Billy Momma Drama

  • Straight from Momma P-

    I’m tired of being quiet. I’m sick of watching people bash my child but if he suited up tomorrow he’d be the next coming of Jesus Christ to you guys. Enough is enough. Be a fan, be supportive, be empathetic or just be quiet until the NCAA does what they have to do. #kubball

    — Nicole Player (@BartenderChic78) January 3, 2018 As soon as he is cleared…which I feel he should & will be…I will speak candidly on this situation, however, I will not sit quiet while “fans” put jackets on him that don’t fit. No one knows the stress that my family has gone through.

    — Nicole Player (@BartenderChic78) January 3, 2018 Not only that…if I had anything to hide…I could’ve pulled him in November. This is taxing and stressful. But he’s there, being supportive, he hasn’t bailed on his team. He’s cheering and coaching & doing all he can.

    — Nicole Player (@BartenderChic78) January 3, 2018

    I don’t think they understand. Billy is 6’10 240 lbs…I could’ve sent him overseas in Nov. when this started, he would’ve been an instant millionaire and a 1st round pick . I allowed the NCAA in my personal life for Kansas. Guilty people don’t do that.

    — Nicole Player (@BartenderChic78) January 3, 2018

    Thoughts??? Things are heating up as the world turns with Billy

  • Has anyone ever been “interviewed” for Jury duty? One of the questions that’s always asked is:

    Do you believe, by the fact that this man/woman is here in court today, that he/she must have done SOMETHING wrong?

  • if the jacket doesn’t fit you must acquit

  • All due respect to “Mama P” - I don’t care if her son (if he ever does play for us) averages 50 pts, 50 rebounds & 50 assists per game - he will not be the next coming of Jesus Christ to me.

  • This is Cliff 2.0

  • I don’t remember Jesus in a sports car. 🏎 Must be in the new new testiment.

    Billy would be nice, but momma can go away. 🤦

    Stupid car…No, stupid kid taking a car ruining a season for everyone.

  • @dylans I think in some Bible version it says He and the disciples were in “One Accord”.

  • Dear Mrs. Preston,

    Your child was discovered to be in a vehicle that has taken two months to explain how he received it.

    Any one who has ever purchased a vehicle could support that purchase within one business day.

    I’m not saying that he did anything wrong. I’m just saying the explanation shouldn’t take this long.

    It frustrates the fan base that year after year our coach brings in a player who behaves questionably and it inflicts chinks in the armor of the Mythical Legend that is Kansas Basketball. It then also creates a major distraction to the rest of the program.

    So, yeah, there is a lot of unfair hell fire and brimstone spewed toward your young man.

  • Get both of them outta here.

    Maybe Billy is Jesus… but he is not Wilt!

  • Come on guys, we need to give billy some support, I’m sure he wishes the car didnt exist at this point. His mom seems a little psycho but hey we need all the help we can get here.

  • If twitter didn’t exist nobody would even hear about he displeasure. This is not a big deal. I do feel the same way though. If Billy was not going to be able to play he wouldn’t still be here.

  • @Kcmatt7 Didn’t Alexander stick around the entire time, and unable to play? Maybe my recollection is off.


    @Blown Yes as I recall, but Alexander played the fist 2/3 of the season. And is still waiting on the NCAA’s response…

  • @Blown He did. But Cliff also played all the way to the end of February. Just feel like they are two completely different scenarios.

    We never heard Self say he was optimistic Cliff would be back. As soon as he was benched, everyone knew that was it for Cliff.

  • I said from the very early stages that this situation is lousy for the family because the NCAA can ask the family to open up a lot of very private information - credit card statements, tax records, mortgage/ rent information, pay stubs, etc. Often, they request this not just for the last several months, but years.

    Also, often these investigations have a bit of a racial element - i.e., there is disbelief that this person can afford it, even after producing the necessary information. I’ve seen this happen firsthand, but because the NCAA controls the ability of the kid to be eligible, they hold all the cards unless a kid is willing and able to walk away and go pro immediately. Billy is the rare kid that probably could have, but most don’t have that option.

    Let’s face it. The NCAA is power crazed and corrupt. Maybe Billy did something inappropriate. Maybe he didn’t. Maybe all the records are there. Maybe they aren’t. But here’s the thing - the NCAA has been able to drag this out, casting serious doubt on this young man and his family, and their character. If he is cleared in the end, I bet we wait longer than what this investigation took to hear an apology for that.

