Diallo is Cleared! Now what?

  • So now that the frontline Savior from our savior is free, what impact do you guys think he’s going to have.

    Based on what you’ve seen so far, who does he replace in the lineup. My fear is that Bragg and Hunter are going. be further buried on the bench now

    Either way this will make us a better team

  • From what I have read & seen on tapes he will have an immediate impact on D and rebounding, offense will take some time. While I have nothing personal against Traylor & Lucas I hope that these two don’t get much PT except for when games are already over.

    Self needs to play Bragg, Mickelson & Diallo as other Bigs besides Perry, they have the most upside for March.

  • @FarSideHawk

    “Diallo is Cleared! Now what?”

    O V E R D R I V E ! ! !

  • @drgnslayr I think Bragg wil continue to play, probably backing Perry, I’m just so happy about wet myself lol

  • I think that Perry Ellis just got a lot better. Now he is not our only threat in the post so teams wont be able to double team him as much and they can’t stick their footer on him at all times any more either.

    People have said it all over this chat board, but having a rim protector with the new rules is crucial. With the dribble drive playing a larger roll and the new fouls, our guards should be able to relax a bit more knowing that they have a protector.

  • @AsadZ I agree. Bragg Diallo mickelson and Perry is the perfect lineup in my mind. But since Traylor and Lucas seem to be higher on the pecking order, I’m a little concerned about how it’s going to play out. Plus coach has indicated that Diallo is behind the curve so it may be a little while before he starts?

    Lots of questions right now but atleast thus topic is behind us.

  • I’m going to try not to get too excited, given the variability in our previous top freshmen’s readiness… Wiggins and Oubre were able to contribute to a B12 Championship, but not a NCAA Regional Champion (FF).

    I’m trying to manage my expectations.

  • The NCAA said he took “improper benefits”, and suspended him for the first 5 games, which conveniently means he won’t available against Vandy’s huge front line. Is that by accident they made sure he wouldn’t play tonight? I think not!


  • Ideally, Self plays primarily with Diallo, Ellis and Bragg, his three most talented interior players, with Mickelson picking up the spare minutes and Lucas and Traylor relegated to mop up duty.

    However, knowing Self, he will lean on his veterans at the expense of Bragg (only getting minor minutes now) and Mickelson (stuck behind Lucas even now). This of course assumes that he will play Diallo in front of Traylor and Lucas, which is no guarantee.

    Diallo is the perfect compliment to the particular KU team because he can run around in the middle while the rest of the team is spaced around the floor in the four out game. Whether he’s paired with Bragg or Ellis, either of those guys can face up on offense. If Diallo is out of the game, Ellis and Bragg can take turns inside since both can also step away from the bucket. This is the perfect set up to play four out regardless of personnel, provided that Self plays his best guys (Diallo, Ellis, Bragg, Mason, Graham, Selden, Svi and Greene if he gets himself together off the court).

  • If we ever want to attempt to recruit another OAD-level player, Cheick will instantly receive lots of minutes.

    Last year we had two examples that seem to be giving us a black eye now on the recruiting trail… both Cliff and Kelly were throttled down by having restricted minutes.

  • @drgnslayr Bingo.

  • I’m not sure Self would want to play him tonight, even if he were eligible. I heard Self say that he wasn’t allowed to practice or lift weights with the team – just travel. Given that, he probably isn’t ready to slip into our system seamlessly.

    I suspect even with the early Dec games, his time will be limited a bit.

  • @KUSTEVE I don’t think that’s a big deal because Diallo probably wouldn’t have played tonight anyway, at least not any meaningful minutes tonight.

    This huge for KU because Diallo will alleviate a lot of KU’s rebounding issues. It also helps that KU doesn’t have a super difficult game until conference play starts after tonight. Harvard, Montana, and SDSU are all solid teams, but none should be huge threats to KU. Diallo will help KU play faster and be able to take better advantage of their athletic advantage they have over everybody but Kentucky left on the schedule.

  • @drgnslayr I agree, Top recruits are watching PT very closely. If HCBS wants to recruit top notch, 1-20, talent he will have to play them even through their mistakes. This will also provide benefits in March

  • That makes for a wonderful thanksgiving for KU fans. Maui Classic championship on the tube after we butt=stomped two opponents in a row, one a former blueblood. Since the Chieck has cleared, we go from paper tiger down low to lean and mean. Yeah, I’m pumped. Count me in on this special journey this year.

  • This is the greatest day!!!

  • Landen needs to be the one to lose mins. outside of the game last night Hunter has played well and he’s been aggressive.

  • @HawkInMizery I’d include Traylor as well, both of them should only get mop up minutes

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I was thinking about team speed, too - we could be the fastest team in college basketball this year with Diallo in the line up.

  • I’m excited to see his rebounding and blocking ability, he will change a lot on the back line.

    I just hope he can limit turnovers, moving screens, and all the small things that bigs have to learn which he is obviously raw at.

