Josh Suspended For 1 Game

  • Thursday’s game of course. Y’all know what for.

  • @BShark Can Frank tell coach he backed into a car too?

  • It seems to me that part of the “in house” discipline for the earlier incident included a probation of sorts. I.e. Don’t step a toe out of line or be involved with police in anyway or face suspension. The biggest issue with this incident seems to be him not leaving his info and not telling coach. This team is doing a great job of manufacturing adversity and distractions this year. So many bad decisions.

  • @BShark Man this team is lucky to have Frank and Landen. What a mess this team would be without their steady leadership. I appreciate your comment, but seriously, can you imagine how much trouble these young fellas could have gotten into without Frank and Landen setting such a great example?

  • i read this wrong, sorry, it says a feb traffic accident?

  • The court date is poor timing. Wish he’d told coach upfront so maybe the date would be different.

    Bill is there to help you guys. He may scold you, but he just wants the best outcome.

    Obviously these kids need to mature and need help along the way, wish they’d readily accept the help.

  • @benshawks08 you are right, so many distractions, so many off the court problems. I have 6 kids, the bad behaving kids get all the attention bc they need to be guided. My wife and I constantly have to redirect our attention and we choose to give positive attention instead of bad. At this time, I choose to give praise to all our players who continue to be good on and off the court, men who are great ambassadors of our program. I appreciate the like of Mason, LL, Svi, ML, Tyler Self and our walk ons. Thank you men for being good on and off the court. Heres to hoping these young men get their off the court troubles shored up.

  • Goodness, why can’t this team have their heads on straight. Got old weeks ago.

  • @Jayrawks1 dwight coleby and anyone else I missed

  • We’ll hear about this about 900 times in the game tomorrow. I guess they’re too old and too big to spank them, aren’t they?

  • @KUSTEVE your right we will hear this constantly, I’m not even going to the other schools boards today once they catch wind - -holy crap they will all be boo -hooin and sayin I can just see it now - -it will be like ONE GAME? - -ONE Game? - -oh how convienent Ku suspends him for their opening round of the Big 12 tourney - -there will be countless statement like this. - Can we just get past this pile of doo now please. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Josh is definitely learning the hard way. Watching his team and not being able to help them will teach him a few things. He has such a hi bb iq, we forget he’s an immature 19 year old kid. Man are his insurance rates going up!

  • Editing my post, I thought this was from the other incident… Jeez the headlines just don’t stop

  • He better hope his draft stock doesn’t go down… Moving down just 1 pick could cost him $1.2M. Going down 2 picks would cost him $2.1M. 3 picks would cost him $3.1M. Etc.

    It is a lot of money to play basketball still, but also a lot of money to lose if something were to happen and he couldn’t play past his rookie contract.

  • @BeddieKU23 It could be what you say…but it is also true that a transgression, whatever it is, is always worse if it is the 2nd time (or 3rd, etc) something has happened vs. an instance where it is the first.

  • @Hawk8086

    I spoke to soon and edited my post because at first I thought this was saving face. But now learn its a seperate incident in which Josh is involved with makes this a no brainer, Self had to do it.

  • @BeddieKU23 Got it.

  • @Kcmatt7 nah, not a character issue. he can hire a driver after he’s paid. 🤑

  • @dylans …and maybe the driver he hires is fast and slick enough to avoid legal consequences for accidents the likes of which Josh was too inexperienced to escape?

  • @REHawk I was thinking avoid them altogether!

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