Yes, We're Whining, But We're Not Burning Crap

  • Actually I did burn my couch. Felt kind of good.

  • May we never be UK fans.

  • @KUSTEVE Maybe the NCAA was just an excuse given during this spring’s scheduled pest control treatment?

  • @mayjay LMAO…omg, you crack me up. That was PHOF …

  • I live in Dayton Ohio. I am SURROUNDED by insane fans.

    • OSU football

    • Kentucky basketball

    • UD basketball - Old guys that remember the “hay days” ( They lost to UCLA and Kareem in the NCAA final) they think they are a few classes away from elite.

    • Steeler Fans

  • @BigBad

    Talk about a hot bed. HOO BOY!

  • @BigBad Akron isn’t too far away! How cool would it be if the Zips ever found their way to the top, perhaps having a chance to knock off the Zags?

  • @mayjay Indiana isnt too far either. I represented KU a few years back in the front row…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I only got one comment the whole time so I cant consider their fans too bad.


  • @BigBad If that is you in the right side of the front row, here is an amazing beyond belief fact to consider:

    An Indiana player is up for a jump shot, and you are literally the only person in that entire freaking audience whose face contains even a hint of a positive emotion! Many aren’t even watching!

  • @mayjay Yep that is me. That is the Tom Crean effect…LOL.

  • I lit the couch on fire and put it in my neighbors yard…which makes me a member of the Kouch Klux Klan.

  • These video’s of the ever so intelligent , sweet Kentucky students just - - -oozes with class. I mean come on seriously? - – It’s to a point where the Lexington police are making the way through dressed in RIOT GEAR? - - -OH YA - - total class. - - - I wonder how proud that makes the mama and daddy seeing their precious darlings sitting things on fire? - -I also wonder if The University of Kentucky offers a class that specializes in limited language? - - There seem to be a few there that have a very limited vocabulary - - -how sweet - - how special they are. - - -Defintely 1st class role models. - -So this is what mama and daddy are spending the hard worked money on ? - - So their precious darlings can burn things in the street and chant - F- - - UNC, - -That is Sooooo special. - -there is something to write home about lmao. - -Ahh but 2nd thought mama and daddy were probably right there urging their toddlers you better get in there and contribute lol

    As they burn and chant you all know the phrase: THIS is their " ONE SHINING MOMENT" lol, you know the phrase I’m talking about - -the theme from the tournament ya that’s the one lol. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Ya umm, maybe they should sit the next couple of years out lol. I’ve gotten pissed and threw a few things, maybe said some choice words but dont believe I’ve burned anything. Its funny because @cragarhawk and I know a big Chiefs fan that would get pissed after a loss and get everything he owed that had their name on it, throw it in a big pile and threaten to burn all of it saying “this sh*t doesnt even deserve to be worn” .

  • @Kcmatt7 said:

    This might be worse. Idk if it was posted on here yet or not.

    I read today some lowlifes are now sending death threats to the man. I’m not a Higgins fan by any stretch, but to threaten someone with bodily harm or death goes way beyond the limits of acceptability. Those responsible for such sub-human behavior should be thrown in jail. You just cannot do that. And we as a society should not allow it. The fact that so many thought it okay to trash a man’s business and his livelihood because of a stupid basketball game is scary. I don’t know how we’ve reached this point, but I’m amazed there are people out there who think reacting this way is okay. If we don’t put a stop to this kind of crap it’s only a matter of time until someone acts on those threats.

  • @tis4tim And if you go over to the UK boards, the majority of their fans are defending the actions. You don’t mess with a man’s livelihood. Plain and simple. And especially if it could effect dozens of other employees. Just a plain shitty thing to do.

    The death threats, that is beyond too far. The FB thing was embarrassing, but this is WAY too far. I hope they track whoever called down and give them what they deserve.

  • Lawrence Police‏Verified account @LawrenceKS_PD

    Well, at least we have a lot of experience dealing with fans after an #Elite8 loss. Get home safely Jayhawk fans. #DriveSober

    I know, too soon BUT I am very proud of our fans for an uneventful, lawful, night.

  • @BigBad

    I went to UD and got two degrees from there and then came to KU for the doctorate. Absolutely great basketball fans and the Arena is one of the best places to watch basketball. Johnny Davis was my next door neighbor at Stuart Hall before I moved to Marycrest Hall…good times…:smiley:

  • Not sure why

    1. Kentucky fans didn’t know what to expect with Higgins calling their game. Believe he handed out more technicals last season than any other official in D1.

    2. How the NCAA has allowed Mr. Higgins to be an official in the Final 4?

    I condone their threats of his life or any harm to his family. But when they call him out for making horrible calls, they aren’t wrong.

  • @FarNrthJHwk

    Ken Pomeroy rates refs and Higgins is rated very high…go figure…

  • @JayHawkFanToo Sometimes we need to get away from analytics and just use the good ole eye test. There are far more officials that don’t seem to make as many controversial calls as he does. Usually when an official blows his whistle he can only make half the crowd happy. He seems to upset 100% of the crowd when he blows his.

  • The reason I dislike refs so much is not that they make bad calls. Its that most are career officials and get the “officials’ mentality.” They think that it’s their game. That they are “in charge.” And they like to put on a show. Nothing sickens me more than a ref that actually thinks he does something that millions of others couldn’t do, and then wants to be the show. Officials are really the worst part of all sports. And zero accountability. I’ll stop now. My blood pressure is rising.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I subscribe to the opinion that much like children, refs should be seen and not heard. When the after-game conversation includes the refs, to me it is a sure sign of a poorly officiated game. The best officiated game is when refs are never mentioned afterwards. Oh well…one can always dream.


    I believe U.K. fans use sofas as emergency fire starters for home stills.

  • @BShark said:

    May we never be UK fans.

    Nor let them into our house for a measly six pack of pathetic coke!

  • “Nothing sickens me more than a ref that actually thinks he does something that millions of others couldn’t do, and then wants to be the show. Officials are really the worst part of all sports. And zero accountability.”–@HighEliteMajor

    Thank you for articulating the above. This “ref mentality” also manifests in career politicians, career judges, career regulators, career central bankers, and career infrastructure CEOs. There is something about careerism that brings out this unfortunate side of human nature in these fields.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    You forgot college professors…

  • @JayHawkFanToo



    Wow. Lexington riot police involved.

    Does Lawrence even have riot police?

  • @HighEliteMajor I always took issues with Refs who anticipated a call and blew their whistles early thinking there was going to be a foul. Cause once that whistle blows it’s not like football and they can wave it off. The other thing that got to me were officials that were overly dramatic when making a call.

    Those things may or may not have cost me a few warnings.

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