How long is Indefinite

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  • @Ralph good question!

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    First half of the next game?

  • First TV timeout when they are losing 7-2?

  • Beddie and Too are harsher than I, I was gonna say until they played against a tough team, lol.

  • @BShark VaTech is a road game and they are 10-1. And VT usually gives Duke hell. So I’ll go ahead and say that Allen doesn’t miss a game.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Was just about to say that. Duke isn’t playing well, anyone that watched them against Elon or Tenn St knows this team isn’t firing on all cylinders and now missing their 2nd leading scorer will probably give Virginia Tech a golden opportunity

  • Apparently Bolden is pouting and Tatum is a me first one on one baller. Duke running into the dreaded “too much depth” scenario.

  • @BShark

    No excuse for Bolden, he knew the situation he was getting in. Tatum needs to show off for the NBA.

  • With Duke’s schedule in ACC play- there is at least a chance they could go 11-7. UNC can sweep them (although probably unlikely). Road tilts at FSU, Notre Dame, Louisville, UNC, Virginia.

  • @BeddieKU23 They’re going to start off with a loss @ Tech.

  • I still don’t understand why Bolden went to Duke.

    Reading that it’s a very strong possibility that Jeter transfers after this year.

  • @approxinfinity

    I certainly hope so. Virginia Tech will be hungry for that game given the circumstances

  • @BeddieKU23 I hope they play well. Not because I like them, because I don’t want them to end up a 4 or 5 seed on our side of the bracket…

  • @BShark

    Wow ship unraveling or just rumors because of the situation at hand?

    Either way I wouldn’t want anything to do with Jeter. He’s just another baby that flops

  • @BeddieKU23

    Coming from 247 Duke insiders about a week ago. Don’t remember if the post was behind the paywall or not (probably was).

  • @BeddieKU23 I wouldn’t snub a 6’11 big with NBA potential that we get to have practice and toughen up for a year.

  • @BShark

    Tried reading some of their board but couldn’t get past the whining fans that are saying ESPN drove his suspension. sad sad fan base. Had to abort that headache

  • @BeddieKU23 said:


    Tried reading some of their board but couldn’t get past the whining fans that are saying ESPN drove his suspension. sad sad fan base

    ESPIN GRAYSON NARRATIVE. Their entire board is tilted right now, bad time. Slater has lots of good info though.

  • @BeddieKU23 LMAO, you need to stop lol, no you don’t that was pretty good, needed a laugh this morning - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAQY LONG BABY

  • @Kcmatt7

    I honestly don’t see Jeter as a NBA prospect. I watch a lot of Duke games being on the east-coast and honestly can’t even understand how he was that highly rated in HS. He flops, he cries about every foul, can’t shoot, not impressed

  • @BShark

    I see all of it is beyond paywall. That’s okay though. Duke fans should have known that if he did this again there would be so much more attention brought to it. The media is doing nothing wrong here, they are right for the most part here. Even Duke Alums are sick of the negative attention Allen is bringing to the team.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I think Bill could turn him into a decent player. That said I’m moreso interested in players that won’t mess with the 2019 class. Hurt and Robinson-Earl are huge studs that need to end up in crimson and blue.

  • @BeddieKU23 said:


    I see all of it is beyond paywall. That’s okay though. Duke fans should have known that if he did this again there would be so much more attention brought to it. The media is doing nothing wrong here, they are right for the most part here. Even Duke Alums are sick of the negative attention Allen is bringing to the team.

    Yeah it’s a mixed bag. A few staunch defenders, but most wanted a suspension. Haven’t been over there post suspension yet.

  • @BeddieKU23 He would be a decent rim protector and rebounder if Self got ahold of him. Teach him to finish a layup and lookout. I mean it isn’t like Coach K is known for his player development. At least not into NBA level talent. The Plumlees might be the best bigs he has been able to hang his hat on since Sheldon Williams. And the Plumlees were going to be Pros regardless.

  • @BShark Bird in the hand though…

  • I would be shocked if Robinson-Earl ended up elsewhere. Hurt’s recruitment will be a battle but KU sits well. As bad as the 18 class looks right now for early KU leans, the 19 class is the opposite.

    Robinson-Earl is the best player to come through the kc metro since…honestly I don’t even know.

