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  • I got to watch future Jayhawk Markese Jacobs last night in action. This was a sectional game actually played at my alma mater in the Chicago suburbs.

    His team, Uplift Charter was playing Orr, a school in the Garfield Park neighborhood, one of Chicago’s deadliest areas. Dozens of homicides last year out of a population of 50,000 is all you need to know about where Orr is located.

    Orr is a defending state champ, and was featured last Saturday with a well done 30-30 style documentary on Fox. They are very well coached and nearly beat national powerhouse Simeon in the city championships.

    In December the two teams played each other and Orr obliterated Uplift, so I wasn’t expecting too much. However Uplift jumped all over them and led by as many as 19 in the first half. Jacobs, whom I was there to watch was amazing, pull up 3’s, lightning quick accurate passes meeting their target.

    Uplift played a little out of control, especially with a big lead and lost in overtime.

    But here’s what I saw in Markese. INTENSITY. He fouled out in OT. At a huddle, he stood, fists clenched, fighting tears. This is an extremely competitive young man. He is still only a junior so he has time to funnel that intensity into even better play. I was wishing last night he played the coach on the floor and got his team to play more under control because if he did I’d be going again Friday night to watch him play.

    I think you all will enjoy watching him play.

  • @wissox Thanks for the update. I know it is cool to watch guys that we are recruiting, or even better, guys that have committed.

  • There was actually a documentary on Orr produced in part by D Wade that aired recently on Fox.

    Oh I see this was mentioned in the OP. I should read more. :joy:

  • BShark said:

    There was actually a documentary on Orr produced in part by D Wade that aired recently on Fox.

    Oh I see this was mentioned in the OP. I should read more. :joy:

    Did you watch the program? I DVR’d it, and Villanova’s game went to OT, so the DVR turned off at the allotted time, thus I couldn’t finish it.

    The coaches son, Chase Adams, was a youtube sensation when he was a youngster. He was a dazzling quick little guy and gained some fame because of it.

  • @wissox It’s worth watching. I assume it will be up to stream soon if it isn’t already.

  • @wissox

    How did Markese play overall? Did he look better then the last time you saw him play?

  • @BeddieKU23

    I thought he looked really good. Made some great shots. Not sure of the assists, I think he had quite a few.

  • wissox said:


    I thought he looked really good. Made some great shots. Not sure of the assists, I think he had quite a few.

    How was his leadership running the team. We know he’s an explosive guard that can score. How did his outside shot look? Thanks its great getting to hear how a future hawk looks on the court.

  • Considering the depth of the team he was facing, he looked really good. His big wasn’t having a very good game, another kid was picking up his slack a little bit, but it really fell on Markese. He reminded me of Mason quite a bit, same body, height, etc. He shot a lot of FT’s, made most. He probably made 3 of 6 3 pointers. He’s got a little bit of showboating in him that will need to be curtailed. At one point he did a crossover move, backed out of it, his defender stumbled. He decided to do it again and turned it over. Totally unnecessary but he was looking for another crowd reaction like he’d just had!

    As far as leadership, the thing, his team frittered away a large lead. I was looking for him to settle his team down. But they kept rushing shots, wasting possessions and a team with 5-6 D-1 players on it made them pay.

    @BShark Nice find on the video! Haven’t had a chance to watch, but will when I get home.

  • @wissox People want to compare him to Sherron because Chicago, but Mason is actually a better comp. Not saying he will have the same kind of career at KU but he has a lot of the same attributes including mental toughness and great athleticism.

  • I just hope that he can add a few more inches before he gets here. If he ends up 6’1 or 6’2 that’d be tremendous.

  • @Kcmatt7 I don’t think he has grown any since he committed.

    Also @wissox while he will need to reign it in a bit and going for another crossover instead of just shooting it is a bit much, Self’s FF teams at KU have both had multiple guys that just dripped with that level of swag. It’s knife edge stuff but hopefully Markese is just the right amount of crazy like Mario, Tyshawn, TRob etc…

  • My wife and I make a nice cameo at the 9:36 mark of the video. The kid is putting his arm around his coach and we’re right above the coaches head. I’m representing the Jayhawks with my hat.

  • @wissox Good PR! Did he ever see your hat?

  • @wissox More importantly, did you lead the crowd in the Rock Chalk chant?

  • @mayjay no eye contact was made. No chant was chanted although I wanted to sing my high school fight song!

  • @wissox Your wife seems thrilled to be there. :joy:

    But seriously that’s pretty cool.

  • @BShark she points out I didn’t look all that thrilled at the moment either! She’s a good sport and will attend events like that with me even though she never would have gone otherwise.

  • Made the Chicago Sun-Times All Area team.

  • @KUSTEVE Wrong thread? But yeah, helicopter dad alert.


    According to that story Vanderbilt and Indiana are the favorites to land Langford.

  • @KUSTEVE Dad seems like a little much. But if he comes here, he isn’t sitting so I don’t expect any issues.

  • I’m gonna love Jacobs. This kid has swag and a healthy attitude. He’s contagious baby.

  • KUSTEVE said:

    Langford worries me. Things like this :

    He’s fine. This is directed at Calipari. His dad is not Carl Henry crazy.

  • @BShark

    Haha…love his shoes. Crimson and Blue…they don’t even match his uni.

  • @truehawk93 No one can doubt his love for KU. It’s pretty damn awesome.

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