Party like its 1938, Reviewing a KU win vs Texas

  • Kansas was at home for the final time this year celebrating senior day vs Texas. Texas started early scoring a TD on their play from scrimmage on a 75 pass. The defense put the clamps on after that as Senior Brandon Stewart got a pick 6 to start KU scoring. They Created 4 turnovers in the second quarter, but only lead to 10 points on the board, so KU held a 10-7 lead going into the locker room. The second half started bad as Stanley thru a pick just 3 plays in that lead to a short field and easy score for Texas to take the lead 14-10. We pretty much traded punts til the fourth quarter until a costly fumble bye Quv at mid field after a 19 yard catch that left texas again with a short field and a TD. It was was half way thru the 4th when the offense which had struggled all game and being down 21-10 finally showed up. Hiebert dived into the endzone on a 80 yard drive engineered by Stanley, then steven sims ran in a 2 point conversion to put KU back to with in 3, 21-18. The Kansas defense once again came up huge with 58 seconds left stopping Texas on a 4th and 5, and man this defense played unbelievable most of the day 6 turnovers, 4 sacks and 8 TFLs. The offense worked its magic as Stanley started the drive off with a 21 yard scrabble, aided by a Texas late hit. Matt Wyman tied the game with 7 seconds to go on a 35 yard FG. Then came overtime with Kansas winning the toss and going on defense first. A bright young freshman DB Mike Lee intercepted Texas to end their possession. With Kansas knowing they needed only 3 to win Senior RB Kinner held on to the ball and took us to the 3. A false start moved us back to the 8 but it didn’t matter nor did the attempt to ice Wyman bye the Texas staff, his kick sailed thru the up rights and WE BEAT TEXAS for the first time in 78 years. Just unbelievable guys, other than winning the orange bowl and NC in 08 idk if I have ever teared up after a game and seeing coach Beaty’s emotion after the game, it just moved me on how hard these guys are trying to win. A wise man once told me that sometimes the team that loses works a lot harder than the team that wins and I think that’s been the case for much of this year. I’m really speech less on how proud I am of these young men that flatout play their asses off every stinkin week, I love the fight they have, proud to be a KU Football fan. RCJH.

  • @kjayhawks couldn’t have said it any better!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Ya I tell you I thought we was doomed with the way the offense look being down 2 scores late. The sad thing is a buddy of mine that was there said a ton of people left early in the fourth after Texas got up bye that much. I never leave games early, and I’ve sat thru some nasty ones at memorial.

  • The empty stands probably screwed with Texas more. Wtf there’s nobody here and we can’t put them away?!

  • @kjayhawks me too!

  • BREAKING: Texas @Longhorn_FB has fired head coach Charlie Strong. #SorryCharlie

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Remember, Bill Callahan was fired the year KU scored the most points ever scored against Nebraska (2007), and broke a long losing streak.

    There is something depressing in thinking that your football rep is such that losing to you causes an opposing coach to get fired.

    Wish it always worked (Liberace, anyone?)!

  • @kjayhawks

    PHOF for title!!!

  • Our win was accomplished through smoke and mirrors. Stanley at QB is just more of the same offensive ineptness. But, we were way past due for a couple of breaks to go our way. The targeting call paved the way for the Wyman field goal that sent us to overtime. Without that penalty, we probably would of come up short yet again.

    It pains me to see the empty stands. The Big 12 needs to let us schedule an easier nonconference schedule and reduce ticket prices so we may rebuild fan interest. The ABC broadcast of this game with Texas struggling and our empty stadium is a huge negative for the Big 12, not just Kansas and Texas. If you haven’t been to Lawrence for a football game lately, I can tell you it’s still a lot of fun. We don’t need a new stadium, we just need more fans in the stands while KU rebuilds. RCJH

  • @stoptheflop Agreed, the offense still needs a make over this off season. Its shocking bout how empty the place is based off of how well we have competed at home we are about 5 plays from being 5-1 at home.

  • @stoptheflop KU has 100% of their nonconference schedule and ticket prices which can’t get much cheaper compared to other major conference programs.

    Not sure why ABC picked the KU/Texas game when they have 1st choice of games over Fox and still had the KSU/Baylor and OSU/TCU games to pick from.

  • Kansas beat Texas who beat Baylor who beat OK St who beat Pitt who beat Penn St who beat Ohio St. Kansas > Ohio St …KANSAS WANTS BAMA.

