Bill Self's "Big Ego," prohibits the Border War.

  • @wrwlumpy yep! Love it.

  • YA I started this same thread on the football side - -either way shows Mizzery’s BS. - -think it’s funny as hell - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I love when adults use elementary-level reverse psychology on other adults. I’m sure Bill is all riled up now…

  • @Kcmatt7 just look at the guy!

  • Oft discussed topic, but I’m in the minority, and there are others, that wish we’d play them again. I’d rather see them on the schedule than Central Montana or Punxsatawney State. Heck I’d rather see them than Topeka YMCA.

  • @wissox Agreed. I WANT to play Mizzou. But at the same time, let’s not prop them up. They are shooting themselves in the foot on an almost weekly basis. Once the dust has settled, they very well might be the #2 school in Missouri in enrollment. Might not be the team to keep a rivalry with. In 5 years, Missouri State might be the team to pick up the border war with…

  • Interesting that the talk just started again now that they think they will have a decent team. I did not hear a peep when Kim Anderson was putting out the dumpster fire and the programs was the SEC favorite punch bag.

  • HA! If Self’s stance is “ego,” then kudos for ego! Mizzou athletics shot itself in the foot when bolting from a century-old league association…and that miserable institution was careless about the possibility of bringing the entire league down to the gutter with them. The Tiger hoops program has crashed and burned for several seasons. Yeah, yeah, they are said to be at verge of sudden upswing this year. I’m a Missouri taxpayer who awaits the next negative Mizzou sports debacle. How long before Cuonzo and Co. go up in flames?

  • @REHawk SEC SEC 💩

  • @REHawk Martin will be there 3 years and bolt somewhere else based on his track record at Tennessee and Cal.

  • Thank god for his ego.

    Bill is looking out for KU.

    Good for him.

  • wrwlumpy said:

    Time for El Poyo to check in again.

    Actually, i already posted this on earlier threads! we need to avoid this like the plague. Just imagine the embarrassment if we lose (ala WSU). There is no way we would be able to live it down. There is nothing to gain here, and everything to lose. I say we steer clear and continue to pound on the big 12.

  • Well, there’s the SEC challenge, right?

  • I would support playing Fizzouruh, if it’s official name were changed to the University of Fecal Eating Degenerates.


    I wouldn’t even then.

    But I might say I would just to get them to change their name to that.

    Rock Chalk!

  • Rather than talk about HCBS ego, maybe Mr Loftin should talk about what his lack of cahones has done for Fizzoo. Renting out empty dorm space now. Maybe next they can bring in and house the homeless and turn the student union into a soup kitchen.

  • @brooksmd NAACP has even issued a travel advisory for the state of misery & MU is so poorly managed now they’ve begun hot laps in the arena hahahahaha…

  • Banned

    So let me get this straight MU wants to play KU and KU doesn’t want to play MU. So KU and it’s Hall fame Coach are to blame? So MU gets to call the shots even though they don’t even own the KC market let alone the St. Louis market. Yet KU and it’s Hall Fame coach is to blame?

    I’m so glad KU doesn’t play them guys anymore. However I’m even happier that KU is dropping some serious cash into KU football. Sounds like to me KU is looking to make a move to the Big 10?

  • Our stance on MU is hypocritical. Self is wrong on this. Always has been. We look like the aggrieved ex-wife. But I guess it’s easier to cry, whine and rationalize than just play them and beat them. Self looks silly on this. See WSU too. We’re just chicken. Not a good look.

    But it is good for one thing … KU fans to engage in an adoring Bill Self circle jerk.

    The NCAA will match us up with MU. The storm is coming. See WSU for historical context.

    Why am I the only one? Could I actually, for once, be wrong?

  • @HighEliteMajor I don’t see the hypocrisy. You and others don’t like MU and want to play them in order to enjoy the competition. Some of us dislike them and don’t want to have anything to do with them. I don’t care about whether we lose to them any more than I don’t want to lose to anyone.

    Where is the saying one thing, doing another that makes up hypocrisy?

  • @HighEliteMajor

    You’re not the only one! I’ve been beating the same drum ever since we’ve been discussing this topic.

    I guarantee you this if Missry showed up on the schedule it will become the most anticipated game of the year.

  • How are we going to top this?

  • @HighEliteMajor The NCAA had a chance to match up KU and Missouri in the 2013 NCAA Tournament and didn’t do it.

