Adidas Trial & other Plea Deals

  • So KU gets hammered on the stand.

    But now:

    Tony Bland of USC takes a plea deal last week.

    Book Richardson of Arizona takes a plea deal yesterday.

    Coincidence? I think not

  • @BeddieKU23 Ya and I’m not sure how this whole scenario will effect Silvio’s situation - -but I don’t think this will be positive for Silvio because of timing wise. - Richardson will now serve 18-24 months in jail. – They say this could be good for Stumpy ( Sean Miller) in that no more information about him or Arizona will be introduced in Court - - hmmmm that kind of smells.

    They said no resolution is expected before the final four. - -They said they are not going to have everything wrapped up by the final four that’s for sure. Because that these trials are going on they said.

    That to me sounds like also along with every thing else that they won’t have any decision for Silvio for some time - -I figure they are going to concentrate on the punishment for school - IF there is any punishment to be issued for the Schools involved before making decision on any players like Silvio - -very well could be the final nail in the coffin for Silvio - -which is bullshit -I could very well be wrong but sure sounds like it

  • I’ll defer to our legal experts here but do these pleas mean they will cooperate in the trials as witnesses for getting pleas or likely avoid getting on the stand at all? (In General), I know all facts are not available

  • Nike doing the right thing. I’d bet these guys got a nice check for assurance they wouldn’t bash Nike in court.

  • Wondering if the evidence collected by the FBI will be handed over to the NCAA?

  • @Gorilla72

    I believe the NCAA will have access to that info. They also changed the rules on how the FBI’s information could be used in any case the NCAA has against a player/team etc.

  • Jeff Goodman just tweeted that Dewan Hernandez’ lawyer expects a final decision from the NCAA sometime next week.

    Did SDS hire a attorney or is he just letting the school work for him?

  • @Woodrow

    KU hasn’t said whether SDS case is in appeal like Hernandez.

  • What the hell is wrong with KU’s legal eagles? Why doesn’t our lawyers get Silvio cleared like yesterday? According to Rat Face, Puke’s lawyers cleared Zion the same day his name was mentioned in the Grand Jury as requesting pay for play.

  • @Gorilla72 NO. Emmerts said the NCAA will not punish.

  • truehawk93 said:

    @Gorilla72 NO. Emmerts said the NCAA will not punish.

    Really? All the Nike teams are off Scott Free?

  • @Gorilla72 He also said this investigation will not be completed by the F4. It will go well into next year. There’s a bit of a timeline. Apparently the NCAA is using what the FBI found. The question is how much will be used and what will be used.

    The scary fact is the Grand Jury found the Adidas clients guilty. Emmert is also threatening ‘swift’ action against teams once it’s over. But SDS should get to play for ‘time served,’ not for time to be served in the future.

    So, not only has KU sat SDS, Emmert and the NCAA may very come right behind and impose additional punishment after the year. Self and KU is hoping that if there are any violations from the investigations they will take “time served” into consideration. But here is our problem. If they are not going to rule by F4, nor are they going to anytime soon, it appears SDS will not play this season.

    This is pure BULLSHIT. The NCAA is the biggest bunch of idiots in college sports. They are holding SDS and KU hostage plain and simple. We are doomed either way. We play him and they find violations, we’re screwed. We don’t play him and they wait until maybe after the F4 were screwed. So…play him NOW. They are go to punish after the season and possibly well after SDS is gone. We might as well make the most of the season. He has sat more than enough games for any punishment and that’s a fact.

    Emmert is making an example of KU. He is victimizing KU, SDS, and Self just because he can. The NCAA is a bunch of unfair morons. You can’t do this when this is clearly in every program. You can’t punish a few schools without a thorough investigation into every top 25 program in the country. Also, other schools have already ENRONED their evidence. We can only hope there are wiretaps of all corrupt programs that will indict them all. Also, Under Armour was mentioned as attempting to pay SDS before he left to KU. How can KU be responsible for Adidas paying Under Armour back? This is plain stupid. Why would KU or Adidas pay Under Armour back for SDS committing to KU what is there to pay? SDS didn’t receive any money. KU and Adidas should’ve told Under Armour not our problem. How could they punish SDS for taking money from a program that offered him to play, but he didn’t stay? I’d take the money and run too. IF a program is that stupid and desperate, the kids should take their money and run. SDS chose KU, not the other way around. There was no need to pay him to KU.

    This is so shitty. They did nothing to Zona and Miller for allegedly paying Ayton $100,000. What the hell? Where is that investigation?

  • @truehawk93

    I get the blame game but in the end Self and the KU program are ultimately responsible for the mess that has happened. KU has done a very poor job of vetting recruits. It’s not coincidence anymore that Selby, Alexander, Diallo, Preston & De Sousa all had their eligibility poked and prodded over. We looked the other way because they were good at basketball. Other top programs don’t risk it. I’m not saying those same programs don’t have issues/ have had similar issues, they do. One issue I can live with, but 5… That’s a problem. We let TJ Gassnola around our basketball program and coaches, potential recruits/players, a man who very likely is going to jail.

