Interesting ok, here it is/ according to ESPN'S BPI

  • Ok, saw this , this morning when I was up at 4:30 this morning - -what the hell was I up at 4:30 in the morning? - -damm good question lol, but I was awake - - anyways ESPN give our percentages of winning our next 4 games:

    KU @ WV - -22% of a win KU @ UK - - 27% of a win Baylor @ Allen - - this is kind of a killer for me , - -They gave us a 47% of a win KU @ K-State - - 57% of a win - - hmmm They are getting this so they say from the BPI index - - I’m not so sure. - -whatcha think?

  • BPI is crap.

  • “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” ~Mark Twain

  • @CRH107 There are now four kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, statistics and whatever Trump or his press secretary say.

  • @ParisHawk C’mon now, this site has been good… No need to provoke!

  • @ParisHawk Keep politics out of here. Jayhawks fall on each side of the political spectrum and every politician has lied about about promises to gain votes.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 This is lying about completely verifiable, obvious facts - not alt right, but alt reality.

  • @ParisHawk And why is that here?

  • @ParisHawk Again, that’s what ALL politicians do, left and right. Obama’s team lied about stuff as well that was provable. Both Bush’s, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, go back as far as you want all the way to the beginning of recorded history and you will find that political leaders lie about stuff that could be proven. Trump is no different.

  • Back to Ku BB- I think we beat WV, as much as it pains me- lose to Kentucky- Win the most important game of the 4 for B12 championship-Baylor- and I wouldn’t be surprised if we lose to KState at their place. Tough four games. Should be fun to watch.

  • The next 8 games will define this team. 5 of 8 on the road,

    I will take a 6-2 record these next few weeks. 4-4 would really change the complexion of the season. If this team is truly as good as its record says, we’ll need to see this team win games its not overwhelmingly expected to win.

  • @JayhawksandChill I think we win at the octagon of dumb, JJ will go off on their underwhelming bigs for a career night.

    Also it seems like we have made strides defensively and they won’t shoot the lights out in the first half like last time.

  • 7-1. I believe in a team that has the ability to take a lead and since the opener knows how to avoid losing. Lopsided victories are scarier to me than close games. Close games give us a strong sense of how the team performs under pressure, important in March!

  • @BeddieKU23 that’s what I was saying yesterday. Bpi is a joke they gave WVU a 72% chance of winning the conference.

  • If you think the BPI is bad look at the official NCAA RPI. KU is down to #6, UCLA is #22 and WVU is #44. I am not even going to talk about KU; however, does anyone in his right mind thinks there are 21 teams better than UCLA or 43 teams better than WVU? I certainly do not.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    no the RPI is certainly not a very accurate reflection either right now. I think what’s holding both back is the weak non-conference slates

  • @kjayhawks

    it’s probably 85% after yesterday’s loss

  • @BeddieKU23

    KU beat a not so good team and its RPI went down; maybe winning this type of game should not increase your numbers but it certainly should not lower them.

    I still like Massey the best…

  • @mayjay weren’t we down at half for a couple games in a row just prior to the last 2.

    I don’t know how we’re going to fare in these next games. I’ve seen mixed signals, but hope against hope that it’s not been a mirage - 18 straight.

  • @approxinfinity I sure hope so!

  • New to the site, I thought I was replying to an earlier comment. I don’t hope it is a mirage…

  • @JayhawksandChill it’s all chill!😉

  • @JayhawksandChill Welcome aboard. Post away.

  • @JayhawksandChill you can post to an earlier post anytime. You can mess up anytime too! We all do, at least I do. Some even accidentally correct your posts😳

  • @JayHawkFanToo hard to buy into a rating system that ranks gonzaga #1. Sure it’s hard to statistically smell an imposter when they play in a crappy conference, never have early attrition to the league and don’t play a challenging noncon… But we all know that when the pressure is on, they’ll crumple like Coach K on horse tranqs.

  • @approxinfinity

    I take it we are talking about the Massey rankings? I understand and agree; however, that ZERO in the loss column seems to make a big difference when it comes to Gonzaga; remember, Wichita State got the same love when they were undefeated. Look at UCLA and West Virginia fall quite a bit to #9 and #19 according to Massey; However, WVU is still #4 and UCLA #15 according to Pomeroy and still #2 and #15 according to Sagarin. I don’t get it. UCLA loses to a good Arizona team that is 7-0 in the PAC 12, albeit at home, and drops like a rock, WVU loses at home to conference bottom feeder OU and on the road to KSU and still its pretty near the top. I believe Massey is much better than the other two.

  • “Who ya gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes?”

    ~Chico Marx, Movie “Duck Soup”

  • @JayHawkFanToo Something is fishy when the absence of losses in a weak schedule is valued so highly, like Massey.

    UCLA drops because the west coast conferences are always weak. I’ve given up picking Arizona to win in the tournament because they ALWAYS underachieve, just like Gonzaga.

    But I don’t think any of these models have really figured out how to assess the current trending of the team. My guess is they don’t get granular enough in the data they examine.

  • @approxinfinity

    Pomeroy has Gonzaga as #2 and Sagarin as #5. I will guess that 1 loss would drop them quite a bit. I will guess that the portion of the equation that looks at loses uses the number of loses as a multiplier that generates a deduction to the overall value, but, as long as that number is zero, that entire portion remains zero.

  • @approxinfinity I don’t know - Arizona looked really good and their defense was terrific.

  • @approxinfinity

    Gonzaga is a very good team, should they be punished for winning all their games?

    They did beat Arizona who looked terrific beating UCLA over the weekend. Their non-conference slate wasn’t terrible, it wasn’t a gauntlet but neither was KU’s. I do think the reputation the Zag’s have now is that gaudy regular season record doesn’t help them in March. They have underachieved lately when highly ranked/highly thought of. This years team has lots of depth and size to compete. Would not be surprised if they made the Final 4 or lost in the first weekend as might be the case for a lot of teams.

  • @BeddieKU23 They look alot more athletic to me, and are the best defensive team Mark Few has had. Trier didn’t play in the Az/Jags game, so that factors in, imo. I’m thinking Elite 8.


    I agree Zona was a team that had no chemistry when they played the Zags. They look completely different now. I don’t think Trier was the reason Zona won the game Saturday although he helped. Arizona took control of the game from the 5 minute mark of the 1st half and never really looked back. It certainly helped them that Trier was able to play and contribute.

    As for Gonzaga, I also agree that this is their most athletic and defensive team to date. 3 transfers have really stepped in for those guys that left last year. They have great chemistry and get great production from their bench. They have a 7 footer who is NBA material and doesn’t even start.

  • Zona and UCLA both look better than anyone KU has played so far. I’d love to have the opportunity to play them so KU could punch 'em in the mouth.

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