Conspiracy between Big XII coaches to gift KU #14

  • WVU down 11 at TCU with 12:59 left.

  • Kinda need WVU to win. It would be nice if there were 2 really good teams in the Big 12, but WVU is working on imploding.

    On an aside; Kentucky dropping out of the top 25 kinda undercuts KU’s earlier win as well.

  • Um, that 2nd good team looks to be the one in the same state as us who we beat by just 1 point at home and who killed OU and who’s now handling Baylor with much more ease than did we.

  • @dylans If the Big XII crushes the SEC in the challenge, and then KU runs away with the Big XII is ensures KU a 1 seed through Wichita and Omaha. So I’m ok with WVU losing, providing the Big XII really does show up in that challenge.

    Not to mention TCU needs a couple of good wins to ensure they make the tourney.

  • @chriz KSU looks legit. Could work themselves into a 4 seed if they can continue to play well.

  • @Kcmatt7 I said before if you let WVU foul they are decent. Officials miss harrassment and TCU loses a player to ejection.

  • TCU up by 18 with just over 7 minutes left.

  • Basketball is a strange game. That is part of the attraction for all of us. What appears to be a simple game of trying to put a ball through a ring, but all the complexions make it totally fascinating. Case in point…

    Is it possible… that we should be hoping for a WVU win? I know… we want to clinch #14 as soon as possible… or do we?

    If the race for the Big 12 crown keeps going like this, the air will be let out of the conference balloon soon, only to leave a bunch of games that don’t mean anything. Okay… we can rest our guys. That is a good thing. But beyond that, how do we go from playing the end of our conference in totally uninspired fashion and then be expected to just flip a switch to “on” in March?

  • Look at all those mountain men holding down their knees. Man… that is a tired bunch .

  • A loss by WVU tonight and a win at OU and the conference is KU’s to lose.

  • The league is really hard to read. Watching WVU meltdown makes me feel less great about our terrific win there last week. TCU is without one of their starters and still doing this. How does it look to selection committees when everyone in the league (except us) loses at least 6 games? It’s headed that way. I guess people could argue that it means everyone is really good too. But losses makes teams look bad. I dunno. Baylor almost beats us at home and then gets blasted by silo tech in Wacko. We nearly lost to a team that loses by a ton at home to a team that almost beat us at home. Crazy days.

  • @wissox

    Every other team saves its best shot for KU. This is the way it has been for a while now and the way it will be for the foreseeable future. The curse of being an elite team.

  • Tcu and KSU are both good teams, solid.

  • WVU in full mugging mode and getting away with it. 10 point lead with 2 and a half minutes left.

  • Down by 10 with 10 seconds left and still fouling? Uncalled for…

    Make that down by 9 and 4 seconds lef and still fouling? …dick move…

  • WVU is haunted by its loss to KU.

    It has to let go and move on.

    But chokes when u r way up are tough to deal with.

  • Also, remember their players and coaches are not as experienced at winning titles as KU. Experience counts!

  • It’s great I wake up to weekly Big-12 gifts all the time. These just keep on giving

  • @Kcmatt7 Yes…the purple pussycats have played themselves into a 4 way tie for 2nd. I could see us winning both of the next 2 road games or losing both…that’s the way things are this year. If we lose both (shudder)…we could see 5 teams with 3 losses.

  • The strength of the Big 12 is once again proving to be mediocrity. May the SEC Challenge and NCAA Tournament prove me wrong.

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  • This is what happens when you post signs at entrances.

    Court Storming Not Allowed!

  • @RockChalkinTexas I watched some of this game last night. Was thinking to myself mercy this place is dead, but yet when KU plays other teams - - -always packed. - -Baylor Kansas State was another case that was just sad. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    Tcu and KSU are both good teams, solid.