    Did the NCAA ultimately create this kind of environment? Absolutely…however we chose to dig our feet into it and play the game. That may have been the only way to stay at the level KU is at but it was a choice.

    I do believe Silvio should be allowed to play. The rules do not fit modern times. They do not make common sense. We’ve seen enough eligibility investigations to know something isn’t right with this whole process. I don’t know what else to say here that hasn’t already been said. I feel for Silvio and if he’s truly innocent in this whole thing it makes it worse. Somewhere the truth lies.

  • @BeddieKU23 So you’re saying that Self is that clueless and stupid?

    Again, much like HEM, I’d agree with you about the NCAA, but let’s be consistent before we start throwing stones and criticizing KU. Let’s make sure other top programs are investigated too.

    I think what I would tend to say about your point of Self and KU is maybe they don’t do a better job of hiding what they may try to do. I’d say maybe careless. But other programs are maybe better at what is wrong with bball right now.

    But what you’re saying by pairing Self and Gassnola is that Self is equally crooked. You said yourself Gassnola is going to jail. So, Self should go to jail for conspiring with him?

    Seems your halfway defending Gassnola and then indicting Self. You’re telling me a HOF coach allowed a snake into the program? Hmm…then maybe he’s not HOF material like K, Cal, and other crooked programs.

    You are absolutely right, somewhere the truth definitely lies. But we may never know the whole truth. I wish for your sake we could know the truth. This is the problem and the sad truth is KU is already been and being punished. You say better vetting is the problem? Come on…take off your blinders. How many coaches are going to vett their players. That is truly a laughable idea. And when they all vett their players, ie. Williamson, they’re all perfect? hahahahaha

  • @truehawk93 So you refer to “K, Cal, and other crooked programs.” Do you believe we are a crooked program then? Basically, that we’re just doing what others are doing? Not trying to catch you on one word, but it seems like that’s your theme.

    You know the box you’re in, correct? Self said he is not aware of any third party inducements provided to his players. So he’s saying we’re clean. What do you think about his apparent lack of candor (put nicely)?

    But I do understand your position. If we’re getting investigated, then others need to get investigated too. I agree. We can’t be the fall guy.

    That goes to my comment back when Self spoke on this – KU could take the position with the NCAA that if they are going to punish KU, and not equally apply this to other wrongdoers, then KU will spill the beans on everything it knows about other programs, and money, and corruption. Burn the whole thing down.

    However, KU can only control KU. And if we’re involved in this stuff, pointing at others and saying “he did it too” is a loser’s game. Lots of folks in jail that said the same thing. It’s a conscious choice we made, knowing the rules.

  • @truehawk93

    I did not call Self clueless, stupid or crooked. I am not defending Gassnola either. If everyone knew just how big of a dirt bag Gassnola is in this whole situation maybe you’d have the same view as I have about how someone of his character could be involved directly with such a high profile College Basketball program. It’s sickening and I’m not going to defend how this was ever allowed to happen.

    I sense you have a strong opinion on this matter which given the situation Silvio is in, its not hard to get heated about, I get it, I’m heated as well. I think KU nation is on edge with the continual eligibility issues. It’s no longer just coincidence anymore as I stated at least from my perspective. KU isn’t perfect, Self isn’t perfect, there’s clear shortcomings when it comes to recruiting the right kids to represent this program. That’s ultimately what’s needs to change. We’ve seen the ugly side with Selby, Diallo, Alexander, Preston & Silvio. When is enough?

  • @BeddieKU23 Either Self and KU have been wildly screwed here as they are clean and don’t involve themselves in this stuff, or Self is a complete liar. It’s that simple.

    I’m having trouble believing option one.

    The latter concerns me of course if he’s lied so blatantly. But if it is a lie, that creates a greater scenario that Self might not be here next season. If you lie, get put in a corner, an easy escape route is the NBA. I’d mentioned a few months ago my concern about the scenario the trial result created, and the possibility that Self might not be here.

    I’d rather worry about Garrett’s shooting.

  • It isn’t hard to diagnose why the FBI thing happen to us. Expectations at KU are to have a top 10 recruiting class year in and year out and compete for a NC. Every. Single. Season. And there would not be a lot of leeway if a coach were not doing this. We say we’d be happy to have Bielein, but he would have been fired here if he duplicated what he’s done at Michigan.

    Let’s just break down recruiting a little bit:

    We are KU. We are in need of a PG, two wings and a big man. We just lost two wings and a PG on a FF team. So we are pretty thin at those two positions. Must haves. We need a project Big at least. Preferably, the PG should be capable of giving us 12 mpg and a starter wing and a project wing.

