Jayhawk Championship Garb...

  • I started my purchases of championship garb. So far, two short-sleeve Tees.

    I thought it might be good to share with others some designs, where to buy, how much.

    *Please be careful! There are plenty of online scams selling non-existent KU gear! Definitely seen a lot on Facebook! Read the comments before ordering and checkout the details carefully or you will get scammed!

    My first purchase was from Dillons/Krogers. The get probably the best deal on stuff and should be getting in constant pieces throughout this weekend and then that is probably all! So get out now and buy!



    Second purchase was from Kansas Sampler. Not so cheap!



    I hope everyone shares in here their purchase details, whether online or in stores. I want to find the ultimate ballcap! Help a brother out! lol

    Also… how many KU shirts do you own in your collection? I have a friend that has over 200. He picks up a lot at garage sales! Personally, I believe I have about 15!

  • Hy-Vee also has t-shirts. I think in blue, crimson and white. I think they were under $20, but they did not have a huge stock when I was there (although they may not have had everything set up).

  • @drgnslayr I grabbed a Load the Wagon shirt from Dillons/Kroger in North Topeka. $14.99, love the design.

  • Don’t forget about us non-locals! we need online help… i ordered a few shirts from what seems to be a reputable site – Fanatics. TBD when i get em!

  • Love the yellow shirt !

  • I haven’t counted my shirts but a few years ago my wife had a quilt made from 30 of my shirts. She gave me the quilt for Christmas. The funny thing was that I didn’t miss the shirts. I am retired and I wear a Jayhawk shirt everyday. I’ll even wear one under a dress shirt to church, etc. I’ll definitely be buying some 2022 NC shirts. Go HAWKS. It was a great year. Congratulations!!!

  • Just saw the coolest shirt would like to have. - -It’s a shirt that Oachi is holding and it’s a pic of him - -Maholmes - – ( Chiefs ) - -& Perez - -( Royals - - ) - -then says KANSAS at the bottom - NCAA CHAMPS - - SUPERBOWL CHAMPS - - -& WORLD SERIES CHAMPS. - -LOVE IT WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED

  • https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/33719823/kansas-men-basketball-players-set-profit-jayhawks-barnstorming-tour

    New NIL rules have allowed Kansas to be the first college basketball team to make money off its national title run. Per Front Office Sports, players will get 70% of the revenue on the tour and 100% of the revenue from items that are auctioned.

  • Spent about $200 on gear last week. Just found out I won’t receive most of it until May 😭😭

  • @Eric-san

    Same boat

  • @drgnslayr I have one. It says " I don’t give a SH*T about North Carolina ".

    I have more, but that’s my favorite.

  • Somewhere, I have the first Late Night with Larry Brown t-shirt and the second one that featured Larry Bud Melman.

    I also have nearly every Big 12 championship t-shirt through the run of 14 straight.

  • @BeddieKU23 said in Jayhawk Championship Garb...:


    Same boat

    Me three!

  • @bskeet said in Jayhawk Championship Garb...:

    Somewhere, I have the first Late Night with Larry Brown t-shirt and the second one that featured Larry Bud Melman.

    I also have nearly every Big 12 championship t-shirt through the run of 14 straight.

    Mine finally disintegrated a few years back 😞

  • @rockchalkjayhawk You put it to good use, no doubt!

  • HIGHLY disappointed to get an email from Fanatics, saying the hat I ordered a month ago will not be delivered for some stupid reason. Now i need a new hat vendor!

  • One thing I learned about T-Shirts and championships. Wait til the season is over to choose the shirt and which championship to celebrate. Like buying a shirt with us in the FF this year is cool enough, and it might be worthwhile to wear in Kentucky and point out which blue blood was missing from the FF, but really, the 2022 championship T shirt is the one I want to wear. If they don’t win, but make the FF then great, wear the shirt proudly. If you’re Missouri you don’t have to worry about these conundrums. If you’re Minnesota’s dweebish football coach PJ Fleck you make one up for tying for the BIGwest, but losing to Wisconsin in the tiebreaker game so really finishing 2nd…in the west. Sad but true!

  • @wissox My personal philosophy is that I generally only buy shirts for regular season championships, Final Four appearances, and national titles. Occasionally, I’ll buy the March Madness short if I like the design of it.

  • Regular logo and Rock Chalk shirts are timeless and always worth it, but I only buy tourney champ shirts in addition. Final 4 shirts look like participation trophies!

  • I was at Dillons today and all KU gear was 40% off! I bought several shirts for around $8!

  • @wissox Exactly. My wife insisted on buying a final 4 Tshirt the friday before the semi. It was 27 bucks. I told her it would be $5 on sunday. Bought it anyway, and she claims it brought us luck.

    @drgnslayr The Dillon’s shirts are decent quality for a change! 100% cotton Gildan. Not the super thin ones they usually have. Looks like a rummage sale at my Dillons, but I picked through and found my size buried in the pile.

  • @rockchalkjayhawk I’ll give you my hat. Got an extra.

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