Prediction standings and overview of b12

  • Let’s all welcome back the big 12 to the national spot light in football! Oklahoma had a huge win in a top 5 match up breathing life into the conference. OSU, Texas and KSU all won against teams ranked in 115th or worst in FPI going into this weekend (CMU was in the mid 90s, Ohio in 80s, maybe we should schedule a little lighter to help get a few wins but it’s still early for rankings). WVU got a win and TCU had a solid road win vs the SEC. ISU flat out gave away the game to Iowa and looks much improved. The talk of the conference has got to be the Baylor Bears and wow do they look terrible, I mean KU terrible( we have already discussed the KU disappointment). USTA is comparable to CMU but I’ll bet they end up worse and are playing in the weaker conference. They very easily could be winless in what I’m already calling the toilet bowl vs KU on November 4th. They play @duke, OU, @ksu, @osu, WVU and Texas before coming here and I highly doubt they can win more than 1 of these games if that. Texas Tech was idle this week. Anyway here are the prediction standings:

    @Texas-Hawk-10 leads 14-5 overall, 7-2 this week.

    @stoptheflop and me @kjayhawks are 2nd @ 13-6 overall, 6-3 this week

    @jayballer54 is third with only this week @ 7-2

    @Kcmatt7 is fourth with only this week @ 6-3

    @justanotherfan is tied with @BShark for fifth with only this week @ 4-5

    @DoubleDD picked the OU win, his only game is @ 1-0

    @mayjay picked for KU and CMU to be close in his only pick, not case sorry buddy @ 0-1

  • OK this is fun, but because I picked I State to lose, I was rooting against them in OT and I’m pretty sure that’s why they lost. Normally, I always root for the Big 12 teams, even K State.

  • @stoptheflop I used to be that way but the arrogance of KSU fans caused me to not root for them. I don’t always root against them, in fact most of the time I don’t care. But I get tired of hearing how great a program is that has won a mere 3 conference titles since world war 1. KSU is a solid program nothing more. I was cheering for ISU they had it showing on the hill behind memorial before our game. I’m surprised the attendance was only 28,531 it looked like it was 3/4s full, the westside was packed besides the front few rows. There also were several hundreds on the hill in lawn chairs.

  • @kjayhawks Yeah, but there were lots of mistakes like I predicted, so I get one Honorary Weber “play harder” point. AKA, a Brucie.

  • @mayjay lol I was curious what you’d say

  • TCU surprised me. Should probably be ranked higher than 20 after that showing.

    Ohio opens the week 7.5 point favorites. With the majority of the money being put on Ohio with the over… If you’re a hopeful on the Hawks this week, 1 dollar would win you $25 betting the money line.

  • @Kcmatt7 Ya think KSU is too high at 18 personally, but will find a lot about them as they play Vandy on the road this week. TCU has some playmakers this year and West Virginia is a team that will prob be ranked in the next few weeks.

  • As wins go, OU had likely the best win of the season so far. It completely dominated the OSU on the road. The first half score does not show how dominant OU was and it should have been ahead by at least 2 TDs. Great win for OU and the conference and makes OU a real title contender.

  • OU is likely the only potential elite B12 team this year.

    Oklahoma State and TCU could make some noise. Everyone else is probably either fighting to make a mid tier bowl or scraping for bowl eligibility.

    I am still not sure OU can run with Alabama (not sure anyone can), but it would be nice to see a Big 12 team in the playoff.

  • @justanotherfan

    Didn’t they say the same thing about Alabama last season? Obviously Clemson did not buy into the hype.

  • Well Central Michigan messed up KU’s playoff hopes. Darn, maybe next year.

  • Well dam I guess give predicts this week anyways.

