Kelly Oubre last night

  • Went all WWF on Kelly Olynyk last night.

    Oubre responded to a dirty pick by Olynyk in some kind of way.


  • Didn’t think he had it in him. Maybe Kieff is rubbing off on him. That game was a melee.

  • Wow, indeed! Refs sure have figured out how to defuse the tension in this series!

    Eight technicals in the game, 3 ejections including Oubre on a flagrant 2. Word is he will likely be suspended. Not sure the reaction to a hard pick was justified, and you can’t help your team if you are in street clothes. Respond on the court to make 'em pay.

    Kelly O vs Kelly O! Who could predict that co-ink-eedink?

  • Also I’m not saying what Oubre did was right, but Olynyk is one of the dirtiest player in the league. Top 10 easy.

  • I was thinking Olynyk played dirty in the last game, but our Kelly has to realize that this stuff just gets you a bad rep. Let the other guy get the rep, and just return the favor someday with a pick of your own. Hard to disguise a run/shove move after a stoppage of play when the other guy has just gotten called for the offensive foul. Instead of a great defensive play in taking a charge and getting a turnover, boom! To the locker room. And it happened only 11 seconds after a nice Oubre shot.

  • mayjay said:

    Kelly O vs Kelly O! Who could predict that co-ink-eedink?

    Has there ever even been another Kelly O in the league other than these two?

    Oubre acted the part of the fool.

  • There’s speculation that the morri twin on the Bullets, oops, Wizards who hurt his ankle was replaced by the Morri who is already out of the playoffs. The ankle sprain was described as serious, but he healed quickly, or did he?

  • It was a really stupid reaction by Kelly. I guess Kelly O had it coming his way from reading some other stuff about it. Excessive, definitely. Likely to miss a game at least

  • Oubre was justified in erupting. Olynyk is a dirty player and threw his shoulder into his face. Then, turns around and flops on Oubre’s shove to make it look worse. Glad it lifted Washington to the win and hope it inspires them to a victory in the series.

  • @drgnslayr how many T’s were called in that game?

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @drgnslayr how many T’s were called in that game?

    At least 100.

  • Olynyk is one of those guys that always seems to turn up in dirty/questionable situations. He was the player that dislocated Kevin Love’s shoulder in the playoffs a couple years ago, and has had some similar “get tangled up, other guy gets hurt” type of situations. Remember, he was also the guy that caused Wall to go down hard on his wrist in game 2. Had Wall been seriously injured, there may have been an incident in Game 2.

    Olynyk has a habit of making high risk plays (diving when guys are in the air, grabbing guys arms awkwardly, etc.) that expose guys to injury risk.

  • I actually watched the game. Olynyk kept setting illegal screens and driving his forearm onto Oubre’s face and whoever else he was guarding; it happened more than once. The last one was pretty vicious and the ref called a foul on him and he was vigorously arguing wit the ref when Oubre gave him the shove. Yes, it was a hard shove but Olynyk is not a small guy and looked like he did a Smart…

    In the first two games the Celticas have been very physical, one might even say dirty, and Washington finally had enough of it. I imagine the League will want to send a message and there is a good chance Oubre will be the proverbial sacrificial lamb; I believe it is mandatory for a flagrant 2 foul. It is also possible that the League will watch video and assess a T on Olynyk after the fact.

    I don’t necessarily condone what Oubre did but I do understand why he did it. In the League you have to establish a rep that you will not get take dirty plays lightly and will stand your ground, otherwise it will happen all the time. I have caught a dozen Wizzard games throughout the season and all the playoff games and I have never seen Oubre this upset. Olynyk has reputation for being a hard working but dirty player and it showed last evening.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Also because Olynyk was the one that undercut Wall, something had to be done. The Wizards couldn’t let him continue to take shots at guys since he was definitely leading with either the shoulder or the forearm on almost all of his screens.

    I will say that what Oubre should have done was get up and start yelling at Olynyk to quit leading with his shoulder and stop playing dirty. He would have gotten a T for it, but he wouldn’t have been kicked out, and because the official was right there, it puts the spotlight on Olynyk’s play to hopefully (if you’re Washington) protect your guys later on.

  • A heck of a lot of players in basketball have been the victims of dirty plays without being stupid after. There is no value to being kicked out of a playoff game in the 2nd quarter and earning a suspension. He would get the same result if Olynyk had not fallen. You just don’t run up and slam someone in front of the ref.

    You earn a “don’t push him around” rep by playing physically yourself, holding your ground, etc. You earn a “let’s see what we can provoke” rep by doing what he did here.

    Ain’t no one on the Celtics feeling intimidated by a Wizard getting himself thrown out of the game by being stupid with what really looked like a mad third grader’s playground shove in front the teacher. Celtics are smirking, not shirking.

  • Olynyk got what he wanted.

    There is smart dirty and dumb dirty. Smart Dirty players know how to get away with things, or do something that just piss other players off. This is the reaction that they want. Oubre gave Olynyk exactly what he wanted.

    Dumb dirty players, well, just look for Grayson Allen as exhibit A. Morris Twins for B and C.

  • @mayjay

    On the other hand, Olynyk that had averaged 18 mpg, 10 points, 5 rebound and 2 assists in the previous 10 games, played only 12 minutes, and had 1 point, 1 rebound and 1 assist and the Celtics never recovered and now the refs will keep a very close watch on him which will effectively neutralize his usual game.