  • @justanotherfan In sports, in crime stories, and in my own military criminal appellate work, I remember lots of family members making statements about their kids, who are all innocent little victims of some persecution, and how they would explain everything, and the real facts would come out, as soon as they were free to talk about it.

    I do not remember a single family member ever coming forward with all that “truth” when cases were over, with suspensions or disqualifications in sports, and with convictions in criminal cases.

  • @justanotherfan

    I believe KU slow played this before sending this off to the NCAA for review/ruling. The NCAA may have asked for more material that KU compliance didn’t get initially from them.

    It still seems as if KU tried to get ahead of the curve by doing a lot of the leg work themselves in hopes that if they were diligent enough the NCAA would agree with their self-reported findings. . It feels as if Momma P is trying to put pressure on the NCAA to make a ruling in her son’s favor. She knows what’s at stake for her son.

    Her twitter rant has now made ESPN. Could have been her ultimate goal, maybe not.

  • @mayjay Right on point. OJ Simpson is searching for the real killer. All these folks complain about injustices, and they are actually guilty. Maybe Preston’s mom, whose twitter handle is @bartenderchic78, should just shut the he** up.

    She sounds like the idiot she obviously is.

  • @justanotherfan

    I strongly disagree with you. The NCAA does exactly what it was tasked and expected to do, make sure a level field is in place so a player or program does no get an unfair advantage.

    When a student athlete decides to attend a programs under NCAA rules, he agrees to abide by said rules and the NCAA is required to follow up when there is evidence the rules were/are not followed. There seems to be evidence that the rules were not followed by Preston and family and it is the job of the NCAA to investigate; it would be remiss if it did not do so. The overwhelming majority of student athletes go through college with no issues; it is a tinny minority of athletes that think they are above the law that eventually run into problems.

    NCAA rules and regulations are well known to student athlete and more so to top prospects who are advised by their current and prospective school every step of the way. Any athlete that breaks a rule anymore does it knowing and willingly; claiming ignorance is the equivalent of a smoker claiming he did not know smoking causes cancer. If there was no violation of rules, this issue would have been resolved a long time ago, the fact it is taking this long appears to indicate willful intent to obfuscate the facts.

    The NCAA has no legal compelling authority and cannot force anyone to produce any type of information. It does however have the power to withhold clearance until such time as the student can prove it has followed the rules and regulation when evidence to the contrary is present.

    Don’t blame the NCAA for doing its job, blame the prospect and family that knowingly decided to ignore the rules and regulations and avail themselves of improper benefits. One way or another, Preston will be making serious money in the not so distant future and the real losers will be the KU basketball program that will have spent probably over $100K and migh not derive any benefit whatsoever; in fact, it might have prevented another top prospect from joining the program and actually contributing and of course us, the fans, that have had to endure this senseless drama.

  • Since Billy Boy is seemingly never going to play - him and his momma can both pack up and wait for the NBA draft for all I care. And if he DOES actually set foot on the hardwoods - since he ain’t Jesus, maybe he can play Moses and lead us to the promised land. Or at least help us not lose in AFH.

  • I’ll get blasted for pointing this out…The percentage of college basketball players with a different last name than their mothers has to be something like 75%.

  • The US Divorce Rate is 50%. So…

  • @Blown That’s actually a myth. Research it if you get bored.

  • @BigBad Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to research it any further than what the APA reports it to be. Like most studies, there are conflicting reports, I’m sure.

  • @BigBad I would get blasted even more for pointing out why that is, so i won’t.

  • I’m shocked she (and Billy) stayed silent this long, so I’m way more on her side than the rest of you, I guess.

  • @DanR I’m glad you spoke up! I’m a mom of boys. I understand. Doesn’t matter what her job is, either.

  • BigBad said:

    I’ll get blasted for pointing this out…The percentage of college basketball players with a different last name than their mothers has to be something like 75%.

    Sounds a lot like my stepsons, but they don’t play basketball.

  • @mayjay and I forgot, what was that point?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Kids with different last names than their mothers, apparently due to Billy and his Mom’s names. Some here seemed to think it has great significance (all those “I could say something but I would get blasted…”–wink, wink–comments) that many basketball players have name “discrepancies.” As if there is something disreputable about it, which I dispute vehemently.

    I just figured it is pretty normal when stepchildren are involved, with no great significance whatsoever other than blended families are becoming pretty prevalent. The days of laughing at the kids from broken homes should be long over.

