Kyrie Irving wants trade...

  • What are the chances the Suns trade Bledsoe and JJ for Irving? @Kcmatt7 @BShark got feelings about this?

    I had thought JJ was probably untouchable in Phoenix. I’m not sure though.

  • Actually ESPN is reporting that he has an interest in Spurs, Knicks, Heat and TWolves. Wonder if the Wolves could get him without breaking the bank.

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing the Cavs try to deal with LeBron and Carmelo and losing Irving 😂

  • My thoughts are that it doesn’t matter too much because no one can dethrone the super Warriors.

  • I guess LeBron eventually wears anybody out.

  • If Kyrie goes to the Spurs, Cleveland becomes the 4th best team in the league at vest behind GS, SA, and Houston.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Well, he needs to be traded for someone, and I doubt the Cavs want to get killed in it. Does he have veto power? I think Gilbert is the type who might trade him somewhere he doesn’t want to go just out of spite.

  • @mayjay San Antonio, Minnesota, and New York all have the assets to make a deal happen. SA wants to dump Aldridge, and Knicks have been wanting to dump Carmelo and Porzingis. I think a 3 team deal with New York, Cleveland, and Houston could be done. New York gets Kyrie, Houston gets Carmelo, Cleveland gets Porzingis. Kevin Love, Ryan Anderson, and draft picks would also be invlovled, but I think a deal like that could get done if those three teams really want to make it happen.

  • San Antonio can’t get Kyrie without moving several guys. Cleveland isn’t just giving him away, and he’s under contract for two more years, so the price for a trade will be steep.

    Minnesota has the assets to do it, but they would probably have to break up Towns-Wiggins-Butler in order to do it. It would be odd if Wiggins found his way back to Cleveland in a deal.

    The Knicks could do it, but it would take a lot more than just Carmelo. They would need at least one more team involved, maybe two because they don’t have the assets unless they are okay with moving Porzingis.

    Kyrie is a combination of age and talent that makes it hard to trade him because you have to get a lot back in return, which basically would cripple whichever team he goes to.

  • @justanotherfan Any deal with Kyrie is going to be a multi-team deal because the teams woth the players to trade dor Kyrie straight up aren’t going to do that. The players I listed off are the ones that would for sure be involved because of salaries and/or their current team wanting to move them.

    Any deal with San Antonio will involve LaMarcus Aldridge. Any deal with New York will involve Carmello and likely Porzingis. Any deal with Houston will involve Ryan Anderson, and any deal with Boston will include Isaiah Thomas. Those are the easy part of any deal involving Kyrie, the complicating part is the draft picks, role players, expiring contracts, and other stuff like that. Another complication is that any deal is almost guaranteed to be a 3 team deal or more and figuring out the money and players to make that deal work.

  • I wouldn’t trade Kyrie for Porzingis. Is the NBA going mad?

    I don’t think Kyrie is going anywhere if I had to say so today.

    Look out for Boston in this though. They probably have the guys who can get it done Salary wise, whether it be giving Cleveland Thomas, maybe Crowder, Smart and some of their picks… Can’t imagine Cleveland is going to give up their other star player to the only team in the East with a pulse of beating them next year for a chance at the Finals.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I agree that there are tons of moving parts on this deal, which is why this deal will probably take until training camp or later to actually come together. Just so much complications because of the salaries and talent in any deal. I think you nailed some of the players likely involved in a deal with any team.

    I think Cleveland may actually put together a couple of different deals - one centered around Kyrie, the other around Kevin Love. This whole situation has the potential to entirely re-shape the NBA landscape with as many as a half dozen top 50 players in the league on the move, as well as possibly two or three young players with huge potential (thinking Wiggins, Bledsoe, Porzingis, Jaylen Brown). And of course, there could be an additional mystery team getting involved in the deal with picks or players we haven’t identified (imagine Portland offering Damian Lillard and one of their first rounders from this year’s draft for example).

    Anything could happen.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Porzingis is really good and very young.

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