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  • Kansas takes the historically the 3rd worse show in the NCAA on the road this week to Athens, Ohio. The current losing streak on the road sits at 41 and the most is 44 so obviously we have 3 chances to end it. It will be interesting to me to see what Ohio does offensively. They are known more as a running, control the clock type of team and they did just that a year ago. Last year the offense completely whiffed in the first half with only a single first down and 21 total yards. The defense really didn’t play horrible considering the short field they were left with time and time again with turnovers. This year Ohio is very youthful on the offensive line, they only return 4 guys total on the that side of the ball. They are lead by QB Rourke who like Windam did last year can and will run all over the place if you allow it. For some reason since the orange bowl team running QBs have killed us to put it nicely. They do return their best WRs in White and Odom, which if you missed last week is scary. Offensively I like our chances, I thought people were way too hard on Bender. The dude can’t catch his passes or block for himself and he hung in there last week, getting smacked several times. His numbers were hardly the worst we have seen hell Cozart and Willis each had a five turnover game a year ago. It’s literally his 3rd start at this level, he played sparingly at WSU let’s give him a little bit of lead way. The key is the same as every football game control the line of scrimmage and limit turnovers. We have to get turnovers , we won’t win any more games being in the minus of that category. I really like our chances but it’s on the road and last week made me really question if Beaty is the guy and how long he will be here past this year. It really is a must win for fan support. Both the SEMO and CMU featured the biggest crowds in a few years so people actually brought into the team improvement. I’ll go Ohio wins 38-31, Kansas keeps it close but can’t quite finish the deal.

  • If KU plays like the did in the 2nd half offensively, we just might win this thing. But if the Defense plays like it did even a little bit, we are probably going to lose.

  • @Kcmatt7 excalty we can hang with Baylor and Tech for the same reasons, I think a good chunk of the offensive problems are fixable. Defensively I’m worried we could compare to the 60 point average that got Turner Gill fired. OU and OSU could put 80 on us.

  • Let’s see if Coach Bowen can fix the defensive deficiencies we saw last week. I’m really discouraged by how poorly the defense played.

  • @kjayhawks Based on the one game Tech played, they look much improved from last year. They crushed a very good Eastern Washington program that was ranked #4 in the FCS and probably good enough to beat KU.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 still not sold on techs defense especially after a single game against a lower level team.

  • Ohio takes an early lead 11 to zip after KU misses open field tackles left and right. They even easily got a 2 point conversion. Bowen should be gone this week we most likely will give up 45 plus again to a MAC club.

  • @kjayhawks What evidence have you seen that KU’s offense can score the 70 or so points it’ll take to keep up with Tech’s offense? The single game passing record may be in jeopardy in that one because of KU’s secondary.


  • @Texas-Hawk-10 well none at this point lol but Tech still sucks and only wins 4 games most likely and has a new coach next year. Ohios QB is from fort Scott community college and is better than any we have had since Ressing. The dude can run and throw , Beaty can not judge talent what so ever.

  • A bloodbath has begun. When will we be respectable in this sport?

  • Welp, done with KUFball this year.

  • @kjayhawks Tech will win between 5 and 7 games this year. They already beat a quality EWU team, should beat ASU today, UH will be a toss up, they’re going to crush KU’s defense, probably beat ISU at home, beat a god awful Baylor team, and Texas should be a toss up, but we know they’re defense is crap too.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 we’ll see I reckon I honestly see them only beating KU in b12 play.

  • @kjayhawks Have you not seen Baylor play this year? Home losses to Liberty and UTSA already this year. Tech will beat Baylor by at least 30 this season and even with how KU has looked so far this year, KU should beat Baylor this year as well.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 okay maybe 2 but still they suck they have sucked since Kliff has been there. I don’t see a team losing a top 10 draft pick and improving like crazy.

  • @kjayhawks They may not be better at QB this year, but the rest of their team is better overall than last year.

  • Torneden is not a D1 player.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 they need to be a ton better then. I’m just saying they suck and lose their coach after not getting to a bowl again. Obviously after today hard to believe KU can win anymore games this year, maybe again with Beaty here.