  • @kjayhawks The ISU/Texas Tech may have helped KU find an OC because yesterday may have gotten Kliff Kingsbury fired and Kingsbury and Beaty have a great relationship. Because Kingsbury’s version of the Air Raid is the one Beaty wants to run, why not bring in Kingsbury who still is a brilliant offensive mind to run his offense. I don’t know which position coach you fire because this seems like a solid staff worth trying to keep together, but it would probably ve Likens. If Beaty wants to work with a position group, let him work with the WR’s since that’s his background.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    What are the chances Kingbury comes to KU not as a head coach?

  • @JayHawkFanToo Kingsbury and Beaty are very tight so I wouldn’t rule it out. Kingsbury will be a sought after coordinator like Will Muschamp was after his disastrous time at Florida, so if Beaty wanted Kingsbury, he’d likely have to be on him immediately after the KSU game because I know A&M fans want him back if Sumlin survives.

    If it wasn’t for their relationship they built at A&M, I would say there was no chance of Kingsbury coming to KU, but that relationship and Beaty trying to run Kingsbury’s version of the Air Raid means I wouldn’t completely rule it out should Kingsbury get canned after Tech’s game on Friday.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I would be for it a 100% at this point need a QB coach as well, Beaty has failed to develop these guys.

  • Does anyone know where to see some highlights from the game? I’m in Japan and didn’t get to see any of it.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I thought I read that the Big 12 required a certain level of nonconference opponent and that members could no longer use the K State method of scheduling 3 weak opponents to pad their wins. I recall K State being forced to schedule teams like USC a few years ago. Regarding tickets, we paid $40 per seats at the goal line and $60+ per seat for the decent seats between the goal line and 20… I saw that tickets were up to $85 per seat for Texas. We need fans in the stands. If ticket prices are keeping people from coming to the games we need to lower them until our program is more in demand.

  • @stoptheflop Yes ticket prices have to drop, But stub hub is the best, I looked Saturday morning thinking I may go and found section 10 tickets for $15 a piece

  • @kjayhawks Are you the guy up in the nosebleeds lying horizontal and covered up with all the blankets???

  • @nuleafjhawk No lmao I didnt make it to the game, i had to help my father in law move

  • @JayHawkFanToo who would hire him to be a HC at this point? He has a losing record and he got to recruit in the heart of Texas. He also never had a winning record in the conference. He has OC written all over him. We would have to pay him more than Beaty to come is the problem I see. He is a $1m OC more likely than not. But besides that, I think it is a perfect fit for everyone as long as Beaty could accept that he wouldn’t be the highest paid coach for a season or two.

    Bring in a guy that he is good friends, a better Offensive mind, a better QB coach and can probably open up Texas recruiting for us a little bit more.

    All sounds like it makes too much sense to me. That’s why it probably won’t happen.

  • Although now after research, that seems likely that Kliff gets one more season. He basically as TTU athletics held hostage with his contract.

    Kingsbury has a $9m buyout. TTU AD must be a special kind of dumb because they extended him to that outrageous contract after two mediocre seasons and named him the Patron Saint of TTU football essentially. Kingsbury’s agent got him the hookup. A $3.7m salary and an insane buyout that all but guarantees him one more year unless a booster is willing to drop a big chunk of money to get rid of him.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Evidently rumors of players boycotting the final game vs TCU if Strong was fired caused the admin to backtrack any talk of his future til after the season. I wasn’t aware there was a boycott clause in scholarships.

  • @Kcmatt7 Wow that is a crazy contract to put it nicely, their AD maybe gone after that shenanigans. I could see keeping him til his contract is out just because of how liked he is but man they have no defense whatsoever.

  • @kjayhawks Oh everything I’ve been looking at, people want him out. Bad. But boy oh boy is $9m a tough hit to take on a buyout… As we know.

  • @Kcmatt7 That maybe why they keep him for now but you never know who will pony up the dough. Looking at his career there his best year was his first with 8 wins, never has had a winning road record baring his first year, or winning B12 record ever.

  • @kjayhawks Saw the same thing. I could see a group of boosters pooling together the cash. But man would I be surprised.

    I hope they do and Beaty announces that he is hired the next day. It would be the type of move that proves to me Beaty is the man for the job.

  • @Kcmatt7

    I can’t imagine hiring an OC that will make more than the HC. I can’t think of a single case where that has happened; perhaps you do. All academic now anyway.

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