  • @mayjay The hypocrisy is Self’s rationale. We play and have played Colorado, Texas A&M, and Nebraska. All left. In fact, NU was the first domino and we are playing at their place. Any rationale that differentiates MU is severely strained, thus hypocrisy.

  • HighEliteMajor said:

    We look like the aggrieved ex-wife.

    No, we look like the husband whose wife cheated, left him, almost caused him bankruptcy and married someone else and now that she found out what living in trailer park is like she wants to be friends. Perhaps she just want to increase occupancy in her no-tell motel…I mean newly rental dorms. Why in the world would we do this?

    On the other hand, you are back to looking like Coach Self’s spurned lover.

  • @HighEliteMajor Isn’t sleeping with your Ex-Wife a bit of a cliche?

    To me, sounds like our Ex didn’t realize how good they had it. Thought we would fall apart when she broke up with us. Then she found out we are just fine without her and wants us back. She saw that we were fine and have other ladies after us. WSU, ISU, and KSU are all there for us. Sure, maybe we don’t have the history with all of them, but they make a pretty good omelet in the morning.

    And little did your ex know, they wouldn’t have any suitors after they dumped you. She was invited into this fancy group of people with a lot more money, only to get dumped on. They weren’t really her friends. They weren’t interested in her. They simply used her because she knew some people (the KC Market). Now, they couldn’t care less about her. So she is now lonely and misses us. So she is doing everything she can to get us back. But we are strong.

    Thank God Bill Self is our conscience, because I would have jumped right back in the sack.

  • I will explain this on a level our Missouri readers can understand.

    “If you decide to take crystal meth, you will lose some teeth.”

    They decided for the “instant high” of joining the SEC, now they have to deal with losing teeth.

    I had come around to thinking we should have the rivalry back. But then a Tiger idiot pops up his head and I am reminded how torturous it was to have to deal with “Tig trash.”

    The more they want it, the more I support staying where we are at.

  • HighEliteMajor said:

    @mayjay The hypocrisy is Self’s rationale. We play and have played Colorado, Texas A&M, and Nebraska. All left. In fact, NU was the first domino and we are playing at their place. Any rationale that differentiates MU is severely strained, thus hypocrisy.

    Absolutely… and we are enjoying our own hypocrisy! Successful hypocrisy is a power play and I’m glad we are wielding power over the scum to the east.

    I hope Bill can find ways to accentuate the hypocrisy even more. It’s hilarious to hear Tigs whine about it. Maybe we can invite Nebraska, Colorado and others into regular series!

    It’s not enough to stab the Tigs… we need to keep moving that knife inside for maximum effectiveness.

    I typically don’t hold long grudges. But there are exceptions.

  • @HighEliteMajor I don’t see playing the other ex-conference-teams as hypocrisy. None of those schools insisted that the rest of the conference had to make commitments to stay before leaving themselves. As I recall, MU did, truncating any discussions other schools could have had – and then MU left.

    A&M left in the wake, but they had no special relationship with KU anyway. Neb and Colo both have had pretty close ongoing ties to KU, plus those areas are filled with KU fans.

    Finally, those 3 schools do not have a history of abusing KU players and fans, or disparaging KU on a regular basis.

    The hatred began in the antebellum era and continued in the Civil War. The rivalry arose out of a century of conference sports competition which Missouri precipitously abandoned when they left the conference. I see no value in letting them try to climb back into prominence by “reviving” a rivalry where the only stake held by either side is 150 years of emotional investment in the anger of the past.

    The only hypocrisy is MU’s, by blithely quitting the conference and then acting like they are the ones trying to keep things going. They are just another school. The past is over.

  • @Kcmatt7 if you ever need talked “down”, let me know!🤣

  • Banned

    I just have to laugh every time this topic gets brought up. It’s always the same thing too. KU and Coach Self are butt hurt, but MU they’re great because the want to renew the so called rivalry.

    Of Course MU wants to play KU.

    They over played their cards. The SEC popped their balloon. MU really believed they were the cats meow. This isn’t KU or Coach Self’s problem. It’s not the responsibility of KU to throw MU a life line. What am I saying KU owes MU nothing and is not obligated to play them. It’s not KU’s and Coach’s fault that the SEC used MU like a ragdoll to get the St Louis and Kansas City tv market. It’s not KU and Coach’s fault that nobody in the SEC respects or cares about MU. Hey the writing was on the wall. All you had to do was look at Arkansas. How long has Arkansas been in the SEC? And still the SEC culture rejects them. What MU thought they would do better? No MU made their bed let them lay in it. KU owes MU nothing. Putting MU on the schedule would be the dumbest thing KU can do.

