Sweet 16 Schedule

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  • For us Eastern Timer’s going to be a long night!

  • @BeddieKU23 CBS apparently doesn’t care about ratings based on the Midwest tip times. Those games should be flipped since the Oregon game is tipping at 4pm Oregon time.

  • Sooooo one of Bay/South Caro/FL/Wisc will make the final four. DERP.


    Weird decision.

  • @BShark That’s what a 3,4,7,8 seed surviving will do for you. Not sure it was a weird decision, just a weird result.

    @BeddieKU23 They don’t really care about maximizing viewership apparently. Last night, on a day when they could play games all day long, they’d only played two games until our game started at 4:20. I had to get off to bed, waited til the end of the Duke game, but pretty crazy to move games into late at night on a weekend day.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Yup, totally agree

  • @wissox

    I watched the end of the Duke game too, what a perfect way to end a great weekend!

  • @wissox

    I think CBS always has rights to the earlier games on the weekends. Especially when it comes to Sunday, you can’t move 60 minutes or its lineup of shows afterwords so the spread out times of the games get this way because of how “CBS is”. The way they have it scheduled is not convenient

  • @wissox

    The tip times are a weird decision. You’d think the KU game being first and the Oregon game being second would make more sense due to time zones.

  • Yes, I know it’s a bit petty of me, but it still feels good to read about ESPN and the ACC having to face facts about how overrated that conference was this year…


    Also check out which team they like to win it all now… ahh, it’s good to be a jayhawk these days.

  • @BShark you go to bed at all?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Last night? ya

  • @BShark

    Scott Drew has put together a good basketball team. I would guess that the winner of Baylor/S. Carolina will probably beat the winner of the other game.

    On the other hand, I am really happy for Frank Martin. Always thought he was a very good coach and am glad that he is having some success after K-State stupidly ran him out of town so they could hire Bruce Weber. I wonder how much KSU fans are regretting that decision right now? Wouldn’t mind seeing Martin make a run to the Final Four.

  • @StLJhawk

    What a hilarious read! Thanks.

    ““The league isn’t very tough,” one ACC assistant said. “Too much finesse. You have to be tough to win in the NCAA tourney.””


  • @StLJhawk It is fun to gloat over their ‘misfortune’, (especially when it’s Duke) but don’t forget, each year it’s one of the major conferences having that written about them. Just a year ago the ACC had half of the elite 8. The years of our early exits, 14,15, I think the big12 didn’t do much in the dance those years.

  • @wissox 12 does very little every year if we’re honest.

    Here’s to a new leaf.

  • @StLJhawk I still want to see a breakdown of the ESPN BPI - how it’s performing in the tournament. Anyone know if there’s a bracket that did just that? Or if there has been commentary? Guess I’ll google & see.


    1 Villanova Big East 32-4 12.0 8.4 20.3 –

    2 North Carolina ACC 29-7 11.5 8.1 19.6 1

    3 Gonzaga WCC 34-1 10.3 9.2 19.5 1

    4 Florida SEC 26-8 8.4 10.0 18.4 4

    5 West Virginia Big 12 28-8 8.3 9.6 17.9 2

    6 Louisville ACC 25-9 7.9 9.9 17.8 1

    7 Duke ACC 28-9 11.8 5.9 17.7 1

    8 Kansas Big 12 30-4 11.5 6.1 17.6 2

    9 Oregon Pac-12 31-5 10.6 6.9 17.5 4

    10 Virginia ACC 23-11 5.8 11.4 17.2 6

    11 UCLA Pac-12 31-4 14.3 2.8 17.1 3

    12 Kentucky SEC 31-5 9.2 7.8 17.1 3

    13 Purdue Big Ten 27-7 9.2 7.6 16.8 2

    14 Saint Mary’s WCC 29-5 10.8 5.6 16.5 2

    15 Wichita State MVC 31-5 7.2 8.5 15.7 –

    16 Baylor Big 12 27-7 8.4 7.3 15.6 1

    17 SMU American 30-5 10.2 5.2 15.5 1

    18 Michigan Big Ten 26-11 11.6 3.8 15.4 –

    19 Wisconsin Big Ten 27-9 6.5 8.4 14.9 2

    20 Cincinnati American 30-6 7.0 7.8 14.8 1

    21 Iowa State Big 12 24-11 9.6 5.1 14.7 2

    22 Arizona Pac-12 32-4 8.4 6.1 14.6 2

    23 Florida State ACC 26-9 7.6 6.3 13.9 3

    24 Notre Dame ACC 26-10 9.8 4.1 13.9 2

    25 Butler Big East 25-8 8.5 5.0 13.5 –

  • gah…these reporters ask the most ridiculous questions after defeats sometimes.