  • Will Ohio U put up 50+ on KU today? Sheesh.

  • In boxing, a tomato can is a boxer with with few or no skills and no chance to win a fight that is selected by a contender to take a pounding and improve the opponent’s record.

    In basketball, there are a number of small programs that spend the first two months of the season traveling to play and take a pounding by bigger programs and earn a paycheck that provides the entire budget for the program.

    In football we have the cupcake programs that travel to play elite programs, take a pounding and collect a big check.

    I am afraid KU has become one of those programs and should start demanding big payouts to get pounded on the road.

  • @kjayhawks The evidence for Tech this year says they don’t suck as much as last year. I’m not calling them contenders because they aren’t, I’m saying they’re probably going to be a bowl team this year at 6 or 7 wins. The bottom half of the B12 this year is absolute crap. OU, OSU, KSU, and TCU are all 8+ win teams this year. OU and OSU are probably 11 win teams and probably going to play each other twice. WVU, Texas, and Tech are other teams that should reach bowl eligibility this year, and Baylor, ISU, and KU will probably only beat each other and all be a 4 or fewer wins this year.

  • Ohio 25 Kansas 14 at the half. Kansas has had their chances to be in the game a very costly face mask on a stopped third down lead to an easy touchdown with a first and goal from the 2 for Ohio and a shanked punt didn’t help. The offense has looked decent at times with 206 yards and no turnovers. The defense has just been a joke, for us to have a chance multiple turnovers this half.

  • Can we find receivers who stop tipping the ball to the defense?

  • @mayjay That was 100% on Bender for throwing behind Sims. Seems like every other pass Bender throws is behind his receiver.

  • Dang, this team is hard to watch. No bright spots. Barely any dim spots.

  • My day started off so well too.

    View from the deck about 4 hours ago…


  • This post is deleted!

  • Ohio players look like grown men.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Last week, too, not all of them impossibles. But the QB sure does make it hard for the receivers to make plays.

    KU needs to try quick passes over the middle on a short dropback. I keep seeing the receivers go over the line uncovered, then trying to stay open while the QB checks off.

  • @mayjay That pick was a slant route on a 3 step drop, can’t get a ball put much quicker than that.

  • Chase Harrell is starting to emerge as a very good receiver.

    Right now, I’d love to see a set with Harrell and Booker on the outside, and Sims and Ben Johnson inside on Booker’s side to try and get Harrell some single coverage.

  • Second and 23 and they allow a 24 yard run…SMH.

  • At least we appear to have a dependable FG kicker finally.

  • You know the offense hasn’t been terrible, if only we had last years secondary. We didn’t score over 21 points last year in regulation against FBS. If we had a D1 defense we would be in this game same as well as last week, most power 5 teams won’t let up more than 20 to a MAC club.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I was referring to my preferences for plays where he waits too long, not the pick!

  • KU played decently well offensively, had more yards and first downs than Ohio. A couple of 7 plus minute touchdown drives for Ohio when KU had them stopped if not for penalties. I have no idea how in gods name Bowen could keep his job after today. I can see progress on offense, Bender has now had 3 straight 340 plus yard games. He had a bad day last week but really today I’m ok with all but about 4 of his throws today and he had 6 drops passes and held on to the ball too long a few times but all in he’s the best we’ve had statistically since Ressing by a very very very long ways. No other QB has had a three game stretch with more TDs than INTs or anywhere near 1000 yards.

  • @kjayhawks Seems to have a really strong arm.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 EWU lost at home 40-13 to NDSU they maybe a FCS playoff team but nothing more.

  • I really, really…really…wanted to believe the football team would be decent this season; obviously it’s is not. Honestly, I just don’t see a winnable game in the schedule. The last 3 games, @Texas, OU and @OSU are going to be painful to watch

  • @kjayhawks Tech is up 21-3 on Arizona St. after the 1st quarter, they are much better than you think they are.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 you could be right we’ll see, boy I feel better seeing the mildcats lost.

  • Wow, Texas taking it to USC. USC had to kick a FG to tie the game with 2 seconds left and send it to OT.

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