    @HighEliteMajor It would appear to me the majority of KU fans don’t want to play MU. Wouldn’t it be in Coach’s best interest to listen to what the fans want?

  • I’m sticking with my guns on this issue. KU should not schedule those traitors! If the NCAA chooses to match us up in late March, then so be it. We must thump them by a 30 pt. margin, at least. Bill Self, continue to stand tall and show those miserable downtrodden tigers no quarter. As for the current state of declining enrollment and empty dormitories, MU might doll up the buildings with witches and goblins, rent them annually to the city of Columbia as Halloween haunted houses. Poor ol’ displaced Norm Stewart might roam the foyers with grim masks, pitchfork and sickle.

  • @HighEliteMajor If the NCAA matches us up with Fizzoo so be it. It’s out of our control. What we do control is bringing prestige back to that cesspool in central Missery. They worked hard to be the doormat for the SEC. They could change their name to Bootlickers now.

  • @approxinfinity no way could we top that game! My youngest son and I were there. I loved that team.

  • @HighEliteMajor Nebraska was not the first domino, Missouri was. Nebraska may have been the first ones to actually leave, but Missouri is the one who started the whole thing by talking to the Big 10 in the first place. The Big 10 turned Missouri down and offered Nebraska instead. That’s not Nebraska initiating the dominoes, that’s Nebraska being in the right place at the right time to capitalize on Missouri’s screw ups.

    Only in your mind is KU the chicken for refusing to play Missouri. Missouri is the one who walked away (changing conferences), they’re the ones continuously trying to bait KU to restart the series (showing their bitterness). KU’s stance is that Missouri made a decision and has told Missouri to deal with those consequences, one of which is no longer getting to play KU in scheduled games. They don’t like it so they are showing their bitterness and short sightedness by begging for a game.

    Why would KU want to restart the series on Missouri’s terms in the first place? All that says is that Missouri has the power in the relationship and KU has none. This series will restart on KU’s terms, not Missouri’s terms because Missouri has given up all power in the relationship by acting like spoiled brat that will say anything for attention and KU will not give them the attention they want.

  • The freaking Misery Tiggers. Signs a few hotshots, and now wants to play us again. Make the tournament, Chumps. We’ll play you. If those egg sucking dogs ever show their mangy faces in basketball again, I’ll be surprised. Cuonzo just got thru squandering some of the best talent in America- now he has to familiarize himself with concepts like … spontaneous combustion, and meth labs in order to understand the short attention span, and fire risks associated with flammable meth-head Tigger fans.


  • Omg! This is so funny it makes my sides hurt!

  • So what I’m hearing is that I’m wrong on this? @wissox - lots of unhealthy, aggrieved, butt-hurt grudges at MU here. Let … it … go.

    @mayjay As I said, the rationale is severely strained. You may have tweaked a hammy there. @Texas-Hawk-10 By the way, thanks for the history lesson. And yes, I know MU was the first one to publicily discuss. You may have missed the link I posted a while back on that history. And you don’t understand the use of the phrase, “domino to FALL” – emphasis on “fall.” But carry on. Never stopped you before.

    We’re chicken to play MU and WSU. Chick, chick, CHICKEN!

    Bill Self, our savior, has protected us from mean old MU (and WSU). It appears we are bowing to his benevolence.

    Running from the possible losses that are most upsetting to fans, staff, and the university. Hmmm.

    The best point (I think) is @DoubleDD’s. The majority of fans probably don’t want to.

    But we’re still chicken – visualizing Self squatting and lurching around with wings flapping on the AFH court, squawking – “but they left us” – over and over. Until collapsing. Only to be mounted by an MU Tiger in the NCAA tourney. As the Tiger enjoys himself, Self squeals “we missed bunnies, we missed bunnies!!”

    If you doubt this tale, see WSU. We’ve been there before. Just change Self’s squawking to “what does it do for us”, and the Shocker on top. Self squealing, “we were soft, we were soft.” That is a true story.

    I don’t like true stories like that.

  • Obviously some have never stopped a horrible habit before, like smoking. It always seems appealing in the back of your mind, but it’s never been good for you. Moments of weakness make it sound good again, but when you wake up in the morning with that horrible taste in your mouth who do you have to blame?

    The weak willed will go running back over and over again.

