HC Openings for Our KU Assistants

  • On another link, board rats indicated NC State, Illinois and washington would be opening up. Surely Self’s assistants will land one of those jobs!!!

    Norm and Kurtis are soooooooooo ready!!!

    Imagine what Norm could do at Illinois.

    And Kurtis knows the PNW better than the guys up there do!!!

  • Which poses the question if it happens, who would we want to come in as new assistants?

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Very difficult for and Assistant Coach, even from an Elite program, to get a HC job at another big program (HC RoyWilliams being one of the rare ones). Typically they have to work their way up like Manning, Hasse, Dooley, Jancovich…and I could go on…

  • @JayHawkFanToo Norm might be an exception, having already coached at St Johns. And with KT being 59, despite having worked at KU for 13 years, I doubt anyone is going to take a chance on him. His alma mater Western Ky passed on him last year, and that was his dream job.

    Unless Self wants him to go, I don’t know if it makes sense for him to not just ride the HCBS train into retirement. He is making probably $350-$400K per year (last I found was 2013 listing that said $340K). Most small schools might give him a raise to $500K or even $600K, but the security might be iffy if he has to rebuild a no-name.

    Interesting idea: What if Marsh gets tapped to go to NCState, and WSU hired a KU assistant? Could bury some hatchets, resurrect the series, and lay lots of crap to rest between the schools.

  • @mayjay I personally enjoy the animosity between the schools. Almost feels like we have a rival. I sure don’t feel the same animosity between us and KSU. Would be more fun every time we met if there was a little more hatred.

  • @Kcmatt7 Yeah, rivalry would be great. It was easy with Quinn at MU, as it is with Squeaky. Maybe I spoke too quickly–it would be rather mean to a KU ass’t to place them with a hated school so we end up hating them, too. Let’s have one get a job down here in SEC country instead so KU will come play here.

  • @BShark clearly the next assistant coach (and the next head coach) is Tyler Self.

  • Marshall has turned down better jobs than NC State, he’s not leaving Wichita to be #3 on Tobacco Road. Norm had a shot at St. John’s and it didn’t go too well so I doubt he would get a better offer than St. John’s if he gets another HC opportunity. Townsend’s age will keep him from any P5 caliber job. Howard would be the only one who might leave KU in the near future, and he is an Illinois alum so there’s always a chance, but Illinois has a history of hiring mid major coaches and not P5 assistants.

  • @jaybate-1.0 None of them can leave til they hang another National Championship banner in AFH

  • Reading into senior night comments and Howard’s current farewell tour (seemibgly) on twitter, he might be gone.

    Anyone else reading into this the same?

  • @Lulufulu That could be soon!

  • @CaptnMo That was my impression too. The players were saying goodbye to Howard in more ways than one.

  • @CaptnMo said:

    Howard’s current farewell tour (seemingly) on twitter


  • @mayjay looks like he is saying bye to a lot of people but most of them seem to be seniors so maybe he is just giving them Shout outs since they didn’t get big speech in AFG?

  • Does anyone think Jerrance Howard has what it takes to be a Div. 1 head coach? We are talking about Snacks.

  • @ralster no he’s definitely not ready for that. But he can recruit and maybe he’s ready for new tutelage?

  • @ralster Yes, but not anywhere out of a big city. He should maximally leverage his recruiting experience, contacts and access–Chi-town!

  • Players genuinely like him and confide in him.

  • I briefly looked at Snacks’ twitter and just saw him saying goodbye to the senior managers and the senior players… Nothing stood out as indication he was going anywhere… Did I miss something?

  • @mayjay @mayjay

    Do we really know how much coaching or if he does any at all? I got the impression that he did a lot of recruit visits and as @Crimsonorblue22 indicated helps the kids off the court but not necessarily a lot of coaching.

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