Non-KU games

  • What in the world is Oregon doing?

  • I see they squeaked it out. Nova looking to be in big trouble!

  • What’s with the terrapins? I expected them to be better honestly

  • Wow Butler goes on an 18-0 run and sweeps Nova.

  • @cragarhawk Honestly, in all the time I have sporadically watched Turgeon’s teams, from WSU to aTm to Maryland…I’ve never been able to figure out what his style is. What does he do? Is he a Larry Brown disciple? I think his time at KU he pre-dates Roy, so I dont think he’s a Roy/UNC style.

    Bottom line: I’m not impressed with Mark Turgeon. He hasnt given me anything to point at, now has he? Ever.

  • Nova loses to Butler.

    KSU routed after being ahead by 14. 2-7 in the last 9 games and not looking good.

  • @ralster idk. I thought his WSU teams were atleast fundamentally sound and played D well, which wouldn’t to me suggest Roy Williams deciple. So idk. It’s a good point you make that there is inconsistency in the style. I see that.

  • @cragarhawk I personally think G.Marshall is a better recruiter than Turgeon-- and that is Marshall’s biggest weakness (not an elite recruiter).

    People talk about this Melo Trimble kid, but he’s no Frank Mason. I’ve seen him play, even against us in the Tourney. Not impressed.

    I guess my question to more knowledgeable KU fans than me, is: Why should we expect Maryland to be good or “better”? Just because some of KU nation wants to root for Turgeon? I thought his aTm teams were 55-60ppg slowpokes.

  • @ralster agreed with ATM teams. No question. Idk if it’s because I think I want Turg to succeed. Perhaps it was the nationally buzz of his team. And maybe just the thought they should be able to build upon what they had. I can’t really say. I guess I just expected them to be better.

  • @cragarhawk Well said. I’m just clueless when it comes to Turgeon, I gotta admit.

  • @JayHawkFanToo


  • I wonder if they won the play hard chart. Final Score doesn’t seem to indicate whether that was announced or not

  • Really quite something how KSU and Okie Lite have went in opposite directions. The game last night was the perfect microcosm of it even. Okie Lite started the conference 0-6 and is now 8-7. KSU started 4-3 and is now 6-9.

    Also the season is right there for ISU. Not sure if religious hillbilly Prohm made a breakthrough or what but they could easily get a clear cut 2nd place in this league. They will have to earn it. Home against Baylor and at WVU.

  • @BShark

    Definitely KSU has sunk the ship in February. Couldn’t happen to a better group of guys and Coach.

    ISU with its seniors just sitting there quietly.

    The OSU game will be mighty tough the way they are playing

  • @BeddieKU23

    Yep I could see ISU going 0-3 their last three games. Those will be big games, I hope they aren’t on when KU is playing because I’d like to watch.

    We will find out about Prohm really fast next year. They lose their entire team basically. I think Wigginton will be a great one for them but he will be a FR and not surrounded by much.

  • Bruce Weber fun time.

    David Scott Fritchen‏@DScottFritchen 10h10 hours ago

    Bruce Weber is 7-50 when trailing with 10:00 to go at K-State. 8 replies 22 retweets 26 likes

    Ken Corbitt @KenCorbitt

    Bruce Weber on hearing boos: "That’s fans. That’s their choice." 11:18 PM - 22 Feb 2017

  • @BShark

    Reading their board they are in the running for a good JUCO big from Hutchinson- Juiston and a Post from Putnam Science who’s got some long term ability. Looks like they will get the Hutchinson kid, apparently very skilled, won Peach Jam a few years back with Isiah Briscoe.

    Projecting their Starting 5 right now…

    PG- Jackson

    SG- Wigginton

    SF- Babb

    PF- (Insert Recruit)/ Solomon Young

    C- (Insert Recruit)/Cameron Lard

    Definitely a step back, no way around it.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Well they certainly need bigs. Looks like the Juiston kid is 6’7’’. Perfect ISU post lol. Doesn’t appear to be a heated race for his services so I imagine they will land him. I guess at least they have an idea who else they will be landing, doesn’t feel like we really do. We know Self will fill most of the scholarships but he couldn’t quite fill them for this season so who knows.

  • @BShark

    Easier for ISU to fill their class at this point as they are after all JUCO’s besides the Yetna kid. These offers to ISU might be their holy grail and obviously ISU is known for JUCO’s…

    They offered De’Quon Lake, Juiston, Raynere Thornton, Kyvon Davenport, and a guard Davion Cole-Johnson. Looks like they will get at least 2 of this group…

    Lake is saying KU could be on his list of visits this spring… ISU, KSU others as well…

    And your right it doesn’t really make them a big team again. Although Lard & Kasongo will give them better length, its unknown how good either will be.

  • @BShark So when do the Purple P----s start using Webber’s name in their chant?

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