• I’m not done rolling in it-it’s just so amazing. I might roll in this one for years. It’s been like a weight ever since 2008…so many great teams, so many teams that came up short… the POUNDING we put on Nova was great! The 2nd half of the Miami game was incredible. The first half defense against Providence, the way we swatted away Creighton’s bid for an upset, and to top it off by coming back from 16 down was storybook, it was amazing, and it validated this team, this program,us fans, and this coach.

  • I’ve half a mind to do a search in this site about all the posts that went like “Self is stuck in hi-lo mode, Can’t adapt, is stubborn, can’t recruit, can’t coach in later tourney rounds, etc, etc…” “McCormack isn’t good enough, he is limited, Self plays him way too much, etc etc…”. “Mitch is a favorite and plays too much for his limited skills, Dejuan also a fav and should play less over other players etc etc.”

    This is why we aren’t coaches in D1.

    What a gol-damned year!! WHOOOOOOOOHOOOOO

  • We’re message board posters. We aren’t qualified to pick up the team’s dirty laundry, let alone run a powerhouse team.

    Yet it doesn’t stop us from caterwauling.

    As a fanbase, we were downright ugly to Dave and Juan this year. And the dude that called CB “Christy”… I haven’t forgotten it- but I did block the guy.

    And the Remy haters were just terrible- see why you can’t believe anything Vernon says?

    And the dirty, grimy Self haters had to be the worst. One fool ( you know who you are-we do, too) decided he would relive 2017 yesterday and bring up Bill’s comment from 2017 about “fool’s gold”. I mean…unless you just despised Bill, why would a comment that Bill said 5 years ago be your prevailing thought unless you were here just to troll?

    On another site, I got so annoyed at all the fair weather fans saying we were beat, it was all over, blah,blah, blah, that I told them I hope the team didn’t quit like they did.

    So the team had to overcome lots of obstacles ( including some in their own fanbase) to win the title. What an amazing team, what an amazing program…RCJHGKU

  • Anybody check in on kuballin10, is he okay?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in WE ARE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS:

    Men’s NCAA championship: Jayhawks played for more than themselves

    Loaded the wagon.

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  • Our coaches are always champions!


    Be sure to check this out @Crimsonorblue22


    Anybody check in on kuballin10, is he okay?


  • Sometimes I coach tikeball. Ha… I feel pressure from that! And receiving snarky comments sometimes from parents. Sheez.

    Self is making how many million a year? Not enough for me… even with the best seats in the house. I’ll pass!

    There were statements criticizing his pay… and beyond Lawrence, there were many that didn’t see the humor of KU flipping off the NCAA. F them all!

    As I mentioned before Karma… I respect it. Just like… I’m not about to say anything negative about UNC. I expect to see those boys back next year hungry! To be honest, I felt horrible for Hubert and his players. It was very sad watching their after-game interview. What torture that had to be. Too bad there has to be a second place.

  • @BShark happy goofball!

  • I never feel bad for the losers. Just glad it’s not us! He was classy.

  • When we talk about a team peaking in March- 2022 will be the head honcho forever. Literally the definition

  • @BeddieKU23 For sure. Every major contributor did something along the way to get us the Championship. I also love that in the post game press conference, these guys couldn’t praise their teammates fast enough with every question asked. They all just kept looking around the table to make sure everyone got their due. I feel like that is Och’s true legacy as a leader. You know he heard people talking about how he needed to take over the game, but he knew THIS team was better together. His individual game would never match that of what they could do as a team.

  • Also, what about this teams defensive improvement in March?! I will say watching North Carolina in this tournament, their guards had me worried. Love and Davis are fast, strong, and absolute scorers. We’d struggled keeping guards out of the paint all year but Harris, Och, and Braun and even Remy all stepped up to really force those guys into bad shots. This is the ONLY reason I’d consider giving the MOP to Och. He played such good d all final four and never really got any credit for it. Harris is the clamps but Och figured out how to use his size and athleticism to make himself a great defender. That block early in the first half on the love drive set the tone for how those guards were not going to get any easy looks all night.