    Let’s say there are roughly 100 kids that we think would be P5 D1 quality. Of all positions. Take out the kids Nike paid off. So we are down to 40 players. Take out guys from California and the guys who are likely to stay home. So we have 25 players to recruit. Ok now take out kids that want to start from day 1. So now we are down to 15 players. The distribution of them: 2 PGs. 7 Wings. 3 PFs. 3 Cs.

    So we NEED one of those PGs. And we are competing with Louisville, NC State, Indiana, Washington and A&M for him.

    This is when the offers come in and things get sloppy. We essentially HAVE to land one of these guys or lose your job in a few years.

    Or, pay him, maybe get caught. If you get caught, it likely doesn’t lose you your job. But, it may also get you a NC or a win or build on your legacy. But it very likely helps you keep your job instead of losing it.

    The risk-reward is clear. It is why Pitino was even considered for the UCLA job. Nobody cares about cheating the NCAA. It is why Bill will continue to have Adidas pay recruits and he’ll accept them. It’s why K didn’t sit Zion. It’s how K won his last NC and probably wins his next.

    Cheating is apart of the game now. The only way to change it is to change the structure of the NCAA. Because enforcement won’t ever change.

  • @BeddieKU23 I would say KU has done a poor job at times but the UKs, UNCs and Dukes have had their issues aswell. It’s that the NCAA clears them in seconds compared to weeks and months for KU, I know UK had a player a few years back that had a car that wasn’t his and they still played him, then it came out months later it was “grandma’s car”. It doesn’t take 2 or 3 months to come up with proof of purchase if you actually bought the dam car. The NCAA has created this mess by letting the ACC and SEC do whatever the hell they want with no consequences. Cam Newtons dad takes $250,000, well that loop hole is closed from now on but we’ll let it slide this time. Does anyone really think he went to Auburn for free? Is anyone stupid enough to think Zion is playing for free at Duke right now? The card the NCAA appears to be playing right now is, work with the big money Conferences and Nike. Everyone else can go down for all they care. Maybe Self is right, maybe he didn’t know about this but why would anyone come to kansas for free if they can get hundreds of thousands on the east coast? If KU was aware, why did Preston’s mom tell him to hush? Why has Self sat players in question in the past? The whole thing is a giant mess and I put the bulk on the NCAA.

  • @kjayhawks

    Definitely a mess.

  • @Kcmatt7 The flaw in your reasoning is that by now Bill Self is pretty much immune from firing for anything less than an on-court assault or a major cheating scandal. By the time several poor years racked up, he will be retiring anyway. So, if a major cheating scandal is one thing that would get him gone, it seems unlikely he would knowingly participate in one. This is what the logic side of my brain tells me–the risk to his rep is not worth the incremental advantage of recruiting a few less elites. He can do well with 4 stars.

    The cynical side of my brain keeps asking, however, whether he would benefit from cheating he didn’t do himself, or fail eagerly to turn over some smelly rocks…

  • HighEliteMajor said:

    @BeddieKU23 Either Self and KU have been wildly screwed here as they are clean and don’t involve themselves in this stuff, or Self is a complete liar. It’s that simple.

    I’m having trouble believing option one.

    The latter concerns me of course if he’s lied so blatantly. But if it is a lie, that creates a greater scenario that Self might not be here next season. If you lie, get put in a corner, an easy escape route is the NBA. I’d mentioned a few months ago my concern about the scenario the trial result created, and the possibility that Self might not be here.

    I’d rather worry about Garrett’s shooting.

    Definitely would rather worry about Garrett’s shooting. At least his FT’s are improved this season if that’s any silver lining.

    I will give Bill the benefit of doubt until there’s good enough reason to believe otherwise. For me, he’s earned that respect. This is a complex issue. It’s a mess. I’m scared what lies ahead after this season ends.

  • I say back to the basketball season. I hate this stuff.

    How about that Mitch Lightfoot?

  • Mitch and Garrett are both better topics! How about Garret playing point?

  • Kubie said:

    Mitch and Garrett are both better topics! How about Garret playing point?

    I’ve been on board with Garrett running the point for awhile now, even before Doke’s injury. Garrett has the best A/TO ratio among the guards, it forces defenses to have a man on him and it would free up Dotson to get him open looks from 3 because Dotson is who KU needs to get more open looks for. Devon Dotson is the best shooter on the team. There’s a lot of Devontae Graham in Dotson’s game. Dotson’s 3 point shooting is the most underutilized aspect of KU’s offense. Taking the ball out of his hands and letting him be the screener in pick and pop situations with Garrett would get Dotson a lot more open looks from 3.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I did note that Garrett had zero turnovers last night…and he ran as the lead guard for a period of time.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 u did call it!

  • Garrett running the point … extra bonus? Moore isn’t.

  • @HighEliteMajor Moore just running

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