I'm Happy With This Season IF........

  • I’d be interested in your respones. Are we happy with this season only if we go to the Final Four? Only if we make it to the Elite Eight? Only if we make it out of Lawrence with nobody else getting in trouble with the law ??

  • I’m happy with the season. It’s been a fun ride already.

    But, as far as post season goes, anything less than a FF will be disappointment to me. This team has the parts to do it, and the coach to manage it. And they have decent bracket this year.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    With the Draw and playing in Kansas City for 2 games, not playing in Phoenix will be a major disappointment. I’ll be happy making the Final 4 because at that point we are playing UNC, UCLA or Kentucky. Would love to get Nova in the finals, ultimate motivation factor for Frank Mason and company.

  • Anything less than a final four will be disappointing. Same as always.

  • Yes. It has been a fun ride. Anything less than a FF will be a disappointment.

  • @Blown has nailed it with the bifurcated answer!

    But I have to split each segment further:

    Season? Happy with results and drama on the court, but not the results or drama off the court.

    Postseason? TBD (not happy so far, but the Big 12 Tournament is only 5% of the total.)

    Us eternal sunshine people always have the ability to peer between the clouds to find those rays that keep us going. (Sometimes it is necessary to go way out into orbit, but let’s hope the skies are clear to Phoenix!)

  • As always if and when we lose in the tournament I will be crushed but this season is one of my all time favorites no matter what happens from here on.

    Beat Duke at MSG on a buzzer beater.

    Beat Kentucky at Rupp Arena.

    Beat ISU at Hilton and somewhere Hoiberg’s kid cried.

    Beat OSU in Stillwater for the first time in years.

    Swept our in state “rival”.

    Won our conference by a healthy margin.

    Frank Mason is likely POY in all of college basketball.

    Josh Jackson has lived up to the OAD hype on offense and defense.

    This may be my favorite regular season all time. I’m certainly hopeful that all that success will help us make our way to Phoenix!

  • @nuleafjhawk I am very unhappy with the off court incidents, and very unhappy about breaking our AFH winning streak.

    Very happy with 28 wins and the possibility of getting over 30 wins. Very happy with keeping our B12 conference streak. Very happy with maintaining our consecutive tourney streak. Making the FF would ease the pain of the unhappiness listed above. Winning it all would pretty much wipe away all of the unhappiness. ROCK CHALK!!!

  • I tend to temper my hopes this time of year because of the sheer number of variables that can affect outcomes and because of past disappointments. However, I’m like most others in that I believe we have the players, the coach, the experience, the chemistry, the pedigree, the toughness, the play-makers and, I think, the drive to win it all this year. In short, we have so many of the things a team needs to negate those variables that anything short of a FF this year would be an honest-to-goodness let down.

    That said, I love this team and, whatever the outcome, I will look back fondly on this group of guys as time goes by.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    I have to worry about my powers to jinx this team so I can’t comment.

    I can say it’s been a fun ride up until now.

  • I’m not going to be happy unless we win the national championship. It’s a personality defect I have.

  • Final Four at minimum.

    This is Kansas. You don’t put together this kind of team just to make it to the Sweet 16. You’re the #2 overall seed. You want a title, or at least a chance to play for one.

  • I’m happy with this season if…

    There’s still money in my bank at the end of it.

    The sun’s still shining.

    My KU degree still keeps me employed

    We beat 16 seed.

    We beat 8 0r 9 seed

    We beat 4 seed

    We beat 2 seed

    We win final four game

    We win it all.

    DG hits a 3 at the buzzer to force OT and we win 75-68.

    I’m happy if we play a 50-50 half and then slow it down and win 83-79.

    That just about covers it all. In other words, it’s been a satisfying season.

    I won’t be happy with this season if we lose to a team beginning with B

    I won’t be happy with this season if we make 14-32 FT’s in the championship game and lose by 3.

    I won’t be happy with this season if we lose to a seed with 2 numbers.

    I won’t be happy if a mid major beats us.

    I won’t be happy if It ends like 30 0f the 32 seasons since I’ve been a KU fan.

    I won’t be happy if referees steal one from us in the final four by calling 12 more fouls on us than Duke (hello 1986 final four)

    I won’t be happy if our all American misses a game winning or tying shot in the lane a la Wayne Simien.

    I won’t be happy if our OAD disappears at any time costing us a win.

    I won’t be happy if one of our guys gets arrested again.

    I won’t be happy if Josh Jackson goes anywhere near a car again before April 3.

    But generally, I’ll be happy no matter what because at most we’ll only have lost 5 times back to November, and because, well, we’re fans of the greatest program in the universe.

  • I’m Happy With This Season IF…

    our guys wrestle the 500 pound gorilla of expectation off their backs and play loose and free in the tourney.

    our coach avoids projecting a resting frustration face and cracks the occasional smile in huddles.

    @blown is correct…we have all the parts…but the marathon of conference play is now replaced with the urgency of a sprint/relay…Simply no time for mental fatigue.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    So long as Wikileaks does not reveal the Deep State is running D1, I am happy with every season.