  • @benshawks08

    We let off the gas halfway through the first half, and we were exposed as a mediocre team and UNC took advantage. That was the team we experienced against Kentucky that got brutalized in AFH.

    Once we put our foot on the gas to start the second half, we became the team Self always imagined. The team “with another gear.” It all started with defense. And that extra intensity showed itself on the offensive end, too. It was Jekyll and Hyde. I often referred to it as “pace” as did Charles Barkley and others said.

    We have had a lot more individually talented teams… and you think about how those teams underperformed in March… you can go back and imagine what would have happened if those teams reached down and “hit another gear.”

    It’s easy for me to armchair quarterback… but if it was easy to hit that other gear, we would be doing it more often. Self mentioned the bond of these players and I’m certain that made the difference.

  • It also didn’t hurt that Lady Luck’s ugly step sister, the Injury Queen, who has waved her big ol hurtstick on us so many times in past Dances, took pity on us and used her evil powers on nearly all of our opponents this year. 😉

  • @drgnslayr I also think a big part of the “let off the gas” was just having Dave on the floor vs. not having him. When Mitch came in it was clear he was not physically capable of banging with Baycot the way Dave was. And even then most of the damage Carolina did was at the free throw line. They were 13-16 from the line in the first half. It’s hard to stay aggressive and play fast when free throws start to pile up like that even though we didn’t even have THAT many total fouls in the half.

  • @benshawks08

    Dave took control of this game in the second half, and even before that in the locker room. The guys needed a leader to step up and it was Dave. His words, demeanor… energy… it stayed positive and determined! This really was his game! Started with that first smoke he had on Bacot. He seemed to always carry the energy level of this team. With his heart, his struggles… he may not be our most talented big of all times but he sure has earned his way into my heart and my greats list!

  • Big Dave talking to CB, cracks me up!

    “He was looking at me and I was like, ‘Why are you smiling, dude? We’re down 15,’” Braun said after the victory. “He was telling me, like, ‘Keep your head up, keep going, we’ll be all right. We’ve been here before.’ I was like, ‘Man, I don’t know if I’ve ever been here before. Down 15 in a national championship game? I’ve definitely never been there.’”

    And they weren’t for much longer.

  • @drgnslayr said in WE ARE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS:


    Dave took control of this game in the second half, and even before that in the locker room. The guys needed a leader to step up and it was Dave. His words, demeanor… energy… it stayed positive and determined! This really was his game! Started with that first smoke he had on Bacot. He seemed to always carry the energy level of this team. With his heart, his struggles… he may not be our most talented big of all times but he sure has earned his way into my heart and my greats list!

    OMG…GET OUT OF MY HEAD! I was literally coming in to post the same exact thought ( although not as well-written as yours). The real leader of the team was Dave. The fact that he wanted to go against Bacot speaks volumes. This was way beyond Good Dave- this was Confident Dave. And Confident Dave is a BEAST. Confident Dave can pull down buildings with a single arm. CD can eat Jay Wright’s lunch anytime he wants. Just a massive Final Four performance.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I died watching this like 10 times. cb is a funny dude and one Hella confident kid


    just in case anyone fell asleep for the past 3 days😁

  • @BeddieKU23 big Dave is the confident one!

  • In 2008 we were winning 40-12. Monday, we went ahead 7-0, and then UNC went on a 40-18 run, but of course then we went on a 31-10 run. We won both games of course, and when you look at surviving a 40-18 run, that is really impressive. That 7-0 start won us the game really. UNC reverted to 8 seed form just in time.

    A lot has been written here about media bias and I’m an expert on it. But wins like this just force them to pay attention to our team. It’s been fun reading all of the articles.

