Brannen Greene

  • Just got an alert that Brannen was suspended for 6 games for conduct detrimental to the team. He won’t be playing in Maui. When is this guy going to quit acting like a knucklehead? He’s been suspended every year he’s been here.

  • @HawkInMizery

    What?!?! Must be somewhat serious to justify six games.

  • @jessenewell It will all become clear once you read KUAC drug policy. 4th offense = 6 games.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Go Brannen!

  • Banned

    I feel sorry for Greene. Watching the way KU plays wants me to do drugs. I couldn’t imagine how it feels for Greene sitting on the bench watching.

  • Was the detrimental conduct him being the best 3-point shooter on our team?

  • Banned

    No worries KU fans Greene only played 9 minutes last game. No biggie. HCBS wasn’t going to use him anyways.

  • Anyone know what the penalty is for not throwing the ball to a post player?

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    You guys are KILLIN!!!

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    No soup for you!!

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    Nothing good comes from these suspensions either. It’s a distraction to the team, the team is now short 2 rotation players & important one’s at that. How quickly the season has spiraled.

  • @VailHawk That’s what I was thinking I figured he got into a fight or something but what @BeddieKU23 said makes sense. I know at least one of his other suspensions was for weed.

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    Can you transfer that post over to BAD JOKE FRIDAY?

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  • @BeddieKU23

    Did someone else get suspended that I missed?

  • In contrast the starting Ohio St. QB gets arrested for drunk driving and misses one game.

  • @wissoxfan83 said:

    In contrast the starting Ohio St. QB gets arrested for drunk driving and misses one game.

    That also has to do with their HC. Gotta remember while at Florida he knew that Hernadez had a gun. Did little to nothing about it because he helped them win.

    Old Urb doesn’t care about their future just his own legacy.

  • My buddy said that over on Jayhawk slant one of the mods over there said it was for getting mouthy with Self over his PT

  • @wissoxfan83 First offense, compliant with police, blew a 0.09, not required any suspension, self-imposed, in addition to revocation of summer funding (i.e. can’t go to school, doesn’t receive stipend, and still can’t work), etc. Not exactly a 1:1 comparison. Besides, Barrett didn’t do anything that any of us didn’t do in college. Completely overblown issue.

    If Jesse Newell’s speculation is true, this would be BG’s fourth failed drug test. Not exactly the same thing, huh?

  • Some times i wonder if Self just doesn’t like Brannen Greene. He punishes him on and off the court. Look at last game, he didn’t even see 10 minutes of play time and didn’t even have a shot attempt. The first game he never missed. I’m sure Izzo was tickled by Selfs coaching. Meanwhile Devonte gets 38 freaking minutes takes a pile of garbage shots and in the latest KU sports article talks about how he needs to be more aggressive and keep shooting. Never talks about making passes or creating offense for the team. Last year Self dissed his 3pt. shooters and now he sits Greene for 6 games. But hey maybe Svi will have a chance to make some shots, that is if these so called point guards will set them up. So sure suspend Greene 6 games, its not like he was going to be allowed to make an impact in games that matter anyways.

  • Svi can be heard dancing around in the hallway after hearing the Greene’s suspension news. He’s sayin I’m going to play I’m going to play.

    Then Monday comes in Maui and Graham Selden & Mason combine for 120 minutes out of 120 minutes possible of playing time…

  • This actually makes HCBS’s lack of playing Brannen more understandable. Self has always punished off the court issues w/ either suspensions, pine time or “how bout you transfer young man.”

    Skipping class and partying in season have to be at the top of Self’s list of things not to do while on scholarship to play basketball at the 2nd winningest program in college basketball history!!! Soon to be first when UK has to vacate a season(s.)

  • @HawkInMizery

    The clear inferences here are three-fold:

    a.) neural nets not yet grown together;

    b.) Brannen lacks high seriousness about KU basketball; and

    c.) he really must be one helluva shooter and prospect for Self to put up with this much shizzle.

  • Honestly at this point, I think Self just needs to completely cut ties with Greene and give him the boot. This is the third time he’s been suspended at KU and whether it’s a drug test or mouthing off to Self, this has gone past the point of being a mistake to being a pattern of poor decisions. Yes Greene is a great shooter, but at what point does his stupid crap like this become a net negative to KU? In my eyes, it’s at that point now and I do believe KU would be better off in the long run by cutting ties with Greene.

  • I believe I found some practice footage from yesterday that involve Self and Greene getting into it.

  • @MoonwalkMafia

    I’m not saying Brannen is being treated harshly, I’m saying Barrett was let off lightly. I wish Brannen would grow up.

  • I would imagine that Bill Self has never been more frustrated or disgusted with collegiate basketball. Recruiting nightmares, eligibility nightmares, behavior nightmares, key injuries at crucial moments. What next? Another assistant gets arrested? Snowballing criticism of fan base churns into canon shot?

  • @jaybate-1.0

    All very true statements! Just think of how great he could be if he stopped acting like a hot dog and removed his cranium from his anus!

  • I guess its hard for me to blindly back Self on this one without knowing exactly what happened. If it was for drugs/alcohol then its justified. If its for getting mouthy with Self over playing time or the way the MSU game was handled then maybe not. Even though it isn’t proper for a player to question his coach, especially in front of the team, he might actually be right and his emotions justified. I can easily imagine him being upset after the game over how the went and he would only need to spend 5 minutes reading the reactions on this message board after the loss and it could have been enough to put him over the top. So maybe its possible that we are indirectly responsible???

    Just joking, but not really.

  • @wissoxfan83 and I’m saying Barrett’s punishment more than fit the crime seeing as how, by university and NCAA bylaws, OSU wasn’t required to do anything yet they suspended him and negated the summer semester for him.

