• @Crimsonorblue22

    Mason started but played only 10 minutes.

  • Heard frank has a bruised heel and will not play tues.

  • out 4-6 weeks with the injury. ouccchhh

  • He has been out 6 (?) games now?

  • Dam , really bas luck.- Your a young man such as Frank and have had to bust your ass all your life to make believers out of non believers and then final reach your destination, and still have to bust your as everyday because of the competition on the roster to be able to obtain playing time and then have this happen , is a blow. Hopefully he can bounce back soon and maintain what he has accomplished. - -I mean for some they would be satisfied to be on the NBA roster - -sit the bench - -and collect their money, - -Then you have Frank - he is a worker, he wants to play and prove that he belongs hell of a success story for him - wish nothing but the best for him - I realize not that bad of injury but yet still sets him back some - he will be fine. – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Hurt or not still getting good press, I wish he was healthy as I think they would be likely to trade Hill

  • @Kubie that’s an awesome read! Crazy to think he such a surprise to everyone but us!

  • I had actually grown to think he could play through ANYTHING!

    Get well Frank!

  • Frank is probable for the kings thunder game tonight. With Hill gone he is the only other point guard behind Fox. That’s showing some confidence in the young guys

  • Kubie said:

    Frank is probable for the kings thunder game tonight. With Hill gone he is the only other point guard behind Fox. That’s showing some confidence in the young guys

    Plus Sac got to sack that 20 million they gave Hill for the year trading him. Hopefully he gets some good minutes, Fox has been terrible

  • @Kubie

    Frank’s experience and steady leadership is a huge plus until Fox develop into what they hope he will. Frank might end up being a permanent starter…which would surprise none of us.

  • Fox isn’t going to develop in SAC. I think they missed with that one. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was playing somewhere else that could coach him

  • Nobody develops in SAC. That franchise is flawed right now. Not sure what they are doing out there.

  • They decided to keep Vince Carter to mentor the young guys and he got 32 minutes last night or something like that. So they dumped Hill and amped up Carter… Also Z-Bo got 40 minutes. Garrett Temple for 32. I hope they know the difference between mentoring and “playing insteead of”. Skal is out, and they traded the 10th pick (which was Zach Collins, but could have been John Collins, Bam Adebayo or Donovan Mitchell at that point) to Portland for Justin Jackson and Harry Giles, who isn’t on the current roster. Shortage in the post but didnt draft a big man.

  • I’m so tired of seeing KU players end up in Sacramento…

  • @approxinfinity Fox was out and Frank was on a minutes restriction so they had little choice but to play Vince. I do agree with you otherwise.

  • Frank playing again and had a strong performance last night with 16 points and 6 assists. The one little highlight clip they showed on ESPN’s box score had the announcer saying “Frank doesn’t play like a rookie”. Of course experience wise he is technically a rookie, but someone 5 years removed from HS makes him more of a seasoned veteran!

  • Frank Mason 13 points, 8 assists, 5 steals in 28 minutes. He outplayed Fox and Ferrell tonight and he’s looked good all preseason. Let’s go Frank!

  • Check out the pass at 0:43 in the video.

  • Awesome!

  • Yeah, this exploded on twitter.

  • Wowowow! The pinpoint alleyoop falling sideways after dead sprint at :28 was not shabby either!

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