Transfer talk

  • Self commented colbey is looking to tranfer. Repirted on kusports.

  • @Fightsongwriter really hate hearing it!

  • Eeeeyup.

  • @Crimsonorblue22. Me too really like what he brought when he got a chance.

  • Seriously. Now we don’t know. I get that. However, 14 scholarship players. 13 scholarships. Svi in limbo. Now we hear that Coleby will be making a decision in the coming days about whether to stay? Funny, Svi will be making a decision in the coming days too. How obvious is this?

    Let me guess. Svi stays, Coleby goes. Svi goes, Coleby stays.

    Here’s the article LINK

  • @HighEliteMajor Rumors started about Coleby leaving a couple of weeks ago. Then Self brings in Whitman which to me was the writing on the wall with Coleby. Coleby was a solid plater abd would’ve been a good fit off the bench for Self next year, but Whitman seems like a better fit for the high-low which seems like what KU is going back to next year without any great drivers on the team.

    Should still be a great shooting team, just may not see many FT’s from the guards this upcoming season.

  • @HighEliteMajor Thanks for the update. I agree with your last paragraph.

    BUT, I am utterly shocked that no one has even considered the possibility that all these dozens of graduate transfers might really just be transferring to attend an institution that offers a desired graduate program not available at their alma matria. Isn’t that what the NCAA requires of graduates to avoid a 1-year wait? Basketball is clearly secondary!

    Okay, no, I couldn’t write that with a straight face…

  • @Fightsongwriter Yep, saw that too.
    Whats that mean? Svi is coming back and Coleby is the odd man out in the post in terms of minutes available.
    TreVon Duval is going to Duke or Kentucky… I forget which

  • You mean nobody on the team has parents that could pay the tuition? Hate to see Coleby leave. Wouldn’t a graduate transfer be eligible for academic scholarships in their graduate program?

  • Could be that Svi is staying in and this opens up a spot to get Tilmon.

  • It does seem too coincidental that Svi and Coleby have similar decision timelines. It smells like they are connected. The odd part is that they don’t play the same position. Im intrigued by the Tilmon hypothesis, that would actually make more sense.

  • Can’t blame him. Pieces falling that we expected. I think Svi will be back. Tilmon should still be a priority now. Especially with Billy Preston’s uncertainty.

  • Interesting, for sure. Does make you wonder about Tilmon. For one it just doesn’t add up that if he was soooo 100% Mizzery - -then way so silent? - -Why has I been this long and still nothing? - -No commit to Mizzery as their fans seem to think he is a lock for there?

    I have this feeling that their fans seem to think just because they got Porter that they NOW will be able to land them any recruit they want - -and now they are this BIG BAD National powerhouse. - -Really? - -How’s that working for ya? - -Didn’t land you Knox like you thought for sure he was coming because of Porter? Time to wake up.

    For some reason Tilmon has not committed - -almost maybe like he was waiting to see how things shaped up at KU -looking for something to open - - Could be a reach - but kind of odd - time will tell. STILL think we have seen the last of SVI, said it before - -will say it again, just feel he is done at KU, was talking today about ankle a lot better no limp - -hoping to be able to work out for 2-3 teams before final decision time - Time will tell in all of this. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 I think that Tilmon would have been 100% Mizzou if they landed Knox. It’s fun to go be part of a winner.

    But now Mizzou isn’t a winner yet. And Jontay will probably reclass. I would bet he starts. And Puryear will start. Really doesn’t leave a spot for Tilmon to start their either…

    So, you can either not start at Mizzou, who will be without the Porters in year 2 and struggle, or you can not start at Kansas and play and practice against NBA talent every day.

  • If speculating, I would speculate Svi and Coleby’s decisions have absolutely nothing to do with each other from a timing perspective.

    Svi is begging a team to take him in the 2nd round and will stay in the draft if he gets any kind of guarantee. Looks like he’ll rehab his ankle and try and do a few more workouts before the deadline. And there was a good point made by some NBA people about Svi’s role if he does go back to College. He’s most likely the 3rd-4th option again so going now might be his best chance. He may not have an expanded role to put up better #'s etc and may end up hurting whatever his stock is right now.

    Coleby graduating was always a possibility, just not one that was talked about much. I think he goes somewhere he can get more then a rotational role.

    Having the spot open and possibly grabbing Tilmon would be best case scenario of losing both

  • Well there goes Tilmon. Committed to Mizzo. Maybe they will enjoy some NOT success.

  • guess the open scholarship could be going to someone else if Svi/Dwight leave…

  • @BeddieKU23 I think Coleby is waiting on Svi’s decision. Can’t have less than 10 guys on the roster and he will play quite a bit next year if Svi doesn’t come back.

    At least it appears that way.

  • @CaptnMo Welp - - guess what I’m not worried - -you worried? he mistake he be a nice BACK UP for them - -won’t see the floor as a starter. - -In the long run doesn’t effect us I how our season turns out.

    Unless we meet in the Tourney and then you know what? - -Still not trippen - -I think I’ll take our chances with OUR COACH over whz his name lol – CONZO.

    The one thing is - -we MIGHT get set up with them as an opponent now in the Big 12/SEC challenge - - Still not worried - -WHY? - -if that were to happen - - # 1 - -we would be playin at the Phog - - # 2 - -Cause we are KANSAS and MIZZERY is MIZZERY. lmao - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Well looks like our 2017 recruiting is NOW officially over- -we still in good shape - -BECAUSE We are still pretty loaded - -& we have Coach. – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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