    This was a must win for TCU, they came our really inspired - -ready to play just flat took it to WV most of the game - more aggressive , they had to have this to try and save face and get a quality win to enhance their chance of a tourney bid. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • What if Bruce ties for the league win again? 😂

  • BShark said:

    What if Bruce ties for the league win again? 😂

    12 year extension

    and they will have a Bruce monument built when he’s done coaching

  • Well let’s just hope that Coach has the guys ready to go against OU tonight. The way these games are playing out at the moment are favoring us BUT:

    We have to be in the right frame be mentally as well as other wise prepared tonight. I’m really afraid that we are just walking into a buzz saw tonight , a worst case scenario type situation. I mean Trae has had like 3 bad games in a row and he is going to be looking to rebound back , I’m sure he is going to make a much more concerted effort to distribute to team mates get them involved - -this game will be the ONE game where Lloyd Noble will be loud - will be packed, Coach Kruger will have had the time to try and prepare Trae get him on track - -OU know that if they WANT ANY kind of a possibility that they just can not lose tonight( although with that train of thought in mind that just might make them play tighter ) -Us Being KU Trae is gonna want to play better because this is one of the games the reason he went to OU was to derail us from another straight championship, he will want better -seeing how it came down to KU & Okla in his recruitment.

    All the signs point very easily to a L. - -they have everything they want for motivational purposes in this game, proving that they are indeed legit. - -BUT we too have some motivational things going , we win tonight - - that’s our 4th road win in the league - - if we win put us in very good position for the moment anyways - -every game is a dog fight but for the moment a win tonight against one of the upper teams would be huge.

    We just have to come out play smart. -The ESPN guys Jay & Seth was of course talking about Oklahoma and what they thought Kruger would have Trae try and do , sounds like by them any ways gonna have Trae drive the ball like he does and try and get Doke in early foul trouble - -OU set a lot of high ball screens and such exposing Doke. - -Coach has to counter , like they said I’m sure Coach Self has something up his sleeve. - Gonna be a very hard game I think, just hoping we don’t come out and lay bricks - -Time to strap it on and take it to them. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • If we win this tonight the league is almost over but I feel like OU is due for a bounce back win and we have had some prettttty lucky wins strung together.

  • @BShark So that means we are due for a win based on good play instead?

  • @BShark @Kcmatt7

    KU has played better on the road so I am cautiously optimistic. Interesting, if KU loses it would still be alone in 1st place. 😄

  • Blown said:

    The strength of the Big 12 is once again proving to be mediocrity. May the SEC Challenge and NCAA Tournament prove me wrong.

    I guess you see it different than everybody else. Every story I have read in every publication and sports site has been talking about the strength of the Big 12 top to bottom. I have yet to see one that calls it mediocre.

  • Do you think any team would want to see any Big 12 team in the second round of the tourney with the exception of maybe ok st from what they have seen thus far?

  • @approxinfinity yes. Give KU big12 teams all the way to the final four and I’m confident of the outcome.

  • @JayHawkFanToo The mediocre comment is mystifying. Knocking each other off is the rule with top to bottom strength. Perhaps the only was to convince doubters like @Blown that the B12 is really strong would be if neither team would lose in a B12 game.

  • BShark said:

    What if Bruce ties for the league win again? 😂

    That is exactly what I was thinking with my previous post. If they beat us next week…that is what they will be thinking.

  • Hawk8086 said:

    BShark said:

    What if Bruce ties for the league win again? 😂

    That is exactly what I was thinking with my previous post. If they beat us next week…that is what they will be thinking.

    you know they actually have a very legit chance of knocking us off in the little purple barn next week, they are playing pretty good ball right now. - -IF they do I hope there is no Jamari repeat because the end result might not turn out quite as well this time. - - OMG could you imagine lol -- could you imagine they knock us off & then storm the court again and some little purple idiot tries to body thump Doke? -- LMAO - - I could just see it , they bounce of him like some little ping pong ball lmao - Doke bends down and picks them up - -are you all right there LIL FELLA lmao - -Classic - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • approxinfinity said:

    Do you think any team would want to see any Big 12 team in the second round of the tourney with the exception of maybe ok st from what they have seen thus far?

    Give me Iowa State I’d take them as my opponent all day long in the tourney this year - -they are really bad. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @JayHawkFanToo @mayjay

    I guess that makes me a doubter, which is fine. I am no less a fan, however. I love the program. I don’t buy what the media is always selling. I try to observe, and then formulate my own ideas. The media have called the Big 12 the strongest conference the last 3-4 years as we send 6-7 out of 10 teams to the dance. Yet, how well have all those strong teams performed in the tournament? Oklahoma in the FF in 2016 was is the only FF since Kansas in 2012, right?