    I complained about moving picks by Bacot to my wife who didn’t care because the refs couldn’t hear me through the TV, but a search on twitter shows a lot of tweets about the same thing. I don’t understand refereeing that allows that. The fabulous Illinois team that lost to UNC in 2005 was victimized I believe by the lack of the same call on UNC over and over and over. That teams version of Bacot was Scottie May who ran over many guys on his way to the MOP trophy. UNC apparently has these things in their playbook.

    To be fair the same tweeters mentioned more than a few times DeJuan palming the ball which I honestly have never noticed. What an indictment on human nature because I notice it frequently with modern players.

    After we won in 1988 I stepped outside my apartment and if you didn’t know what happened you’d swear the biggest riot of the year was taking place.

    I know some like Braun’s chirping at the crowd. I may be the only one, but I just don’t get someone who makes a shot having to go down the court yelling the B word at crowds of fans. Although I like his game, I’m not seeing a big pro career for him, at least in the NBA. I do hope I’m wrong. Not sure any of these guys really succeed at the next level.

    Major championships in my own life were the 85 Bears, the 88 Jayhawks, the 90’s Bulls which honestly became ho hum after a few, the 05 White Sox, 08 Jayhawks and this years version. So this 14 year personal drought is over. I don’t want to wait 14 years for another, but I’ve been fortunate to be witness to very satisfying champions over the years.

  • I’ve rewatched the game three times already if anyone needs any updates.

    Bacot should have fouled out half way through the first half with those screens. Leveled Harris on one of Malik’s 3s.

    Braun kicked some serious ass on D that I didn’t notice first time around. I could live without the trash talk, but Malik was dishing it out too, so…

    Also, Remy… one guy who still hadn’t completely won me over, but that dude delivered with those shots in the second half

  • @wissox Hmmm…I’ve enjoyed 2 Chiefs SB wins, 2 Royals WS wins, and 3 KU NCs. Michigan winning in 1989 meant nothing to me—never attended a game in my 3 years there and didn’t really identify as a Wolverine.

    Random thoughts now that the adrenaline has finally dissipated:

    —KU’s rate of winning is getting faster, incidentally. 36 years after the first, 20 after the 2nd, and “only” 14 after the 3rd before this year’s. I’m 66 now, so I would like it to speed up some more!

    —Has anyone celebrated the fact that we won this year, which is the 70th anniversary of our 1st NC win? Did KU have a tribute at a game?

    —Finally, I am looking forward to Maui in 2023 because we might be visiting the gkids for Thanksgiving anyway. Might try to get to Bahamas this year. Will be interested to learn if anyone else is thinking about these.

  • Saw this on Twitter:

    “Bill Self is the only Kansas coach with two NCAA titles and he won’t have the gym named after him because it’s named after the Father of Basketball Coaching and he won’t have the court named after him because that’s named after the inventor of the sport. What a place KU is.“

  • @Gorilla72 How about the Bill Self Banner Array?

  • @mayjay - naming the basketball dorm after him? Practice facility?

  • @mayjay I wanted to go with my boys last time, not my DIL’s. Just us. One of them brought it up. 😎👙lol!



    Bob knew!

    I saw that yesterday! Do you know when that soundbyte was recorded?

  • @tis4tim I think it was after their game, heard it before

  • 14 years ago today…

  • Found this tody from another site. Don’t know if it’s been mentioned or not. If it has been then sorry, BUT an article said that the KU/UNC title game was the most viewed title game in NCAA history 18.1 Million viewers from TBS /TNT/TRU watch was a 4 % incrrease over the Gonzaga/ Baylor game last year according to the AP - - -yay for us

  • @jayballer67 i think the duke unc ff was 18.5. Hopefully we opened some eyes for those who watched UNC beat Duke then lose to us. #BWKU

  • @jayballer67 Most viewed cable title game in history.

  • @mayjay said in WE ARE NATIONAL CHAMPIONS:

    @jayballer67 Most viewed cable title game in history.

    right , that’s what I meant

  • CBS has to be mad that they didn’t get this FF.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @dylans Good Times!

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