So Tuesday

  • So Tuesday really big. - How many think we might be walking into a buzz saw?

    If Oklahoma wants any chance at all of winning this championship , they HAVE to have this game. - -T rae has had 2-3 bad games and you know he is going to want to get back on track - -his team is going to want to prove themselves, show they legit. - Trae going to be hyped because us and Oklahoma were the final two teams for his recruitment and everything. - -Gonna be loud I’m sure.

    Oh who remembers years back when Billy was coaching how teams would use to complain about how hot it was in Noble? - like they kicked it up when teams came in- that was when like Chew Kennedy was there -We are going to have to strap it on gonna be tough.

    Got to just throw multiple at Trae - he is gonna get points , we just have to keep others from career nights ( Manek ) - -( James ) - -your not going to stop Trae - you just have to stop the others - we just HAVE to do better rebounding the ball.

    I think we all know we are playing on borrowed time - one of these times we play like we have been playing other then the WV game with our come back - it’s gonna jump up and bite us in the ass , if we can steal anoher road win would be big - -especially with the way we have been playing at th3e Phog this year. - We still ahve some huge games at the Phog - at this point I don’t think there is anyway we don’t lose another game at the Phog this year unless things change. - WV - -Okla - -Texas A & M - -we need this road win - - what ya think? - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Certain I am uncertain about how.

    But we win.

    Self just keeps getting better the more times he meets a coach.

    It must be very annoying.

    Ask Shaka.

    Kruger has given him problems, but I suspect he is sighting in.

  • @Jayballer54 Trae meet Doke!

  • Oh how I wish BIFM had one more year of eligibility, heck one game to show Young how the Jayhawks get it done on defense.

  • @Jayballer54 Most definitely, because Trae has this date circled.

  • truehawk93 said:

    @Jayballer54 Most definitely, because Trae has this date circled.

    Ya I’m quite sure - -and as he stated this is part of the reason he went to OU - -wanted to be part of the team that Broke KU’s streak. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Banned

    Oh gosh the Trae has his sights on the KU game. What will the Jayhawks ever do? News flash everybody has their sights on their matchup with KU. Point I think that is lost sometimes.

    KU always takes the best shots from the opposing teams. One almost always the game is nationally televised. Two KU is a storied program. Three you want to be the best you have to beat the best.

    Coach and many of the players on this team have been here before. Oh God such and such superstar wants a piece of KU. Remember KD? If my memory serves me correct KU faired quite well. Also does anybody want to make the claim that Trae is better than KD?

    Already the plot is being painting. Trae versus KU. Yet in the true essence of the basketball. Is every Batman needs a Robin. Jordan didn’t really become legendary until he got Scottie. Lebron didn’t really achieve greatness until He joined the Wade show. Pierce didn’t get a ring until the big 3 was formed. The Black Mamba was never really the same after Shaquille left for drama free landscape.

    If OU only has Trae then the advantage goes to KU. I’m betting Coach is already preaching "look Trae is going to do some damage. Yet how about we shut down the rest of the team?

  • If KU limits the rest of OU’s team we have a great chance of winning. Besides Trae, OU’s starters played terrible on Saturday and weren’t much better at K-St. Playing at home though always changes everything.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Playing at home though always changes everything.

    I guess KU did not get the memo.😃

  • JayHawkFanToo said:


    Playing at home though always changes everything.

    I guess KU did not get the memo.😃

    Unfortunately true!

  • So our game plan is keeping Trae in check as much as possible. OU’s game plan is keeping DG, MN, SM, LV and UA in check as much as possible. I like our chances better!

  • @DoubleDD The thing is that is now being said with Trae that his time of possession with the ball is nuts. - the reason his team mates if you watch previous games and has been pointed out - your seeing a lot of just standing around - why is that? - -cause they have or are getting use to his one on one and then jacking up those thirty footers. - - Seth Greenburg says he needs to get back to getting tem mates involved - -very easily can get desension among the team.

    The reason they have trouble - -when he passes they are not ready , anymore they said - caught off guard. - - Now having said that it would not surprise me in the least if Manek didn’t just go jack shit and have an insane night or James or both they are going to be jacked sky high. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • hawkmoon2020 said:

    So our game plan is keeping Trae in check as much as possible. OU’s game plan is keeping DG, MN, SM, LV and UA in check as much as possible. I like our chances better!


  • I would play off of Trae Young and bait him into taking those deep bombs. Don’t let him drive and get our bigs in foul trouble. Defend the rest of the team and make Trae Young win the game on his own. If he does, tip your cap to him and tell him good game. Young hasn’t shown the ability to win games on his own recently though so I would take my chances by forcing Yo mug into being a 1 man show tomorrow.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I’d do the opposite. Pick him up at half court and force him to either drive and finish in the lane successfully or make someone else hit shots to win it.

    I want TY to have to work for every shot or pass. We can rotate guards on him. So far, teams that have beat him have frustrated him to the point that he does take horrible deep 3s 10 seconds into the shot clock or he makes terrible passes, turning the ball over.

    When he has had success, teams have basically given him room to work. Which allowed him the time and vision to make a play.

  • The whiner likes shoving off too!

  • @Kcmatt7

    I agree. KSU did the best job by getting on his grill and switching, double teaming and isolating him off the screen. Garret can do the guarding with Graham and Newman switching off the screen, helping with the double team, forcing him to the sideline and isolating him there where he will be forced to either take a low parentage long 3 or forcing a poor pass. If KU can force him into 10+ turnover and keep him at or under his scoring average the odds of winning are good…although KU has this nasty habit of allowing one unheralded opposing player to have a career day.

  • @Kcmatt7 My strategy isn’t giving him whatever he wants, it’s taking away everything but the bombs. You back off of him, it takes away his ability to drive. You guard his teammates and it takes away his ability to pass. That leaves him to deep shoot 3’s all night which he hasn’t been making the last few weeks.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Well, if we could actually outrebound somebody the “let him bomb away” strategy could conceivably work.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 plus we don’t need to foul out our guards

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