KU's Kryptonite (AKA the teams the NCAA will put in the Midwest Region)

  • Alright, time to get ready for March. The NCAA has to find that devilish match up for KU… (do you hear the Beastie Boys “Listen all of y’all it’s a sabotage”)

    Who will it be this year?

    Villanova again?

    What about getting under our skin with former coaches and players: UNC? WSU? Syracuse?

    Is it size like Purdue? Notre Dame? Florida State? Gonzaga?

    Or is it athleticism: Oregon, UCLA and Arizona?

  • @bskeet nova and unc will probably be one seeds. Syracuse may not even be in. Hard to tell about wsu- some say they won’t put the eight/nine seed closer than the one seed. I would say Michigan State is the best option.

  • @bskeet Our kryptonite is playing tight in the tourney, I hope we are loose as a goose. The enemy isn’t who we play - the enemy is ourselves.

  • By your post it sounds like you’re implying the NCAA selection committee tries to stick it to KU. I know you’re not the only one saying this here. I’m not so sure this is true. I know east coast bias will be cited. Not sure of any other excuses people will make.

  • Wichita State as an 8/9. No doubt they’ll want to kill one of the non-major market players from Kansas right away.

  • @wissox Agreed. And with so many teams being up and down, it might be just as effective to try to stick it to someone by assigning teams to a region randomly rather than pick “special” opponents.

  • part of the committees job is to create match ups to sell tickets, generate revenue, and sell advertisements. to defy that is defying logic. they also ‘try’ to balance this with geographic reasoning.

  • @Blown Setting up interesting matchups is a fine goal. Deciding that this means we are being screwed is just paranoid.

    Remember, losing to VCU, N Iowa, Stanford, Michigan, and the Killer Bs–and Richmond and UTEP years ago, and others–didn’t have a thing to do with the really scary brackets we were in. Our mistakes and overconfidence against lesser seeds did us in (whither the trash talk at 0:00 on the clock, Mssrs. Morii?).

    Arguably, WSU was way underseeded that year to set up a matchup, but if they had been properly seeded as a 3 or 6, say, we still would have had to beat them in the next round at best. And we didn’t. If we say they should have been a 4, then it comes down to wishing they would have played Kentucky and hoping that someone else did the job for us that we proved we couldn’t do.

    I get very embarrassed when we lose to another team and KU fans whine (not directed at you) about having to face a big bad wolf so early on. If you can’t beat 'em earlier, you probably wouldn’t beat them later. Win, move on. Lose, blame yourselves.

  • @wissox I agree with your points. I also remember several times where Kansas has been placed in more difficult brackets based on the pundits and RPI’s, etc when they were the # 1 overall seed. Intentional or not, like last year having Villanova as our #2 and not being placed in the Midwest as the #1 overall seed didn’t seem to add up. Nova had been # 1 right up until recently before the tournament, if I recall correctly.

  • @bskeet Good ol bracketology off ESPN has WSU as the possible 2nd round match up for us again - -they love that - - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 maybe if Kansas would schedule them home and home they’d quit forcing them to play in the tourney …

  • 9 of Kenpom’s top 16 teams were in the South Regional last year. I know…move on, nothing to see here.

  • @Blown probably not. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Not really about KU per se but figure we are talking about the tournament here. UK rounding into form…


  • @KUSTEVE And #2 seed MSU lost to Middle Tennessee in the 1st round. (I know, the NCAA calls it the second round, but I still call the official 1st round the play in games.)

    I am assuming Michigan State has spent the past year bitching about underseeded Middle Tennessee. Or maybe they were mad at having played so close to home.

  • @BShark Wow, maybe Kensucky is good enough now where they would only lose to mighty Shlockers by 10 instead of 20…LOL…J/k no malice…

  • @mayjayI meant the South Region. How in the world the number 1 overall seed could be moved out of the Midwest into the South still defies explanation.

  • It just seems like the only way to be fair with bracketology is to have a system for determining seeding, and then have a randomizer program pick where they go. All except the placement of the top seeds in regions.

    Otherwise… everyone is going to claim the system as rigged, and it is.

  • @BShark

    KU’s Defensive Stats BTW over last 8…

    First 4 games

    W-L 3-1

    PPG 80.5

    3 pt FG pct 41.2

    Last 4 Games

    W-L 4-0

    PPG 65.7

    3 pt FG pct 29.5

  • @KUSTEVE said:

    @BShark Wow, maybe Kensucky is good enough now where they would only lose to mighty Shlockers by 10 instead of 20…LOL…J/k no malice…

    Now that’s funny. Not sure who would win that game. I think it would be close though.

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