    West Virginia 52 - - - - Delaware St 3

    KU 27 27 Ohio 23 ya I know ( I just think somehow )

    Iowa State 34 Akron 10

    Oklahoma St 31 Pittsburg 20

    Duke 28 Baylor 17

    TCU 50 SMU 7

    Oklahoma 61 Tulane 7

    Kansas St 36 Vanderbilt 14

    Texas Tech 27 Arizona St 20

    USC 34 Texas 17

    There it is - - - so be it - - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Winners WVU Ohio ISU Okie Lite Duke TCU OU KSU TTU USC

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I want to agree with you. But I think Bama is better this year than they were last year, when Ole Miss played them within 5, Clemson beat them on a last second TD, and they beat everyone else by two scores. I just don’t know if anyone else in the country is as good as Clemson was last year. I hope someone can stand up to them, but they seem to have a great team in a year with a bunch of good ones.

  • 0_1505332520749_Week 3.JPG

  • Also, for picks, this seems like a good week to take every Big 12 team except Baylor (dumpster fire), Texas (a mess) and KU (still building). Everyone else should get wins, most in blow out fashion. Maybe Vandy plays KSU sort of close, or Pitt stays with Oklahoma State for a while, or Tech and ASU get into a shootout, but I think WVU, ISU, OSU, TCU, OU, KSU, and Tech all win, while KU, UT and Baylor all lose.

  • Vegas Lines:

    • KSU (-4) vs. Vandy
    • KU vs. Ohio (-8)
    • Baylor vs. Duke (-14)
    • OSU (-13.5) vs. Pitt
    • SMU vs. TCU (-18)
    • WVU vs. Delaware State - No lines I can find.
    • ASU vs. TTU (-7.5)
    • ISU (-10) vs. Akron
    • OU (-33.5) vs. Tulane
    • UT vs. USC (-16.5)

    First of all, great weekend if you are a sports better. Taking UT and the points is a no brainer. USC and UT game is going to be like 45 to 30 and UT would STILL cover the spread. Easy money.

    I like Ohio to cover against KU.

    I like Akron to cover against ISU.

    I like Duke to cover against Baylor.

    I love love love TCU to cover SMU.

  • Anyways, picking winners:

    • Ohio
    • KSU
    • Duke
    • OSU
    • TCU
    • WVU
    • TTU
    • Akron
    • OU
    • USC

  • @justanotherfan

    Did you watch the OU-OSU game? OU absolutely dominated the then #2 team and it could have been a lot worse. If not for the two lost fumbles and missed FG in the first half, this game could have been over at half time and yet it was tied 3-3. After the first drive and TD of the second half by OSU, OU outscored them 28-6.

    I was impressed on how good OU is; if they continue to improve, I think they have a real chance to take it all this year.

  • My picks for week 3

    West Virginia 45 Del State 10

    Duke 38 Baylor 20

    Okie State 42 Pitt 27

    TCU 41 SMU 17

    Tech 48 ASU 41

    ISU 35 Akron 10

    OU 41 Tulane 10

    Texas 20 USC 44

    KSU 27 Vandy 24

    I’ll pick the KU game a little later this week in my game discussion.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    I saw most of the second half, so I saw the more dominant side of OU. But I also saw what Alabama did to Florida State, where it never really looked like FSU had a chance to do anything more than maybe keep it close. OU looked very good - like get to the CFP, maybe even the title game. But you can’t hope to out scheme Saban. You better have some Jimmy’s and Joe’s that can make plays when the plays aren’t working on both sides of the ball. Bama has that up and down the roster. Not sure OU can match that depth.

    Of course, that’s why they play the games. You could be right.

  • For week 3 I pick:

    W Virg over Del St

    Ohio over KU

    I St over Akron

    OSU over Pitt

    Duke over Baylor

    TCU over SMU

    Okla over Tulane

    Vandy over K St

    TTech over A St

    USC over TX

  • This is how I’m going to approach football this year - total points. So far we have 65 to our opponents 61. We win.

  • I like the following teams:

    Ohio over Kansas

    OSU over Pitt

    WVU over Delaware St.

    ISU over Akron

    Duke over Baylor

    TCU over SMU

    OU over Tulane

    KSU over Vandy

    Tech over Arizona St.

    USC over Texas

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