay rich. We were ranked #1 by many at start of season, a familiar spot.

    Now it’s time to man up and fan up. Things now aren’t where we are used to. From the fbi investigations to Vick leaving, this season has been flat out tough on us . Too many lost guys (including Jaybate who would be trying to rally us right now with another crazy-brilliant novella-post to make us see things in a new light)

    We have been temporarily kicked out of the pent house and are now down on the streets fighting like all the rest. And many other rival fans in the B12 and elsewhere are gloating about our troubles, and may be licking their chops. I fear (hopefully not too many ) at least a few more court storming in rival gyms coming up.

    Look at it this way…it’s a good time to be a fan. !!!

  • Matt Tait mentioned there might have been a players only meeting Wednesday… Good time to have one

  • @Kcmatt7 99% of basketball players are like that. That really isn’t that surprising.

  • Woe is us…lol. Our rebuild year off a Final Four is Top 15. Oh, the agony. Once again, i repeat … the season isn’t over…life as we know it hasn’t ended quite yet. We’re still making sausage, and no doubt this team has taken forever to develop. A few of the players have stunk so far. It’s not fatal- players can improve …teams can improve. Maybe the subtraction of Vick will help a few of the guys ( Charlie/KJ) to relax and play better than what they’ve shown. In fact, Charlie looked a lot better last game. No doubt he’s had his crummy moments, but it is what it is. Whether I’m happy or unhappy about it, the season will unfold as it unfolds. None of us know what our results will be, although many of us have a good idea about it. I simply know the chapter hasn’t been written yet, so there is still hope. I’m not going to sit around feeling bad over what’s happened so far- I’m going to look to the future, and hope for the best.

  • @Woodrow I feel that 99% may be a tad on the high side…

  • They are like that because most D1 athletes have girls all over them since they have been on campus. A friend of a friend was on the Orange bowl team and we partied up there a few times with him and some of the football guys. Let me tell you every girl in that place was on them like mud on a pig.

  • kjayhawks said:

    “every girl in that place was on them like mud on a pig.”

    Interesting analogy… 🤣🤣🤣

  • No Garrett tomm per self. Doubtful for Monday because of the short turnaround

  • @Gorilla72 Haha I do what I can my friend

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    No Garrett tomm per self. Doubtful for Monday because of the short turnaround

    Damn, but both games are plenty winnable without him.

  • @BShark

    You really trust this team you win on the road. I guess we will see what bump the latest circus event brings our way

  • We can beat TCU without him

  • @kjayhawks

    Have you seen our last 6 road games?

  • @BeddieKU23 We will win the next 3 games IMO with or without Garrett.

  • BeddieKU23 said:


    You really trust this team you win on the road. I guess we will see what bump the latest circus event brings our way

    Expect hell no but it is a winnable game.

  • The Phog reporting Dedric and Self saying the anticipate vick returning.

  • @Fightsongwriter He’ll be back. If the break helps him refocus, I’m all for it. There is still time for Vick to have a happy ending at KU. I keep thinking we put up with Tyshawn for 4 years…

  • @KUSTEVE we talk about Q as a Malik comp, maybe Vick is the Malik comp, he just got more run than Malik bc of the lack of shooters.

  • There once was a dream that was KU and it will be realized once again. It is the wish of the KU faithful.

  • Read off 247 that Self and Dedric both Believe Vick will be back yet this year? - - - Whaaaaaaa ?

  • Don’t give his number away, again, just yet!

  • Vick my have more returns than Brett Favre.

  • Fightsongwriter said:

    Vick my have more returns than Brett Favre.

    I thought you were going to say Brian Mitchell. This age of hyperbole!

  • @mayjay Really good sentiments. Superbly written. We need more of that…even on this site. Thanks for sharing.

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