A possible solution for the NCAA?

  • The shoe companies are trying to influencing the game through a couple of approaches:

    • Approach 1 is through dispersement of money to highly-recruited HS athletes… or their relatives (let’s just call it what it is-- bribery.)

    • Approach 2 is to funnel millions to universities for ‘sponsorship’ which creates a conflict of interest.

    What if the NCAA developed their own shoe and apparel and required all players to wear it during games with the intent to effectively cut out Nike, Adidas and UnderArmor from all their sponsored schools and athletes?

    What kind of impact would this have? Could this diminish the fraudulent activities by reducing the impact of a school sponsorship?

    Maybe this is a stupid, crazy idea. But the NCAA is going to have to think outside of the box to change the culture and environment that surrounds and permeates the sport today.

  • Wouldn’t work. Schools make too much money from their deals with shoe companies. NCAA would have to pay KU $192M over the next 12 years. And the NCAA refuses to pay anyone.

  • bskeet said:

    Maybe this is a stupid, crazy idea. But the NCAA is going to have to think outside of the box to change the culture and environment that surrounds and permeates the sport today.

    Maybe this is a stupid crazy idea but if you want to get paid go pro.

  • @bskeet I aint no lawyer but that almost sounds like a monopoly because they would get some shoe company to provide those shoes.

  • Or here’s another stupid crazy idea.

    1. Recruit a kid in high school and get him to commit

    2. Said kid comes to college, enrolls, stays four years

    3. Have fun in college. Get a girlfriend. See the country / world

    4. If they’re any good, they get drafted by the NBA after their senior year

    5. If they aren’t so good, go get a job like the rest of us schleps.

    Never mind - that’s the stupidest idea EVER. Yes, I said stupidest.

  • @nuleafjhawk It would be stupid for the kid if he could initially make as much money leaving earlier, while having a longer career and earning millions more overall.

  • @mayjay Well, here’s the deal. I don’t give a crap about “the kid” - whomever the kid may be. I care about watching good quality college basketball and winning. When I am president, every athlete that goes to college will play four years and then go pro if that is their desire.

    If they want to be a One and Done, they can defect to some other country and go to college for one year there.

  • @nuleafjhawk I would not doubt your ability to get elected nowadays!

  • @mayjay That was a very nice slam. It was Huuuuge. Thank you

  • @nuleafjhawk Oops! Mea culpa! Actually I was not intending it as a slam, although I can see how it looked that way. I was thinking of how people are getting elected due to some single issue they are fervently passionate about. You can be the first college BB candidate.

    Slogan: Make Sports Fun Again!

  • @bskeet

    One of the current shoe companies would get the annual contract for all the schools. That deal would be huge and would invite very obvious corruption between the NCAA and the shoecos.

    The NCAA likes to slither around and have the focus be on the schools’ “deals” with shoecos.

    Meanwhile… back at the ranch… I’d like to know the direct benefits the NCAA receives from the shoecos? Anyone know?

    I’m certain the NCAA tries to hide their own business dealings… Make it appear that only schools receive benefits. But I bet there is money making it into the NCAA directly. There are no rules in corruption.

    Shoecos obviously don’t have a problem targeting bribes to HS players and their families… why would they suddenly have ethics concerning paying off NCAA staff members?

    Money is being thrown up in the air… hundreds of millions. But we are to believe NONE of the money lands on the desk of NCAA staff? Imagine how much power the shoecos obtain from a few payoffs to the NCAA?

    And what about payoffs from schools to the NCAA or NCAA staff? Yes… I’m just making an allegation and not stating known facts. But there is so much cash flying around here. Why should I believe that the NCAA isn’t corrupt just like every other part of our society where so much money is involved?

    I’m still ticked off over cases like the UNC case. All graduates from that school suffered damage from that case. There was clear participation within the university. Essentially… we could end up with a stiffer penalty than UNC even if there is never a direct connection made with any Kansas staff and the payments.

  • Apparently John Calipari met with the Players Association about creating a HS combine to get more information to young players.

    I think letting guys meet with reputable people to tell them where they stand is better than the current system with everything under the table.

  • @drgnslayr forgot to pay off the fbi.

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