@justanotherfan I’m almost positive after Benjamin refused to do a pre-game workout with his rookie QB one week was the final straw for him in Buffalo. I believe he was brought to Buffalo by someone who used to work in Carolina and was apart of the process that got Kelvin drafted in Carolina. I also believe that person was already fired in Buffalo which really left Kelvin on an island with the organization. He wasn’t motivated to be in Buffalo from the start however and some lingering knee issues have also kept him from being the player that he once was. Motivation for Kelvin has always been an issue though. Jimbo Fisher had issues with him at FSU early in his career and it wasn’t until that breakout season with Winston did he realize his potential. Then he did the right thing going pro and capitalized on his momentum. Carolina was a good spot especially early then his ACL injury really messed with him. He lost his mom around that time and I think with Kelvin its been easy to fall off the wagon a bit. There was that one off-season he was criticized heavily for being out of shape. I hope KC can help him, he needs it or he might find himself out of the league