Kelvin Benjamin Visiting

  • Yes please.

  • Want

  • hmmmm, maybe I’m missing something here , not that I really care one way or another BUT seems to be some difference of the quality of this player - -how good he is the way I’m seeing reaction here to what I’m hearing on the radio.

    Something about he has the least separation on pass then any other receiver in the NFL - -said he brings NOTHING . - - their saying there is a reason he was dropped - -seems to be some difference here guys - -all I’m hearing is difference -these guys DO NOT want him , they said he came in to visit the chiefs - -but doesn’t look like he will become a Chief - -hey don’t hater the player - -hate the game - -just relaying what I heart on local sports talk show - - Good Luck guys. - -ROCK CHALK AL DAY LONG BABY

  • Absolutely a reason he was dropped. Definitely still want a 6’5 red zone and 3rd down threat. Mostly, I don’t want someone else to get him and kill us in the playoffs with some dagger fade in the endzone.

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    Absolutely a reason he was dropped. Definitely still want a 6’5 red zone and 3rd down threat. Mostly, I don’t want someone else to get him and kill us in the playoffs with some dagger fade in the endzone.

    LIKE I said hey just relaying what they were saying - -I don’t know the guy from jack squat - -they say he is fat - - has no hands - -and say WHY - like I said fortuntly they don’t see him signing with the Chiefs

  • More toys for Andy Reid to scheme with = better

  • Hope it doesn’t mean that Sammy is more banged up than they are leading on

  • Cheap insurance. Love the move. Great late add as he has tools that could come in handy for the playoffs.

  • Conley and Robinson definitely aren’t it.

    At worst he is a decent body but he could easily show out a bit with a better QB, better coach and more offensive weapons around him.

  • Big fan of Benjamin from his College to early pro days. Getting this kid to stay motivated has always been an issue. He had one great year in College with Winston and went pro after. Besides two good years with Newton shadowed around an knee injury he hasn’t been the same since and absolutely resented being traded to Buffalo. If KC has some magic on motivation he’s a good weapon to have for Mahomes. Being in the playoffs should keep him occupied

  • @BeddieKU23 Mahomes has a way of really making receivers look spectacular, and performance incentives are in the contract for this guy. If that doesn’t motivate someone, nothing could.

  • @mayjay

    Mahomes is definitely the type of QB that can make his playmakers better. Kelvin enters into a system that he should be able to thrive in but he’s done a ton of damage to his reputation over the past few years and really hasn’t shown the type of play that will get him any significant snaps for the Chiefs. I hope this is the change he needed. It’s been brutal watching him spiral, especially as a fan of his. I have his Panthers Jersey hanging in the Man Cave

  • It’s easy to forget the human side of things. Benjamin was not happy to be traded from Carolina to Buffalo. That can affect someone.

    Pro sports is one of the least forgiving professions out there. If that trade took away even 5% of his motivation and effectiveness, that takes him from being a very good player to being a very poor player.

    Think of it this way. Let’s say a guy runs a 4.4 40 when he’s motivated. That makes him a guy with decent speed for a WR. Add 5% to that. That means he’s running a 4.62. That’s a slow WR in the NFL. A 5% dropoff is basically the difference between being solid and being out of the league. Spread that across every skill and you can see the difference.

    Get that 5% (or 3%, or 2% or whatever) back and you see the difference.

    This can happen to anybody, and probably happens in the real world even more. The difference is that not everyone in our workplace is on the same elite plane, so if you’re pretty good at your job, the drop off isn’t noticeable. In pro sports, the drop off is clear because everyone is at the absolute peak of their abilities.

    Hopefully Benjamin can regain that edge.

  • @justanotherfan

    I’m almost positive after Benjamin refused to do a pre-game workout with his rookie QB one week was the final straw for him in Buffalo. I believe he was brought to Buffalo by someone who used to work in Carolina and was apart of the process that got Kelvin drafted in Carolina. I also believe that person was already fired in Buffalo which really left Kelvin on an island with the organization. He wasn’t motivated to be in Buffalo from the start however and some lingering knee issues have also kept him from being the player that he once was.

    Motivation for Kelvin has always been an issue though. Jimbo Fisher had issues with him at FSU early in his career and it wasn’t until that breakout season with Winston did he realize his potential. Then he did the right thing going pro and capitalized on his momentum. Carolina was a good spot especially early then his ACL injury really messed with him. He lost his mom around that time and I think with Kelvin its been easy to fall off the wagon a bit. There was that one off-season he was criticized heavily for being out of shape. I hope KC can help him, he needs it or he might find himself out of the league

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