So What Happened to Vick? LaCobra Was Back!

  • 16 points, 4 boards and 2 assists plus energy. Limited pop too.

    Did he get over a girl friend? Did he find one?

    Was he sick?

    Why do knees start bending after several games of not?

    Who or what charmed La Cobra?

    The snake was striking again.

  • @jaybate-1-0 And did you see him SKY for that one board. He was WAY up there. And he played pretty bad in the first half and then turned it on. His trifectanating won us the game along with Dok owning the paint.

  • Vick “weirded out” in his post game interview when asked about being more aggressive this game. One of the strangest reactions to an interview questions I’ve ever seen.

  • @Blown

    Self likes characters.

    The Snake 🐍 is one.

    Something brought him out of the wicker basket tonight.

    But what?

    And will the snake charmer get him out against WVU?

  • He put his hair back in those braids tonight instead of being picked out.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Interviewer asked him about 6 questions in: What made you decide to be more aggressive this game?

    Vick: (wry confused and surprised smile as he he turns away from the interview) ughhh…(looking over his shoulder for a teammate to bail him out-turns around and walks away from interviewer and circles back around ) ughhh ughhh Im not commenting on that “

    what does that tell you?

  • Has Slick Rick Pitino or an assistant been hired to “help” the team out??

    I keeed, I keeed.

  • @Fightsongwriter

    Yea, very confusing to be interviewed that way.

    Must be very tough for him, too, to feel that way in an interview. He should be savoring the win.

    I actually worry a lot for the players.

    I am old now and see so much more of what young people are up against than I could see when I was their age.

    The world is about 50 % black box 📦 at my age.

    It was 90% at 18-23.

    I so hope he can trust the coaches and give himself permission to be of good cheer.

    One day he will be able to help a lot of kids, if he can just hang in through this challenging time of his life.

    Go, LaGerald, go!!!

    I believe in you!

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    What ever works!

  • @Blown

    Wow! Thanks for the relay on that.

    LaGerald might be struggling.

    I hope he has a code, or religion, or philosophy, and some friends that make it all enjoyable for him.

    He deserves a break. Self clearly likes him, but maybe hasn’t found a key.

    Some young persons don’t even have their own key at that age. Some don’t even know they have a lock 🔒 for one.

    Some persons need a lot of support at certain times.

    Hang in, LaCobra, you are finding a way. You are finding the way. Persevere. Nothing is written. You write it!

    Rock Chalk!

  • Vick is a very quiet guy who shys away from the camera. He hardly ever speaks when they have him in post game interviews. That’s just his personality. A lil like perry was his freshman year. Painful. Nothing wrong with that. Dumb question too.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 i don’t think it was a dumb question. i don’t disagree about his introversion, but when a kid explodes the first 3rd of a season, disappears for 7-8 games, and then shows signs of reemergence it begs the question.

  • I think Vick lacks confidence!

  • Does he just do better against bad teams?

  • chriz said:

    Does he just do better against bad teams?

    That’s the case for most players. I thought Graham and Svi would look a lot better tonight too though. ISU is pretty short defensively.

  • @Blown

    Vick really needs the book I posted in here recently. A little zen to help him clear out the chaos in his mind.

    If he would do this, he can instantly become one of the top players in college basketball. Period.

  • Frank Mason took over Vick’s body last night. It’s the only answer I could come up with.

    Congrats to Cobra for finally coming out of witness protection

  • Jesse addresses it in this article.

  • @Bwag

    Good Find, Jesse is really good

  • Matchup / prep and some good on the floor coaching by Graham. @BeddieKU23 Jesse is good. Always look for his take and insights.

  • @Blown It tells you he is shy to the point of crippling social anxiety. He’s not weird - he is afraid of the spotlight.

  • @KUSTEVE i agree with your take but it still doesn’t explain why he answered every other question except that one.

  • Sometimes people with social anxiety can handle a certain number of questions or a set amount of time before the anxiety kicks in. It affects different people in different ways.

    My guess is that Vick has a method for handling it, but that only works for so long, so if he’s thrown off or disrupted, he may react in a way that seems odd to us, but it’s just him trying to regain composure.

  • It’s probably because he couldn’t repeat what Bill said to them in practice.

  • @Blown I think he didn’t answer because he wasn’t going to throw his seniors under the bus. I think Vick, and Newman were both being the “good teammates”, and deferring to Svi and DG, and it was affecting the whole team. Now, this is wild speculation on my part, but it could explain why Newman ignored Svi’s hi 5 that traumatized a few skyfallers on here. Have you ever noticed that our juniors always have lower numbers at KU? I think the players have an informal entitlement pecking order system going on where the underclassmen defer on the court to the seniors.

  • @KUSTEVE good take

  • Blown said:

    @KUSTEVE i agree with your take but it still doesn’t explain why he answered every other question except that one.

    Likely that question was out of his comfort level?

  • Matt Tait at the LJW had a pretty good article about Vick back in November.



    This would also explain why Vick and and as I contributed zilch in the Oregon game, even though we NEEDED to have Svi keep driving to the basket. Oregon didn’t think he’d do it. Why not keep doing it over and over again?

    The point is that the team needs to be versatile. No more deferring. It’s time Svi and (especially) Vick showed us how they’ve developed.

    The mindset should always be ATTACK. The other team should believe that you’re going to ATTACK at any moment. That’s why I somewhat detest how we execute the weave sometimes because it is OBVIOUS when we are just going through the motions as a matter of course. This team in particular needs to threaten on offense, and when we telegraph our lazy passes we get into bad habits that make us easily scoutable.

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