West Virginia Mountaineers

  • The Kansas football team returns home Saturday to face West Virginia 11am on ESPNU. West Virginia looks pretty salty on offense which has been the norm in Morgantown since Dana Holgorsen came to town, averaging over 46 points per contest so far this season after a slow start against Va Tech to open up the year. But for the first since he’s been there Dana has let someone else call the plays in OC Jake Spavital, which obviously has worked out well thus far. Former Florida QB Will Grier leads the team offensively but don’t sleep on running back Justin Crawford whom has averaged over a 100 yards on the ground per contest. Defensively they are fairly youthful in terms of playing time. They were 60th against the rush last year and 104th vs the pass. Hopefully that’s a positive sign that Bender and co can get something going and keep us from being run out of our own stadium. We have seen some teams come in asleep in these early games and allowed us to hang around or even win as we did in an 11 am kick against the Mountaineers in 2013. I personally would flip the script if I’m KU on offense, the run block looks to be better than pass block and Herbert showed what he can do last week in the open field. We do get some guys back from injury on the defensive side of the ball so hopefully that helps, it can’t really hurt at this point. It will be interesting as a Tom Keegan article I earlier read on how many fans will show up? Oddly enough me and a friend had a similar conversation earlier in the week, we actually competed fairly decent at home last year, was in every game but one at half time and only had 2 double digit losses but still had low attendance. Obviously with one those already under our belt to a MAC team it is questionable that we even compete at home the rest the way we could dip down below 20k for the first time in over 20 years. My hawk to rock is Dorance Armstrong, I think he gets in the sack column and finally starts to play like we know he can. That being said I’m going West Virginia 59 Kansas 23. This game gets as ugly as Holgorsen let’s it, we likely won’t stop them much and realistically could give up 45 to 75 points in this as well as serval other contest this season.

  • @kjayhawks

    It may be time to start a cemetery where the old track used to be. Maybe build the Tomb of the Unknown Jayhawk Football Player. There could be a lot casualties this weekend.

  • This should be a high scoring game in WVU’s favor of course. Prayers for the KU defensive back corps

  • Vegas is predicting approximately a 48-24 game today. WVU is a 24 point favorite and the over/under is 71 points.

  • Run game looks good on this drive.

  • Herbert looks like a beast right now.

  • Killer penalty there

  • Other than that 2nd false start, that was a very good drive for KU and Herbert.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 yep and excalty what I said I’d, trouble is we have to start finishing drives. Kicking field goals from inside the ten doesn’t win B12 games

  • Better lucky than good sometimes, like that pass.

  • @kjayhawks Only thing that salvaged that drive for me is that the FG is the middle ground of results. I’d more more upset if KU didn’t convert that 1st down and got nothing out of one of their best drives of the season than I was with that penalty.

  • Missed a key chanc to down it in the 5 there after passing for some odd reason. How can our coaches be so stupid?

  • @kjayhawks I was fine with the pass, but the pass type wasn’t great. It needed to be a quick hitter like a slant.

    With that punt, the ball bounced the opposite direction it appeared it was going to so that was more bad luck than anything else.

  • Time to find a new LG.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 yep two very very costly penalties that prob keep us from leading by a touchdown or field goal.

  • Why not two runs straight up the gut on 3rd and 1? Lateral 4 yards behind the line automatically gives up the yardage they just got. Hate those calls, and then mistakes just compound it.

  • @mayjay It wasn’t a 3rd and 1 though. It was a 3rd and 4. I’m guessing the 4th down play was supposed to be a run up the middle though.

  • Cameras suck today. That’s the 4th play they’ve missed already.

  • This is the worst coached team in recorded history.

  • Our defense needs to step up right now and get a stop. 3 and out, please. Another TD here and I think our guys will just go through the motions to finish out the game.

    What’s the crowd look like? 15,000. Pathetic.

  • @kjayhawks No it’s not. Not even the worst coached KU team this decade.

  • The Charlie Weis teams were much more unwatchable than these teams are.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 the Weis teams wouldn’t stop running the ball averaging 7 yards per carry in a 7-3 game. Single digit IQ bye our coaches, middle school level skill by them. I’m out for the day

  • Ouch, 3 and out for us. Our defense is going to get worn down, just like last year.

  • I will say though that Clint Bowen needs to be demoted though. He’s a good DB coach as evidenced by the number of DB’s KU has sent to the NFL recently, but as far as a coordinator, he just sucks. His play calling of rarely blitzing is why we can’t pressure the QB and why the secondary is getting scorched. You can’t rush just 3 or 4 90% if the time and expect a young secondary to cover all day. KU needs to be sending 5 or 6 nearly every time to help the DB’s as much as possible and forcing the QB into some hurried throws and mistakes.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 It won’t be by Coach Beaty. During the pregame, CB spoke very highly of the job Bowen is doing.

  • @stoptheflop I know that and as frustrating as this is, KU legitimately needs Beaty here for 5 years regardless of W-L record so he can at least eliminate the scholarship deficit. Firing him after this year just delays that process.

    It also wouldn’t be smart to change AD’s in the middle of this fundraising campaign which means Beaty is probably safe until all the $350 million is raised because Zenger is a great fundraiser even if his coaching evaluation skills are subpar.

  • KU might be better off with Stanley at QB when his hand gets healthy.

    Bender has way too many overthrow and behind the receiver throws this year.

  • What a half bye Herbert 191 yards and a TD on 19 carries. The lone bright spot.

  • 13-35 half. Enjoyed the running game, but I probably have better things to do than watch the rest.

  • @kjayhawks Gabe Rui and Cole Moos were pretty good too.

  • The most useless freakin’ TV shot is of coaches on the sideline. I just yelled words at the TV which I didn’t even know could be fitted together to create mental images best gorgotten.

  • Is Herbert going to make a run at Tony Sands single rushing record?

  • Holy crap!

  • Now, just imagine if you took away those two dumb ass false starts and the pick 6 on that horrendous throw…

    This is why KU football can’t be good.

  • @MoonwalkMafia excalty we had some really stupid play calls and penalties or we are prob winning right now. Feel bad for the players this is on the coaches.

  • @kjayhawks How are those two false starts on the coaches? Those were 100% on the LG and he’s had 4 false starts today. 4 false starts by one player is not on the coaches, that is 100% on the player not knowing the snap count.

  • Bull crap penalty there. Completely missed that face mask.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 because no other team in america besides kansas still has pre snap penalties like the plague 4 weeks in to the year.

  • Finally nailed a deep ball!

  • @kjayhawks That’s still on the player, not coaches. That’s a 100% mental mistake and those are ALWAYS on the player. Physical mistakes are on the coaches because those are poor techniques being taught. Not knowing a snap count is always on the player.

  • It’s on the defense now to get a big stop. Come on fellas: 3 and OUT. RCJHF

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 disagree but let’s go hawks

  • Still watching. Picked up dog poop in the yard at halftime, and I think that got us going.

  • TTU and Houston in a defensive struggle just like we all predicted.

  • Win or lose, WVU confirmed worse than MAC teams. :joy:

  • @kjayhawks Was 77 going down field on 77 or the coaches?

  • @kjayhawks I guess that Armstrong penalty was the coaches fault also.

  • @BShark Say what?

  • That was pass interference

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