    Kansas is leading this league again. The team that struggled against a Kentucky team (who I said wasn’t good at that time and have finally dropped out of the top 25). They get their tails kicked by Washington at Sprint and then ASU at home. (Go check their conference record). Got their tales kicked at home by Tech who looked good and have now lost 3 of 4 and one of them to the last place team in the league. Kansas barely wins at home against an average Kansas State team (now tied for second in the league) Barely Beats Baylor at home, who is in the bottom of the league, and needed a record night on from 3 to beat Texas at home, another average team.

    This Kansas team is not a great team. Yes, they can beat probably anybody on a great shooting night. But I’m also convinced they could lose to a lot of teams as well. In Self’s own words, he identified this team as the team with the least margin for error as any team since he’s been here. And this team is now leading this league by two games. Maybe “mediocre” was too harsh. Maybe average is better. We can call the Big 12 a strong conference all we want, but their performance in dance says otherwise year after year. Just because the league has parity, doesn’t mean it has strength. I’m sure you can find every metric in the world to prove me wrong, and that’s okay. The BPI, SOS, KenPoms, Sagarin, RPI, DUI, CIA, NWO, FBI…all of them probably call big 12 strong. I just don’t agree.

  • As much as i dislike Weber, KSU has looked really good the last 2 games and now has a legit shot at the conference title if we slip up. Next weeks game in Manhattan just got a lot bigger IMO. I do think with WVU losing it takes some of the pressure off of us tonight because we will leave with the lead regardless of the outcome.

  • @Blown

    Real quality post. There is a lot to agree with in there.

    A Few questions. Which conference do you believe is better then the Big-12? Which teams do you think are better then KU?

    I watch a ton of other teams. You can pretty much pick apart every top team in America if you ask me.

    Nova has one loss to Butler (who seems to have their number). Butler is a 7 loss team who’s lost 4 of their last 6. Butler also was beaten by Texas. Nova’s best win Xavier? Probably because they are hovering around the Top 10. Xavier was also crushed by Arizona St (who’s come down to earth in Pac-12 play) and a 6 loss Providence squad. Or Gonzaga who’s a bit down from past seasons (lost to Saint Mary’s at home recently). Nova has a great offense, they win pretty and in my opinion have played a pretty soft schedule, numbers seem to indicate as much.

    Duke has Kenpom’s 82nd rated defense. We’ve all seen how that song and dance ends if you can’t defend. Great talent, Great Coach, 10 wins against powder puffs out of 17. Some quality wins especially MSU. They lost to Boston College who’s better then any team they’ve had in near a decade and still in 10th place in the ACC currently. Or their loss to NC St, another 7 loss team currently in 12th place in the ACC who dropped a game to UNC Greensboro in Non-Con play.

    Or what about Purdue who lost to Western Kentucky who’s having a decent year, not a world beater. The same Purdue squad that is mostly made up of kids that KU did laps around in the Sweet 16 last season. Purdue wins pretty, they shoot well, they have bigs, they play in a down Big-10 this season where the bottom 4 teams in conference play are 6-27 currently (and Purdue currently has 3 wins against those bottom 4). Despite being touted as one of the best teams in America they have 11 wins against teams RPI 100+.

    Notice a theme? It’s a crazy year in College Basketball, nobody is that good, really.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Excellent post. College basketball this year is unlike any other year insofar as there is no dominant team or teams. If I recall correctly, last Tuesday 6 ranked teams lost to 6 unranked teams; how often have we seen that before? This season we have seen the earliest when there were no undefeated teams.

    There really is no question the Big 12 is the strongest conference, maybe it does not have teams in the top 5, but when 9 out of 10 teams are in the top 50 according to computer and other polls, the top to bottom strength is obvious.

  • Texas Tech is in a full blown collapse.

  • @BShark shocked

  • @BShark

    Peaked too soon? They are playing themselves out of contention if the have not done so already.

  • Coach Self says 14 is too many, gifts OU with a win.

  • @kjayhawks This was in Bill’s bucket list. He’s watched other coaches lose games by poor coaching and had to see what it felt like.