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    To clarify, I don’t think Kirk is an outlier in the rafter jersey race. I also don’t think Marcus is remotely in the same league as any of the ones hanging currently.

    If Self wants to water it down, whatever.

    Difference being that Marcus Morris has accolades other players do not have that are up there such as conference player of the year which several players never achieved that are up there. I think you’re letting personal bias against Morris get in the way here. If you’re bringing should’ve won a national title into the argument, KU was the best team in the country in both 2010 and 2011 and should’ve won each of those titles. This isn’t a knock on Hinrich, but can anyone realistically argue that he was ever KU’s best player while he was here?

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    @Texas-Hawk-10 Marcus was a big nothing historically. I’d take Kirk’s jersey based on 4 years + what should have been a national championship. Made his one free throw. Nick Collison 3-10 when it counted.

    Ya. Two Final Fours and a National Championship game. 4-year player, 3rd-team All American.

    Marcus was Sweet Sixteen, Round of 32, and Elite Eight. 2nd-team All American and B12 POY.

    I’d take Kirk’s as well, but I admit that I’m biased.

    It’s not about team success though when it comes to having a jersey hung. It’s about individual success and accolades because quite frankly, Aaron Miles has a better resume than Kirk Hinrich does and Miles isn’t up there and we don’t hear his name mentioned much about it and he is still KU’s all time assists leader.

    Kirk Hinrich: 12.4 points, 3.8 rebounds, 4.7 assists, 49.3/43.0/77.6, 141 games, 20.0 win shares

    Aaron Miles: 8.6 points, 3.3 rebounds, 6.9 assists, 41.5/34.2/75.5, 138 games, 13.4 win shares

    How does he have a better resume?

  • I think the thing that really puts Kirk over the top is the 2003 NCAA Midwest Region’s Most Outstanding Player award.

  • Miles is right in there… Hell, I think I could make a case for Langford. Both shouldn’t be overlooked if they take it down a notch. From a sportsmanship perspective, the Morri played with fire and occasionally got burned (ahem VCU).

    Wasn’t Cole Aldrich an academic All-American? Also had a triple-double with blocks, if I’m not mistaken.

  • @dylans I agree about Kirk and Aaron, it’s also should be noted that they played different positions on the floor. Aaron was great and I think he gets over shadowed by Vaughn, Russel Robinson, Graham and Mason. Aaron is one of the best pure PGs to play here, I’d be fine with his number in the rafters. I don’t think it should be all on what the team did but I’m just gonna be honest I feel like the guys that are up there are top 5 at their positions to the date they were hung. I personally don’t think Marcus is a top 5 PF in KUs history. Arguably top 10 but I would rank Collison, Manning, Gooden, Lovellette, Simien, LaFrentz and Thomas Robinson ahead of him just off the top of my head. If you are to going to retire his number, you could make a case for half or better of Self’s players here.

  • A conference POY and consensus 2nd team All-American, a 2x 3rd team All-American, or a second team All-American. Two of these players have jerseys hanging in AFH already. Who has the strongest case and who has the weakest case?

  • Conference accolades seem insignificant when talking about all time KU greats. Roy watered it down enough. I don’t like what Bill is doing here. Have a ring of honor or some thing along those lines to honor the Marcus Morris, Kenny Gregory, Tyshawn Taylor types seems more appropriate.

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    Conference accolades seem insignificant when talking about all time KU greats. Roy watered it down enough. I don’t like what Bill is doing here. Have a ring of honor or some thing along those lines to honor the Marcus Morris, Kenny Gregory, Tyshawn Taylor types seems more appropriate.

    KU has had more 1st team All-Americans than conference POY’s. Only 12 different Kansas players have been named Big 8/12 POY on 16 different occasions (Robisch, Manning, and LaFrentz won multiple times). Considering KU’s history, that’s a big achievement to be on of those 12 men. 8 of those 12 are currently in the rafters. The other 3 besides Marcus will be up there one day (Robinson, Mason, and Graham).

  • @DanR Who said he did? My sigh was wistful regret–I would just rather he had shot it since the block indicates Lee was not open after all. Not blowing the game. All the missed FTs did that.

    And I absolutely would prefer his in the rafters over either Morii!

    My favorite memories of those times are the fast breaks, with Roy’s boys flying down the court in about negative two seconds…

  • Best shot in basketball - the corner three. Second best shot in basketball any other three. Third best shot in b-ball - freethrow. Fourth best shot - dunk. Blew the game on 2 of the 3 most efficient shots.

    Lee’s three was pure; Warrick was a freak athlete and super long. No one else on the court could’ve altered that shot. Dammit now I’m pissed about Hakim Warrick’s amazing block again.

  • @dylans

    I’m now reliving that nightmare block. How dare you!!!

  • @BeddieKU23 the free throws bother me much more than the block.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Somebody did that at every other school in the nation too, but it doesn’t mean they should hang their jerseys in the rafters.

  • @nuleafjhawk don’t think it should be hung

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Oh! Sorry, I thought you were for it. My bad. First time I’ve been wrong… since…2:10 pm today.

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    @BeddieKU23 the free throws bother me much more than the block.

    you just made it worse. Immediately remembers Jeff Graves not being able to hit the broadside of a rim

  • @BeddieKU23 or Collison

  • @BeddieKU23 Graves’ shooting was excellent except for missing 5 FTs, which isn’t that unusual for a big guy. Nick missed 7!

    Maybe the 4 for 20 as a team on 3ptrs had a bit more to do with it. That 1-for-8 by Lee, Langford, and Miles was what should give you the clanking rim nightmares.


  • @mayjay Lee should’ve been 2 of 5 😞

  • @mayjay Hinrich was only 3 for 12, the trouble is we couldn’t do both with missing 3s and FTs. I bet if you check box scores 99% of the time a team that shoots below 25 or 30% from distance and below 50% from the stripe, they lose.

  • @kjayhawks I bet they hardly ever even have a chance at the buzzer, either. Geez, the Orange must have sucked for us to be close…

  • @mayjay they really only won because Gerry Mac couldn’t miss from 3. If remember right they shot like 50% from 3.

  • @mayjay

    Bad 3 pt shooting, bad FT shooting and those ridiculous fouls on Keith Langford… Nightmare city

  • this thread should come with “Warning: Could cause PTSD”

  • Every comment I read was like “ouch” and “ooof” and “aargh”…

  • I was 12 during that game and cried and cried and cried. Was inconsolable. Didn’t help that I handled as well or better than my family

  • @FarmerJayhawk I was 46 during that game and I cried and cried. Didn’t help that I handled it worse than everyone around me.

  • It was a tough loss. Vivid like the loss to Arizona and the Northern Iowa losses.

    Fortunately, the antidote is to watch the final KU vs Missouri game, or the ISU vs EJ game… or the comeback vs WVU a couple years ago and the E8 game vs Duke. Ah, those are sweet.

    (not to mention any of the run to the 88 or 08 NCs)

  • @bskeet Tough to rank the losses but that 03 title is probably #1 for me, followed close by the Arizona sweet 16 loss in 97. It out weighs that one because it’s so darn hard to get to play for a title. The VCU and UK losses are up there as well.

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