• Oh yah, I forgot Coach Dooley was at FGCU…they almost beat FSU

  • If I’m Indiana, my first phone call is Gregg Marshall’s agent. Marshall isn’t leaving Wichita for some random program, but we all know Indiana isn’t a random program. This is a top 10 all time program (probably 6) and a place you can contend for and win national titles at pretty quickly. IU is also one of the Power Conference programs where basketball takes priority over football so Marshall would be the top dog at Indiana. This will be the best job offer Gregg Marshall could be considered for so if he’s going to leave Wichita, this is the job he’ll leave for.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I have been thinking today it’s only a matter of time before Marshall is announced as IU coach. Can’t imagine who they would want more.

  • It’s good that Dooley’s getting looks. I just selfishly want him to stick around Larryville.

  • I don’t want Indiana to get a good coach.

  • I could be wrong… but I know a guy who works for Marshall. I haven’t heard any inside news about this situation but a month ago he told me Marshall was happy at WSU and didn’t want to leave. He’s a family man so there is a lot involved.

    This type of information is usually top secret. Coaches like to keep some mystery in their intent, even if it is just a tiny bit, so they don’t lose negotiation leverage. Plus… they never know what kind of offer comes their way in the future. So maybe they feel like they would never leave, and then the right deal comes a calling (See Roy Williams).

  • @drgnslayr Marsha is so po’d about the seeding he gets every year but to change that he needs to move up. I guess he doesn’t have the 🏀🏀 to do that. Money or not. Mvc is not getting better and if you have no desire or motivation to better yourself than he will have to continue to bitch about his seeding. Big greasy slimy fish w/money. Likes to play the angry card and it’s his own doing. Not popular amongst his peers!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Yeah… how can he play “underdog” at Indiana?

    He has made his own bed, and now has to sleep in it.

  • @drgnslayr Indiana is a caliber of program that if they call, you pick up the phone and listen to what they have to offer. IU is a top 10 job and those don’t come available very often. If Marshall doesn’t get or take this job, I would bet money that he retires from Wichita St.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 hard for me to understand how a coach could be happy to live his dream job out there! I’d heard he’d like the nc state job.

  • Unbelievable that Crean has fallen so far since his victory over KU.

    On another note, who do you think would win more games if he coached at KU, Dooley or Marshall?

  • @chriz Marsha at KU🤢🤤

  • @Crimsonorblue22 He’s from South Carolina so that’s probably the reason why he’d be interested in NC State, but I have a hard time picturing him there where NC State will always be the #3 school on Tobacco Road.

    He could definitely keep the underdog amd disrespect cards there though. I don’t know if NC State would pay as much as he’s making now though.

    I think if he has a choice, I think he takes Indiana and goes chases the rings which is much easier at Indiana than NC State.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 IU maybe one of the few places I could see giving the money to get him and him wanting to go. He is currently the 9th highest paid coach in D1 and probably wouldn’t get any pressure from WSU until 3 or 4 crap years. I would stay if I was him, already making bank for a midmajor and if he hangs for awhile long half the campus will be named after him.

  • @kjayhawks you would stay just based on money?

  • @kjayhawks He’d also never have a real shot at a national title at WSU. Indiana is a place where you can win national titles at and if that’s not a coach’s eventual goal, then why are they coaching?

    If Marshall is offered the IU job and turns it down, he’s admitting he’s not good enough to win a national title.

  • @kjayhawks

    I know some posters don’t like Marshall but there is no doubt he can coach. With the Indiana tradition and resources and playing in a major conference, he could have what he cannot at Wichita. Marshall and Archie Miller are the most sought after candidates at this time.

  • I am no fan of Marshall or WSU, but help me understand how he wouldn’t have a “real shot” at at national title at WSU?

    They made it to the final four sooner than Gonzaga. Butler made it to the championship game (twice) and missed it by that much…

    I know there is this perception floating around that only major conferences can win the title, but what is the logic behind that?

  • @bskeet

    If IU had a Nike contract, I believe Marsha or more likely Archie Miller would already have been ordered by Nike, er, chosen to take the job, like good little Nike coaches.

    But if IU had a Nike contract, Crean would have gotten more players and won enough to stay. The guy learned under Izzo, won at Marquette, resurrected IU, and knows his stuff,

    IU has an adidas albatross around its neck, so Nike coaches will be wary of IU, unless IU is ready to sign with Nike, or unless they are late enough in their career they figure the IU adidas money is a tradeoff with kissing (and pissing) off the Nike mafia…

    As an adidas school, IU logically needs a coach with adidas ties and one willing to live with the adidas constraint of limited players in exchange for adidas money and independence from the octopus with swooshes on his tentacles.

    Tom Crean did not fail as a coach at IU. He is a decent coach. He apparently failed at IU-adidas, because adidas apparently quit being able to deliver the players needed in sufficient numbers and Crean is not as good of a coach as Self. Crean apparently could not overcome the “player diet” that Self has apparently kept finessing around for a string of conference titles, instead of the string of national titles he would likely have gotten at a Nike elite.

    The advantage of an elite program in a power conference with a Nike contract appears to mean someone like midmajor Stumpy Miller can get a steady stream of top talent from day one at a major.

    Archie Miller could do the same at UA, as Stumpy. So could Marsha. So could Crean. So could Joe Dooley. So could any solid coach. At UA-Nike, top rank talent and depth appear never in short supply. At IU-adidas, and KU-adidas, they increasingly seem to be.

    Indiana has to adjust its sights down a little to take the adidas money, same as KU did.

    IMHO, Crean’s recruiting volume has apparently trended downward congruent with Pitino and Self in recent seasons. Each signed a few top players, but not enough. And their declines in recruiting volumes appear greater proportionally than the declines at NIKE elites.

    Bottom line? Self, Pitino and Crean don’t appear to have stables as full as Coach K, Cal, Roy and Stumpy, even after the gaudy bling of long stacking ended.

    Anyone with a brain can see that KU with Self and a Nike contract and the level and quantity of talent Nike elites have gotten would likely have won several rings instead of one.

    It appears adidas schools are trading off less talent volume for more money volume.

    IU is frustrated. They want the adidas money, but they want to win more than adidas players allow. Wah wah!

    In their frustration, Crean looks like Kek the frog and so makes a good scapegoat for a Chancellor and AD rolling in dough, but with grumbling fans. Get rid of froggie little Crean, who resurrected their corrupted mess of a program, and try someone else, while the higher ups keep the adidas bones; that seems the dynamic.

    If Stumpy Miller, who faces his own appearance challenges, but not the recruiting volume deficiencies, were at IU, he too would probably be being sacrificed.

    It’s all sickening.

    Joe Dooly is probably a good fit. He is late enough in his career that the adidas money now could make kissing off Nike worth it. He’s got adidas ties through KU. He is a resourceful coach that understands the adidas limits.

    And he has funny ears, so IU can fire him in four years and keep taking the adidas bones.

    (Note: all speculation and opining.)

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