  • @BShark

    I think KU dodged a bullet with Bolden. Everything about that recruitment just left a bad impression to me.

  • @BeddieKU23

    I’m pretty happy with Doke if that was an either/or. Of course, the injury was unfortunate.

  • Grayson Allen should get a three game suspension at a minimum. Not because the act is so horrible, but because a child needs strong punishment to correct repeat behavior. Allen is a “child thug.” He doesn’t go face to face and start fights or confrontations – like our friend Jason Sutherland used to, Allen does mildly aggressive things like tripping or pushing on the run. And then acts like he did nothing. Throwing up his hands in disbelief. The child-like tantrum on the bench. Like this last incident, trying to focus their arms getting locked up. With Sutherland, he might be the kind of guy you’d like on your team – but only if he was on your team. With Allen, excellent player, but I’ll gladly stick with our collection of high character, high talent guards.

  • @Ralph @BeddieKU23 @approxinfinity

    Answer to the question in the title:


  • @mayjay

    true, true!

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Welcome back, Coach!

  • @Ralph

    I absolutely love the title of your post!!!


  • In answer to the question in the title: till the first game Duke is down 10.

  • @Ralph

    “How long is Indefinite”

    I haven’t got the inside scoop from family members yet… but I am feeling like Duke and K have cordially invited the ACC into this decision-making process. The idea is to SHARE accountability with their conference.

    I feel certain that the ACC leveled a major threat on Duke and one more mistake by Allen will involve a punishment for the Duke program.

    Allen will now face constant monitoring and evaluation on a psychological level. His actions and ability to control himself will decide when he can return. K has to bite the bullet on this one because the situation has extended to beyond winning games.

    Even Duke faithfuls have had enough.

    I despise this creep just like everyone else does. But I also realize he needs psychological help. He has shown a very harmful pattern over his playing days. Destruction not only to himself but to other players. Most likely, his big mistake was years ago… when he should have been admitted into military school. The perfect environment to break someone down for a startover. Now… at this stage in his life… it is going to be hard for him to change into something else.

    I wouldn’t trade to be in his shoes. I wouldn’t swap for his youth and talent and potential future. Because what I see coming for him is hardship. Extreme hardship.

  • @HighEliteMajor Good to see you here again!

  • Was reading Duke boards, and really a lot of them thought it was fine with Tripper being suspended, for sure thought it was warranted, saying he needed to get his head on right - -how he is being a distraction to the team. - -Then you had a couple that saying should not being ANY suspension AT ALL - -REALLY? and some Duke fans even said are you serious?

    a lot thought 1-2 games was probably what was coming, - -some were upset that rat face played him in the SECOND HALF, thought Allen showed his immaturity when sittin on the bench beatin the bench, Some said 3 games should be and then some agreed with like 5 - whatever the case they need to get this fixed, no place for that crap. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I don’t believe Coach K ever imagined the backlash that followed his initial decision. I will guess that the word came from either the school higher ups or the conference and he had to backpedal big time on his assessment; he probably is not happy with how he had to do what he should have done in the first place.

  • @JayHawkFanToo The ACC commissioner issued a comment supporting the suspension. I don’t remember a commissioner doing that when punishment has been done only at the school level. Certainly supports the “do it or we will” theory!

  • From the getgo I predicted and still predict 3 games without Grayson. Duke is in for a real test vs. V Tech, but then can probably float through the following 2 contests. So, essentially, he hurts his squad for one game only. If it has not been done, I think the league should mandate a thorough blood testing as a first step. Then insist that Duke initiates psychological assistance. Very bizarre behavior for a college junior. And there was something disturbingly “preachy” about his coach’s initial comments and attitude after this third incident. Paragon of USA hoops mentor that he is, Coach K’s grip would appear to be slipping. Sanctimonious bull hockey, the “teachable moment” talk. This kid is not a seventh grader.

  • Not to whip a sad old blue devil chapter into the weary dust bin, but I’ve one more thought about this latest Duke mess. Has Grayson Allen behaved this way all through his earlier school years, or is this untowards behavior a thing he has learned since committing to Mike’s storied program? Aspiring to the Christian Laettner school of in your face impropriety which seems to have accompanied Coach K’s mentorship since leaving the Bob Knight influence at Army?

  • And now we know how long Indefinite is. 1 loss.

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