    The refs take a lot of the blame for this game that saw 8 Ts called and 3 players ejected. Both coaches and players from both team complained about the refereeing after the game. Keep in mind that as many illegal and hard screens as Olynyk had set, the foul called on that play was the first and only foul called on him. I am sure the NBA is having a long talk with that officiating crew.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Okay, we will try it your way. “Wow, that was a clever play by Oubre to get tossed! 20 pt lead got stretched to 27 by the end because his push and ejection magically stopped bench player Olynyk from playing so much!”

    Nah, not with a straight face. But you are right that the refs will get more scrutiny. And that won’t matter.

  • Oubre didn’t hit Olynyk hard enough. I’ve watched a lot of that series and Olynyk had it coming. Oubre is lucky he hasn’t gotten a concussion from Olynyk in the series with all the blows to the head he’s taken courtesy of Olynyk. Olynyk is without a doubt a top 3 dirty player in the NBA today and had it coming.

  • @mayjay

    Whoa there. You are taking my words out of context. I have already said that I did no agree with what Oubre did; however, if you watched the game you probably saw how many time Olynyk got away with it until the final encounter with Oubre and he became useless after that and going forward it will be more difficult for him to get away with the illegal screens since they refs will be watching. Definitely not the best or recommended way to do it.

    Physical play clearly favors the Celtics who play a lot of players compared to Washington who has a short bench; if Oubre’s action help the refs to get a tighter rein on the game and make it less physical, then it might not be as bad as it looks now.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 safe to say, @RockChalkinTexas and I do NOT want oubre’s pretty lil head messed up!😍🤣

  • @JayHawkFanToo My point was that the refs had just called the illegal screen, so they obviously were aware, and so Oubre accomplished nothing except to make the incident about him. And Washington’s short bench makes the push dumber.

  • @mayjay

    Again, Olynik had been doing the same thing over and over and that was the first and only time it was called for it and either the refs were not aware of it or just were not calling it; if you see the replay, Olynik was vigorously arguing with the ref…never mind, we just see it differently, let’s move on.

  • Olynyk is dirty, thought that when he was in college. If you watch closely he’s always elbowing and throwing cheap shots. I think this is what makes the NBA better to watch, no obviously you don’t want to guys in a fist fight but guys pushing and tempers flaring reminds of the days when the NBA was watchable.

  • justanotherfan said:

    “The Wizards couldn’t let him continue to take shots at guys”

    True. Boston was pushing Washington around with ease. They needed to stand their ground and even push back harder.

    Kelly did the right thing. He didn’t hurt anyone, just made a statement. Without making a statement like he did, it would have taken one of their guys cheap-shotting a Celtic.

  • FWIW, Oubre has been suspended for game 4, not really a big surprise. I wonder how the next games will be called considering how the series has gone so far…

  • @wrwlumpy Sucker punching a guy is the true mark of wimp. Abdul-Jabbar was always the whiner. This clip is a great insight into Abdul-Jabbar and is a reinforcement to the opinion I’ve held on him for a long time now.

    Regarding Oubre, further evidence (the suspension) that he’s the fool in the entire deal.

    Bill Laimbeer was a dirty player. Part of his m.o. was to try to induce idiocy.

    Oubre just learned a lesson.

  • Durant just shoved Gobert a lot harder than Oubre did and got a T but did not get expelled, double standard much? Even the game announcers indicated that if Oubre got expelled and suspended Durant should have been too.

    BTW, Oubre was one of the top topics on a Twitter and posters are overwhelmingly in favor of Oubre.

  • It is definitely a double standard.

  • Yeah, Olynyk…Definitely had it coming, his track record of being a big body with little NBA-level skill other than garbaaj and intimidation. Didnt like his stupid hair-do in college either. That 80s look died with spandex pop metal. Kelly Oubre, you go, man, knock him on his ass again, if he does it again. Or learn better tricks to punish him in other ways. 6’7 wings like Oubre come naturally equipped with better speed and sharper elbows.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I have not defended Olynyk, but you might be utterly shocked to learn the Celtics think he is a gentle giant who is just misunderstood.

  • @mayjay Being a clumsy oaf that injures people isnt a great MO either.

  • @approxinfinity Yeah, that was a great theory they offered.

    At the moment, Oubre-less home team Wizards’ subs are severely out of sorts in the second quarter, and Olynyk is playing great. The Oubre Strategy is getting exposed as not so hot in keeping the other Kelly O in check.

  • Yeah Washington not hitting 3s, Markieff is ice cold and Porter isn’t getting touches any more.

  • Well, the guy getting our Kelly’s minutes does have 2 rebs, 2 fouls, and 1 point.

  • Wall is amazing. Maybe try playing the starters only, no subs?

  • @mayjay He really is killing it. Brought them back on his shoulders.

  • Man. I walk away for the 3rd and Markieff who had done very little thus far supposedly went off. 22-0 run to blow the game open 80-60

  • I went away to watch recorded SNL from last night.

    Most interesting stat of the playoffs: The Wizards won by 19 points. Every bench player had a negative +/-, two of them in negative dbl digits. Oubre’s replacement had a +/- of -14.

    When I said they should not sub anymore, just play starters, I might have blundered onto something!

  • Yeah man. The bench was bad. They’re gonna need more production from them to get past Boston at home or Cleveland.

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