  • Others have mentioned many reason why this has been a great season and I am very happy with the way it went. Will I be disappointed with an early exit? Of course. I really would like KU to make it at least to the Elite 8 and after that i it is just gravy. A National Championship would be pure elation.

  • @jaybate-1.0 said:

    So long as Wikileaks does not reveal the Deep State is running D1, I am happy with every season.

    If the Deep State is running D1 through the NCAA, no one has anything to fear from the Deep Staters.

  • @mayjay

    Don’t tell that to your Samsung flatscreen TV, or your microwave.

  • Honestly, I actually thought about this thread’s question quite a bit.

    I see this as Frank’sRun. He has given everything he has, everytime he plays. He, more than any other player, deserves a crack at a Final Four, since he plays well in the big games, hell, all games…

    But this Tourney isnt a basketball banquet where even Tyler Self collects some made-up award.

    But, I’d be OK if KU bowed out prematurely, IF Frank MasonIII wins NPOY. That would be extremely satisfying as a consolation prize. Ultra rare achievement, if he can pull it off. But I know he wants the NC prize.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I carefully bought my Samsung TV in the version without a camera or microphone. I think… And the microwave is still in the box.

  • @mayjay

    Don’t want to be discouraging, but…

    It is reputed the flat screens , or a certain portion of them, can also be switched into camera mode. The dedicated camera is reputedly just the diversion.

    Always remember about intelligence apparatus: there are always multiple paths created specifically to allow several limited hangouts. They reputedly always engineer several layers of deception, so they can give up a few layers as credible secrets in the spy-counterspy game and occasionally when busted.

    Intelligence IMHO is really partly applied magic, in the sense of magic being about illusions created with diversions. Different tricks require different distractions, often several of them at once to make the illusion work for all members in the audience.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Unless your TV has a built in camera and microphone, such as those that integrate Skype, you don’t need to worry about it, There is no way to turn a screen into a camera and TVs, unless specifically indicated, do not have built in microphones.

  • I’m happy with this season if KU ends the year on a 6 game winning streak. Anything else will be a disappointment like it is every season.

  • I think a FF would make it a great season, sweet 16 I’d be a little disappointed but this is the hardest tourament to win in all of sports IMO. People forget that alot I think, with the parity where it is at. there really are no give mes outside of the first round for a one seed. One game at a time men, lets see how far we can go.

  • If you’re happy with anything less than the Final Four, you’re admitting that the Big XII is weak.

    I do think it’s weak, and that we were over-seeded. So give me an Elite Eight and I’ll be happy.

  • I’ll see your Elite 8 and raise you a National Championship, over seed and weak conference be damned. Nothing matters at this point. The team that is playing the best wins. Your conferences, seeds, and stats don’t matter. All that matters is who is cutting down the nets. You obviously don’t think it will be KU? You just settled for an Elite 8 or F4. What kind of fan settles for less than a National Championship? KU’s chances are as good if not better than any other team.

    The 1988 team was considered pretty weak based on some of the comments made on this board. This is why they were titled Danny and the Miracles. Yet they played another B8 team, OU for the Natl’ Championship.

  • @truehawk93 love the optimism! But my happiness with them is based on whether they’ve reached their potential. They’ve had over 30 games to show their potential and I think they’ve shown that they’re about the 5th or 6th best team in the country, behind potentially 3 of the 2s and one of the 1s (Nova).

    They beat Kentucky on the road, right?! Then they got their arses handed to them by WVU. They beat ISU right? Yeah, then they lost at home to an improved ISU.

    Kentucky is playing better. Duke is playing better. KU is NOT playing better. KU hasn’t looked good for a whole game in a while.

    I’m sorry, I just don’t trust them to be a final four team.

  • @chriz did you think they looked bad at osu?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 no but I can’t say they looked impressive either. At times they did, but generally no. And they looked horrible against TCU even without JJ. Should’ve won that game. No D. Hopefully they were just tired and needed a break.

  • Hell, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this year and happy with their accomplishments. Everything from here on out is gravy. Now, that being said, would somebody please put 6 scoops of gravy on my plate?

  • @chriz they rarely bring the focus or energy required to play at their peak/potential. The question is: will they bring it in the tourney? We’ll find out in a few days.

  • Joeloveshawks post pretty much says it all for me. This has been a GREAT season for so many reasons. For years I have been able to separate out the different parts of the season, and the NCAA tourney is a combo of funhouse ride/hunger games that is stuck at the end, and it does not feel like a continuium of the season for me.

    Not getting out of this weekend would of course be a BIG FAT bummer.

    But the biggest problem I have this time of year is the prospect of not seeing another KU game til november 2017… HATE that

  • @KUSTEVE You DOG !!!

  • The regular season was really one of the best we have ever had. As some have mentioned, I’m disappointed that we couldn’t keep the win streak alive. I hate losing at home, no if, ands or buts about, We were probably do to lose one in conference I suppose with our last lost coming in 2013 in conference. Winning the NC will quickly make me forget about that day.