  • @JRyman Is this a tough as crowd or what ? Even Rodney Dangerfield would take a scat outta here!

  • @globaljaybird man I tell ya no respect people. No respect.

  • Ok, I’ve got to break my self-imposed hiatus from posting since last game for this. I’ve been trying to take in all of the comments and insights. A kind of absorption period.

    Anyway, I really wonder what this is all about. Frankly, I don’t care. This demonstrates that he is unreliable. Six games is a big suspension.

    If he got mouthy with Self over playing time, as @RockkChalkk referenced, I still don’t care. A player may be right, but a player is a player. The coach is the coach. And it’s not like Greene should be surprised by his marginalization. The whole world knows the deal here.

    I agree with @Texas-Hawk-10. I would consider cutting bait right now. Maybe the suspension is a nudge to see if Greene will make the decision.

    I hold to my belief that this (Kansas) was a real bad fit for Greene. His skill set (three point shooting) is not appreciated here. His key attribute is a running joke really with our coach. He can’t play above average defense, can’t drive to the hoop, and doesn’t do much else to the level Self prefers. And that’s what really matters if a kid is going to be a big time player here. Do what Self wants. As I suggested back in the spring, he should have transferred. Maybe he transfers at the break. With that, if he sits out all of next season, he could have a full season left. If he wanted to play next season, he’d only have a semester left.

    I don’t know, but I see that AW3 scored 18 points the other night vs. Villanova (his third straight game with 18 points). But he couldn’t cut it here. A guy in the top 50.

    It is what it is.

    All that being said, if I was constructing KU’s starting lineup, Greene would be the starting 3. He’d be a big focus of our offensive efforts. And if teams tried to stop him, we’d scheme to score off those overplays.

    I think there are a lot of folks around the game that feel the same way. But, alas, we are dealing with a one track mind at AFH.

  • @HighEliteMajor Your second and third paragraphs disagree with your last two. Greene was slow against MSU, SLOW. OSU runs an entire offense trying to get Forte open. Forte has twice the speed and Handles as Greene.

  • @wrwlumpy Are you saying because I support the suspension, it contradicts with him being my starting three? I’m sorry, my small brain doesn’t understand the contradiction you are referring to between the paragraphs. Please clarify if you could.

    And as an fyi, you can easily create shooting opportunities for guys (even slow ones) with certain plays and screens. How many ball screens did we set for Greene Tuesday, for example, when he had the ball? I don’t know. I’ve boycotted rewatching that game until tonight. Letting blood pressure lower.

    A little two man game with a guy like Ellis setting the ball screen would seem just the medicine – at least a handful of times a game. You might get two clean looks out of that. If they switch, you might get a look or two with Ellis to the hoop.

    And OSU’s offense is not just trying to get Forte open. It is an element of the offense. Sometimes he is a sheer decoy. But I’m not a fan of running guys around like that at all, like they do with Forte at times. How OSU uses Forte, though, has no bearing on creating open looks for Greene.

  • @VailHawk I believe my words, when I saw the headline on B/R were," What The Eff!?"

    BG had to do something serious to get 6 games. Cheating on a test, jawing back at a coach, fighting. Anything else would have been a 1-2 game smack. 6 games is a big hit. Kid better keep his head on straight from now on.

    We need BG on the court dropping treys!

  • @Lulufulu it wouldn’t be fighting.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I think we should use BG like OSU uses Forte… get him out there and send him running. BG isn’t ever going to rack up more than 20 mpg… he should go out there and expend himself against defense that is already tired. Even if he doesn’t hit 3s, in the least he can waste out the SG or SF guarding him.

    That would be a case where stats don’t show the contribution of a player. Of course I would love to see BG go out every game and go 6-for-6. But if he just goes 2-for-2 but wears out a guy or two on the other side, that is helpful, too.

    That is a big part of what Forte does. He is one of the best conditioned players in our league. They still run him until he is spent. So in the least, they get him to “take out” someone on the other team, and hopefully nail a few 3s in the process.

    I just don’t agree with Self or about any coach in D1 that has depth. If I had depth, I would use it every game. My guys would be trained to run, run, run. Set picks… and run. Wear down opponents. Start in the first half. I want to see the other team with hands on knees half way through the first half. I would run offense geared towards wearing teams down. Lots of picks and constant motion… something we never do now! We never take advantage of our depth. The only good we get out of our depth is to have a backup if someone gets hurt.

  • @HighEliteMajor I hope I am wrong, but this could very well be the beginning of the end for BG here. Whatever the reason (and the drug test thing would seem to make the most sense), it seems like in these situations (lack of playing time, suspensions) you often see a player depart. The timing would be bad for him, however. I think you are right… a bad fit here…whether we like or agree with it or not.

  • Top 50 players don’t want to sit bench. Especially come junior year. Don’t have a clue what the issue is.

  • @KansasComet The Beddie post at the top references the KUAD drug policy…would seem to tie in. You are absolutely correct about top 50 prospects and the bench.

  • So was BG with Snacks at the time of the infraction?

  • @brooksmd good one!

  • @brooksmd

    We were in Chicago this week…which means Snacks had return to (or near) the scene of the crime!

  • Not drugs

  • @Jesse-Newell then what?

  • Kind of disappointed to hear it wasn’t weed. That seemed the most banal of explanations other than missing study hall or skipping class.

  • @Jesse-Newell

    Come on Jesse!!! First you shut down the best in game blog ever and now you tease us with this!!!

    Please give is something!!!

  • @Jesse-Newell Waitin on you big guy - you let the genie out…give it up.

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