    “what was the mood in the locker room immediately after the game”

    “Jubilation and glee, man. We were all stoked to have our tails handed to us by an inferior South Carolina Team. We were all laughing about Coach Martins ridiculous suit he was wearing, too. Overall, just a good time to come in here after an “L” and spend one last time with all of my teammates”

  • @Blown I loved coach martins jacket, or suit

  • @Crimsonorblue22 fine. but his pants were atrocious. It didn’t fit right. Pants, nor jacket.

    But I like Frank. Just thought his suit was terrible.

  • Didn’t notice the pants

  • @Blown to big?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I take it you loved as in funny, ha, ha. His suit was hideous, in the words of some of my guests (females); the guys did not even notice it.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 check, that. maybe that’s just how he likes his suits to fit. too big, too loose. sized wrong.

    3-20-2017 12-44-38 PM.jpg

  • @JayHawkFanToo I loved the jacket! Honest.

  • @Blown ewwww! Not attractive! Just liked that jacket

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Jay Wright can rock a suit. One of the best. Here’s one for the road, though …


  • I also liked the ex NBA, S Carolina’s guy’s threads, he looked very sharp!

  • @Blown nooooo

  • @Blown

    Yep. Jay Wright in college and Pat Riley in the NBA are the GQ standard.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I wasn’t implying coach Martin was gq material!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I wasn’t either, simply naming the best dressed coaches. Frank Martin is a big guy and it is difficult for big people to look good and wear comfortable clothes…and you need to be comfortable while on the sidelines.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Yes…comfortable over GQ.😂

  • @Blown

    Frank Martin’s weight moves around so he tightens his belt when he is on the light side. Another thing… Cubans often wear baggy clothes. It is cultural.

    Speaking of Frank… I thought he dealt with the politics well, too -

    South Carolina’s Frank Martin calls Confederate flag protest unfortunate

    I’m not a fan of the Confederate flag… but I respect everyone’s right to free speech and it looks like Frank thinks the same way.

  • @drgnslayr I like frank a lot! Self often says he has a circle of about 10 close coach friends. Assuming those are ex Jayhawk guys, izzo and who else?

  • @JayHawkFanToo said:

    I take it you loved as in funny, ha, ha. His suit was hideous, in the words of some of my guests (females); the guys did not even notice it.

    You know, that is just the way. Men pay attention to personality, charm and sense of humor. Women are constantly judging men by how they look. Making men into objects, like we are all supposed to be nothing more than eye candy…Sheeeeeez!

  • @mayjay


  • @mayjay

    I wish I could pass as “eye candy!”

    Beats the hell out of “eye sore!”


  • @mayjay

    Kind of like this in reverse?

  • I will be attending the SJ games and will have to catch the KU game from the SAP Arena on some remote screen. I’m trusting all of you to fill my void in front of a proper screen.

  • @Bwag not this year!

  • @wissox It’s weird they don’t care about ratings since ratings determine how much they can charge for advertising.

  • @StLJhawk Heck…Dook losing made my bball year. Anything else is cake.

  • @StLJhawk Yeah…that ACC was the strongest and dook was going to win it all based on the showing from their conference tourney. Oh and ISU replay KU to show who is truly the B12 Champion.

    Oh wait…they LOST.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Not really. Prime Time on the East and Pacific is 8-11 PM instead of the 7-10 PM that we are used in the Central and Mountain times. I bet CBS has it set up to maximize viewership in ways that we don’t know and the NCAA might have a say on it as well…they always do.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Oregon (west coast team) will be tipping off at 4pm local time. That’s not maximizing viewership. Flipping tip iffs and having KU tip a 6pm local time and then having Oregon tip a 6pm local time is maximizing viewership.

    How much would we be bitching if KU had a 4pm local tip off in the Sweet 16? If I’m an Oregon fan, I’m pretty pissed off about that tip time because if I work a normal 9-5, I’m missing most of that game.

    The NCAA/CBS flat out screwed up the tip times for the Midwest region.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Do you think CBS would purposefully sabotage its own ratings? Keep in mind the order of the games is predefined well ahead of time by the NCAA and CBS might not have had a choice. Networks are in the business of maximizing viewership and they probably know a thing or two we don’t know…and Dan Rather is not around to walk out if games go long…the old timers in the Forum will know what I am talking about.

  • @JayHawkFanToo You’re right, the tip times are determined well in advance. What’s not determined well in advance is which game fills which time slot. All we knew in advance was KU would play on Thursday after they beat MSU. We didn’t find out until after every Round of 32 game had concluded that KU was in the late time slot on CBS.

    Since you’re so deadset on that NCAA knows what they’re doing (I call BS on that by the way), tell me how Oregon tipping off at 4pm is maximizing West Coast viewership?

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