    You know me–I don’t stay silent when someone tries to rally the more-fortunate or better-heeled people to the side of snide.

  • DanR said:

    I’m shocked she (and Billy) stayed silent this long, so I’m way more on her side than the rest of you, I guess.

    My earlier comment was not intended to mean, I should have said, that I believe she is hiding something bad or anything. I just never see the big follow-up explanation that always gets promised. Billy’s situation, I suspect, involves complications that could well include gifts from relatives and nonrelatives.

    The history of his school moves was all about his mother seeking a better place for him. I believe she has his interests at heart. As we learned with Diallo, sometimes these kids would benefit from having their own legal representation separate from the school as their interests do not always coincide. Many families cannot afford it, and that could be the cause of big delays.

  • @mayjay Right. In this case, there were two solid parents who, by all accounts, worked damn hard to get him to where he is today, so the family bashing seems particularly ugly, IMO. Maybe they aren’t doctors or engineers, but they make an honest living, ffs.

    OK. After re-reading it, this thread is pretty disgusting. I’m out.

    eta: not directed at your most recent comment, @mayjay

  • This article indicates Billy’s family dynamics, not really what you would expect and presented without any comments.

  • He could’ve went to Europe and made millions? OOOO…kayee??? But thanks for stayin’ … I guess? I’m not sure what to say about that statement. It’s like she is owed something.

  • Sooner or later, this thing was bound to blow like a long dormant geyser. A durn shame that the eligible players, the coaching staff and fans have had to spend so many games without a recruited power forward. With 3 ineligible transfers already on the sidelines, this 4th ineligible scholarship recruit adds up to an ugly situation for this year’s squad and Jayhawk Basketball. Difficult for our players to hang tough when forced to play so many minutes. 4-1 lineups are esp. taxing.

  • @REHawk Exactly. This has been the frustration. We all had high hopes and expectations for BP and then this long drawn out drama. I don’t think she realizes we are for her son. I don’t know who she is pissed at, but most all KU wants him to play and have been waiting. She needs to help get him cleared and stay off social media.

  • @truehawk93 she has been helping, probably pretty hard to hear some of that crap!

  • @truehawk93 Social media being what it is, and internet bullies being as they are, I am sure there have been lots of nasty comments flying her way. Asking her to stay off as she tries to follow KU and her son’s progress is not realistic or fair. If she is correct that she has done everything possible to cooperate, anyone could understand her frustration. Unfortunately, many people who are subjected to internet trolling do not have the luxury of trying to step away without cutting themselves off from everyone.

  • It’s a tough situation. Difficult to believe everything is above board when it takes this long to figure out. But I have not seen anyone bashing BP or his family. I’m sure it’s happened. But also. You can read any type of negativity anywhere on any social media about anything. Even the most positive of situations. You can read some real trash about any player if you look for it I’m certain. The situation has been plenty largely publicized with constant reminders of “no news”. It’s unreasonable to expect not to have comments. Personally. I wish for the teams sake that the saga would just end. In any resolution. Don’t care which

  • She probably shouldn’t have said anything but put yourself in her shoes. How would you feel right now if this was your kid?

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich

    If he was my child, I would have made sure he was not put in that situation. Hard to believe she did not know what was going on.

    Let’s just say it…if the car purchase was above board this issue is resolved in one day. The fact that KU chose not to play him and potentially jeopardize wins would seem to indicates KU knew there were issues and if that was the case, the chance that Billiy’s mom did not know about it is zilch… can’t we all agree at least on this?

    If anyone has a better plausible explanation I would love to hear it.

  • I don’t know if Billy’s mom did or did not know. I do know that it would be hard for me to stay quiet if I had a kid who was being harassed on social media.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I prefer to wait it out. Not all of us are perfect parents but good for you!🥇

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    You don’t need to be a perfect parent, just a responsible one.

    If you read the link I provided above you will see that Billy’s mom partner who is also his godmother was a top prospect at the University of Iowa and part of a class that many consider the Fav-5 of women’s college basketball and she also formed the AAU team for which Billy played. Plenty of knowledge of the NCAA rules at that household.

  • @JayHawkFanToo read it

  • @JayHawkFanToo maybe she helped pay for his car and that was illegal?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Don’t you think that being that involved in college basketball and AAU she would know what is or isn’t legal?

  • @JayHawkFanToo she’s his mom too

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