  • @nuleafjhawk When we duke it out with Nova for the NC, I’ll be really happy if Mario & Sherron can be there teaching the youngsters how to bench jock hell outta Jay Wright & gettin’ ALL the way under his skin while kickin Nova’s butt back to Philly …

  • @globaljaybird Nothing gets under Jay Wright’s skin. He is one calm, dapper as hell dude, suits and all. Best dressed coach since Pat Riley. Nothing fazes him, even the fact he cant recruit bigs, so always stuck in smallball, but he at least got everything out of last year’s lineup. Now Billy boy has to match him. Not in the dapper dept, but in the 4+1 style. And BillhimSelf has to prove it against IowaState now, since we split with that 4+1 team.

  • @HawkChamp you rarely enjoyed any game this season huh? Seems to me you gave up by half on most, right? Was there any game this season you enjoyed? I can’t remember one.

  • @ralster we have to figure out how to stop Burton. I’d keep him from catching the ball. Face guard him. Wear him out. Any ideas? Nobody can stop him one on one

  • This is Kansas. Anything short of a NC is a disappointment.

  • @ralster I don’t know why Jay Wright gets a lot of flack around here. He was brilliant last year in their championship run. Several hard games to be played before then for both of us. Interesting to see how they do without Ochefu. He was arguably their most important player last year.

  • @HawkChamp yeah, not a lot of tolerance around here for excellence from coaches other than former KU players or assistants, or Izzo. Some of it is just having fun, I realize.

  • @HawkChamp My hat’s off to Jay Wright, as he proved himself with a NC. Same applies to Calipari, who runs his system, and proved he can field top10 teams every single year. Just like Coach K and Roy, who have earned their cred. Now, I may personally like some of these guys better than others, but their credibility and accomplishments cannot be questioned. They’re in rare company now.

    After KU lost, I didnt mind Villanova winning, as they seemed to be destiny’s pick. Dismantled OU, who I was rooting for, in most embarrassing fashion. I think Lon Kruger is a great fundamentals coach and an above avg recruiter. He’s just not the best in-game tactician. But OU was also missing their big African center (role player) who was not at the Final 4 due to a family emergency (funeral). He could have clogged the middle, done Lucas-type stuff for them.

    When that Nova player hit that last second 3 for the win over UNC, that gave them their own MarioMoment. Destiny. But that was last year. Let’s see what destiny has for Frank’s Team…

  • @chriz No problem with your opinion. However, your logic can be used against any team. Some win and some lose. We’ve seen KU DOMINATE in past years and lose to many subpar teams. I understand your point and overall, I’d agree. Let’s let the boyz decide what they want to do on the court.

    I’d rather be a optimist than a pessimist when it comes to KU. You’re skeptical when they lose. Then, if they win, you’re good. So, you’re a little inconsistent yourself? I’m rooting until the fat lady sings. Your logic can be applied to any team in this tourney. If they are unfortunate enough to lose at some point, the tourney is simply over for me. I stop watching IF KU loses. I just don’t think so. I like their tenacity, will to win, JJ is back, and they know the result of a poor game. Dang dude, they’ve played like hell to overcome their own hell to win #13. Give them some credit. Don’t forget…last year they lost to the eventual NC Nova too. KU too is a different team from last year.

  • @truehawk93 …“they’ve (KU) played like hell to overcome their own hell to win #13…” PHOF! They won the BigXII convincingly, too. And if they can go to Rupp and beat that team of all stars in a very hostile environment, then on an above avg night, they can beat almost anybody. Do all the little BillSelfThings that add up by the 4th period. Play 40min of ball, above all else. Frank and Josh will keep attacking…

  • @Crimsonorblue22 DOUBLE WAAAAAHHHHH!!! Don’t make me watch ⌚️…

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Box 📦 & one ☝️… It worked in 2012 against Hummel & Sullinger both . No matter what we have to keep Svi away from him. Keep rotating DG, JJ, VICK, even Bragg in his grille the whole time & wear him down to a frazzle. Long is no pushover either- their work is cut out for them. 2AA purposely gave us a bad matchup. It really pisses me off.

  • @ralster

    Did anyone predicted KU would win the conference by 4 games? I don’t think so. KU did not just win the conference and tied one the greatest records of all sports in the process, KU made a statement.

    This is a team of destiny. I am sure the players want not only a Championship but to make sure Mason gets the POY award in the process. Many analysts have dissed the team big time by indicating it will not make it out of the first weekend and I am sure the team is aching for some payback.

  • @globaljaybird I was thinking jj, and man. They hit so many 3’s

  • The conference tournament helped. We rested. Iowa state got beat up a bit more.

    The guys have healed. Brags headband will be the only accessory.

    Josh Jackson is a winner. Cars are boring. It’s time to vandalize D1 athletes.

    This is Tyler Selfs last hurrah (as a player) playing FOR his dad. Bill has a plan.

    Svi and Graham are NBA bound. This tournament will be their showcase.

    Frank Mason is a legend. He never slows down.

    Frank Mason has been dangling from the ceiling in Hudy’s office. His teeth clenched on a raw peice of meat. G-d help anyone in his path.

    All the whistles in the world can’t stop him from getting a bucket.

    I love this time of year.

  • @STOOPS sounds good!

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