  • @HighEliteMajor You keep thinking KU is the chicken for not wanting play Missouri or WSU on Missouri or WSU’s.

    Then again, you would probably cave to a screaming 4 year old and give them anything they want just shut them up.

  • @wrwlumpy Sure enough, he checked in, and oh boy so glad he did lol. - - Chicken to play? - - Please. - -As another poster stated, we have NOTHING to gain from playing these chumps. Don’t really feel Coach Self is ummm CHICKEN of anybody. - - As stated the NCAA could of matched us up - - -didn’t, the Big 12/ Sec could of matched us up - - - didn’t - -so guess that means their Chickens to do so also? - - my guess is more likely then not they don’t want to have fans be bothered to watch the ass kicking we would of given them on either occasion.

    As was stated pretty comical how KU & what was Coach Self called? - -OH ya now I remember - - Chicken squawker - - -how we are chicken to play muck fizzou -seems pretty strange didn’t here kitten squat out of that pathetic school until they believe they might be competitive - -then they want to try and stand up and meow, and then have the nutts to try and say were ARAID of them roflmao - -give me a break.

    The only thing Mizzery would or ever will mount around KU will be our trophy case as we would beat their ass ONCE again. Why would we want to continue to play someone where there is NO CHALLENGE. - you play to improve, you play where there is a challenge - -the only challenge if we were to play them is the challenge of just how bad we would beat that kitty ass.

    Some people really stretch to try and find a reason as to why we should play- -ya ok, get back o me when you have a LEGIT reason. In the main time I keep with Coach Self and the Kentuckys - - Duke, Michigan States, and other true blue blood programs. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Yea, you’ve got me pegged. In other threads, I’ve suggested my logic for playing them, and that is the incredible enjoyment we got out of the rivalry. And now we have no rival. Despite MU leaving a failing Big 12 – something that seems wise in retrospect – we are the ones choosing to end the rivalry.

    However, equating MU to a despondent 4 year old is probably accurate. But my motivations for continuing to play them have nothing to do with MU. I don’t care one bit about MU.

    It would be an amazing spectacle … BB game at Sprint center and FB at Arrowhead. We all know it would be off the charts.

    But that seems to not matter to those with the “can’t let it go” mentality.

  • Read the article. Meh. I just don’t care about Mizzou.

    The more talk about the topic, the more Mizzou gains. (Nice ploy to try to stay relevant… and it’s not lost on me that their best path to relevancy is to grab the coat-tails of KU.)

    I’m not giving energy to the dolts at that so-called institution of learning.

    Next subject.

  • @bskeet Dolts? I prefer to call them egg sucking dogs.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 This HEM guy really is starting to sound like an elpoyo clone His rhetoric has evolved into something quite different the past year or so. He like to take ones words & say “so this is what you mean, or that implies you are saying” to fit his own reasoning & aggressive replies. Dude now can quickly brag & blatantly hammer others for “pathetic” replies but in candid honesty, I personally don’t think valid acknowledgement is deserving to those troll type posters. They are the true pathetic ones who occupy & try to create dysfunctional chat rooms everywhere. Should be called im-posters. If anything at all, pure D bullshit is all I give them, because they’re always begging for some type of attention & that is really what they’re due if anything at all. Ignoring the buttheads probably is the high road, but I’m just not that good of driver…

  • Again, I don’t recall MU basketball wanting to play KU the previous years when they absolutely sucked but now that they are think they might have a decent team, they want validation by playing KU…all upside for them and all downside for KU. I say go find validation with your new friends in the SEC. If they want to play a program with the initials K and U, play UK and it will continue to beat their a$$es like they have been doing since they moved to the SEC.

  • @globaljaybird I’m convinced Elpoyo is not a troll. He loves KU basketball, endures some well earned (in many cases) abuse, but wants KU to win national championships. HEM is the same. He has more tact than Elpoyo, but basically says the same thing. Let’s win a darn ring more than every 20 years. I’m in agreement.

  • @wissox Well, I guess everybody has at least one ☝️ or the other …

  • @wissox I have no problem with wanting to win NCAA championships. I DO have a problem with acting like a petulant baby when we don’t win, crying about how awful the team or coach are, and disparaging anyone who dares point out good things (like conf titles). Or saying nothing except NCAA titles matters. Wow, what does that mean, anyway? The other accomplishments of the players mean nothing?

    We are not entitled to win. And it is entertainment, for crying out loud. Anyone incapable of dealing with losing in sports never learned what is really important in life.

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