Paging Svi!!!

  • Svi for 3 has been cold, how cold? 3-18 last 5 games. Where has he gone?

    One nice drive left last night but some bad misses while open.

    Vick is starting to really assert himself as a weapon on both sides… We need to get Svi going again! To valuable to have him struggling. Stillwater would be a nice play to break the slump

  • I don’t know where he is but maybe we should file a missing persons report.

  • Yes, strange to have a continued starter stay this cold this long. Maybe battling personal issues? Already has a Euro-contract in his pocket? Injury? Sure would like to see a breakout game soon.

  • Shooters sometimes run cold, but we also know that Svi can get really hot really suddenly. I am not so much worried game to game, but we will need one really hot game from him in the tournament, probably either in the S16 or E8. That’s the one that counts, and if he can deliver then, this cold stretch won’t really matter.

  • @justanotherfan

    I also think his shooting plays a big part in his confidence as it trickles down to the rest of his game. When he struggles to shoot he struggles in other area’s. Just want to see him giving this team his part because when he makes shots they are often huge momentum plays

  • @BShark LMAO, you a goof lol - -got to like it though. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Svi is a puzzlement. He’s not cold - he’s Artic (and that’s before global warming). Over the past 5 games, he is shooting 5-25 from the field; 3-18 from 3 point range. A high of 6 points during that stretch. More disconcerting, he isn’t contributing anything else when he is in there - a total of 2 assists in 5 games. Last night, no assists and no rebounds - when you are 6-8, that is hard to do. And, as several posters have noted in other game threads, he has appeared lost on defense - out of position and in no-man’s land on multiple occasions. I don’t know the reasons for the disappearing act, but I would feel a lot better about our post-season chances if he could somehow return to being at least somewhat productive when he is on the floor…

  • @justanotherfan It is a lot of like what Fran said when he was asked the question last night. - The play by play asked him so what do you do with SVI since he is in this slump? - - Fran’s response was , you stick with him. I heard when I was younger from Coaches and even my own Coach, the thing you have to realize, the difference between a average shooter and a good shooter is, the average shooter if he puts up his first couple of shots and they don’t fall they quit shooting as where a good to very good shooter is - -that good very good shooter is he misses his first couple , he is going to keep shooting. - - A good shooter always thinks his shot is going in, has the shooters mentality.

    You have to be careful I think , it’s kind of like a double edge sword, Totally agree SVI is slumping for sure , but like Fran says you stick with him, A part of me agrees and a part disagrees. - -If you yank him or Coach is all over his ass , you always take the chance of really screwing his head up, loses even MORE confidence in himself worrying about if I miss this shot gets to the point starts worrying more about getting yanked then just playing the game, letting it come to you. - He can get to the point of one eye on the court and other on the Coach and really getting in his head and losing more confidence in his shot. - - - - BUT on the other side , LaGerald is heating up again , playin well and I do think he is a much better defender then SVI so, with him hitting on all cylinders offensive and defensive the questions arises does he start? - - We need them both at the top of their games in the tourney. Let’s just hope SVI can regain that stroke, he gets a couple to fall then maybe.- -Just have to try and ride it out – -- ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    You ride with him because you will need him later. There will be a game in the tournament where KU needs him, and, if you stick with him, he will reward you. Same thing with Vick, and Bragg as well.

    Think back to 2008. In the E8 against Davidson, guess who was the leader for KU that day? Tied for the leading scorer and second in rebounding that day, not Brandon Rush, or Darrell Arthur, or Mario Chalmers. Nope, the guy was Sasha Kaun putting up a 13/6 that day, with a 6 for 6 from the field. KU doesn’t win that game (and the national title) without Kaun coming up with that performance.

    Maybe that guy is Bragg. Maybe its Vick. Maybe its Svi. I don’t know who it will be, but we will need someone at some point that is not Frank, Devonte or Josh.

  • I am sure I saw Svi making some really nice plays on defense covering his guy, but things like that don’t always show up in regular box score numbers. Is there a place you don’t have to pay for where you can see how a player’s man did while he was guarding him?

  • @mayjay

    I didn’t notice anything wrong with his defense last night. But I looked for ya and Synergy seems to be the only site that would have that kind of statistics and its not free

  • Svi has the mentality of a volume scorer. Just because he is cold now won’t stop him from continuing his shot.

    I think his shot isn’t falling because he has faced a little tougher defense. Not enough to where he has a hand in his face on every shot, but defense has shuffled over enough to impact his timing. He is rushing his shot sometimes because he sees the defense coming.

    Heck, he is 6’8" and has decent elevation on his jump shot. He should try to remain calm and focus on the shot instead of trying to rush ahead of a defender closing in.

    Let’s hope he figures it out for March. We are going to face teams that really stick in his grill.

  • Last year in the NCAA first game, we were looking like the first 25 minutes of last night’s game. Then we kept getting Svi the ball after he made his first two shots. the result… March 17, 2016*

    No. 1 vs. (16 S) Austin Peay First round W 105–79 31–4 ( 23 – Mykhailiuk ) ( 9 – Traylor) ( 6 – Graham)

  • @justanotherfan yes! Self will pump him up.

  • @justanotherfan Speaking of great shooters running cold. Steph Curry was 0 for 11 last night against Sixers. That tied an NBA record. There is still hope for Svi.

  • @mayjay

    So I did happen to find some defensive stats for the team. I’m not sure what it all means and doesn’t give the exact detail we are seeking.

    In Conference play Svi has a Defensive Rating of 108.9. This is an estimate of how many points allowed per 100 possessions. He ranks 6th (of 7) slightly besting Vick’s 109.4 rating. I left out Coleby/Lightfoot because they simply don’t play enough to give an accurate and fair assessment. Now having said that Svi is only slightly worse then Frank/Devonte per this rating (107.8, 108.1).

    The best defender according to this rating is Josh Jackson allowing just 100.4 points per 100 possessions. That would seem to be an accurate assessment of his defense most nights.

  • @BeddieKU23 Great info, thanks!

  • @mayjay

    There is also a Defensive Box Plus/Minus rating. Svi ranked 9th in that besting only Frank Mason. Not surprising Doke led that stat when he was playing by a decent margin on Jackson.

  • @sfbahawk I know. I had him in my Draft KIngs team last night. I had a putrid night.

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