    I think this solidifys mickelson being the odd big out. Bragg will see a squeeze as well he’s the 4th soon to be 5th big…

  • @FarSideHawk It may be an impact that is major or minimal-we just won’t know for awhile. We should get a decent fix on it after he gets some prime time minutes under his belt, Maybe 2-3 weeks or more accurately by the time conf season starts. Then again he well may explode like Jo Jo & blow us all to smithereens with those sweet & slinky, ballet type drop steps for flushes right outta the box. Either way, if the rest of the guys can stay healthy & Mr. Diallo taking someone else’s minutes not screwing up chemistry, I’m psyched as hell to get his show on the road ASAP !! SZ will have a lot of us shut out on the home games for another month so looks like I’ll be headin to Tanners or BWW for some sneak peeks at the newest Crimson & Blue to posturize opponents in AFH. RCJH & it’s about damn time !!!

  • @mihawk couldn’t agree more bud, I think Perry just became a lot more dangerous. they wee just talking about it, they said you know CHEICK isn’t going to be a 40 pt per night scorer BUT what he brings is very high motor, and a thing KU hasn’t had a big time rim protector, rebounder, will be a guy that can get the offensive rebounds and score, how teams won’t be able to double up as much on Perry. For sure has to help- - -ALOT ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Why do I dread what our minutes distribution will be?

    This should be cause for celebration.

    If Self plays the Traylor/Lucas contingent more minutes than Diallo/Bragg come January, no post recruit should ever come here again.

  • WOW! Just saw this about Diallo. What a jolt for Vanderbilt-- HA!

    Look at the bright side: Diallo has 5 weeks to get in shape for conf play.

    Now for the dark side: (only exists if you are an opposing coach trying to gameplan for KU)


  • I just don’t see him having an immediate impact. He will gradually get more playing time and will have more of an impact in the second half of the season.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Once he can actually play… I believe there will be an immediate impact. It might not be all positive at first, but will continue to be more productive as he blends in with others and gets used to the speed of the game and playing before big crowds and TV cameras.

    His pace is as much of a game-changer as his ability to rebound and defend. I’m pretty sure he will increase our speed significantly, especially if he is already trained to look for a quick outlet off a rebound.

    Let’s hope he is quick to learn how to play aggressively without fouling!

  • I’m very happy!! It’s time!! He’ll be a lil behind but it won’t take him long, self loves the play hard kids!

  • @drgnslayr I agree. I think his motor and effort will definitely have an impact and he has plenty of time before conference season to get comfortable.

  • Let’s not think he will step in next week and be a 20 minute guy right off the bat.

    I’m as happy as everyone else that he is cleared to play. Don’t get me wrong there!!!

    Just saying he is in no way shape or form in game shape. 8-12 the first two games. Unless he is completely highly better than advertised.

    He will probably get most of Lucas’s minutes and Hunters too. The Traylor’s as the season goes on.

    Let’s not forget that Embid took a bit to get his feet under him in the college game. Black was in front of him in the rotation. Once Joel got his lungs and legs and proved how good he was in a game, then he played until injury.

    Nobody needs to get bent out of shape next week when he’s not starting game 1 or playing 20-25 minutes.

    Give home time. Let him get adjusted to game speed and his teammates get used to him as well.

    Just sayin

  • Get ready for this February box score:

    Ellis 26 minutes.

    Traylor 21 minutes.

    Diallo 14 minutes.

    Lucas 11 minutes.

    Bragg 8 minutes.

    Better minutes distribution starting Tuesday:

    Ellis 25 minutes.

    Bragg 20 minutes.

    Mickelson 20 minutes.

    Diallo 15 minutes.

    Traylor/Lucas 0 minutes.

    Who here thinks we would be worse starting Tuesday if that occurred?

  • @HighEliteMajor As Self had once said, he plays every game to win, he will play the guys that he believes will help the team NOW instead of getting higher talent to play through for future payoff.

    So I’m afraid we’ll see the first distribution of minutes you have up there. Hope I’m wrong.

    @JRyman sometimes I think if Tarik Black didn’t foul at the rate he did to start the season (hence forcing Embiid into action that early), maybe we would have had a healthy Embiid at the end of the season or maybe even for season 2.

  • So I heard on the radio, the 5 game suspension was because Diallo received $165 from his guardian? How did NCAA know about this if they never attempted an interview with Drame? *Can we pay back the $165 so we can play in tonight’s game?? 😀😀😀

  • @Eric-san we got this!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 HA totally didn’t catch that.

  • @Eric-san KUBUckets fundraiser!

  • I laugh that as this was drug along for months it was about his transcripts and highschool and even 6th grade.

    But wait it wasn’t about his academics after all(cause there was nothing there that was wrong) it was money. Impermissible benefits?

    Cmon NCAA you have made yourselves, your department heads, and the whole big blue circle a mockery.

  • @JRyman I hope we let them have it!

  • @FarSideHawk

    Is this confirmed to beyond a reasonable doubt?

    If yes, then now, at long last, Perry can play some three.

    Actually, it will probably take a month to work Diallo into the lineup. If he plays against Vanderbilt, then we know he is more than sushi, but if not he m if he plays against Vanderbilt, then we know he is more than sushi, but if not. he must be very raw

  • @Eric-san

    It was self reported by drame. While he was in the process of becoming his guardian he gave him the benefits.

  • @BeddieKU23 And that would be ridiculous.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Diallo isn’t eligible to play until Dec. 1 against Loyola.

  • 5 games for $165 considering Selby’s suspension of 9 games was for about $6,000 in benefits? I’d also like to know how exactly a legal guardian can give their kid they’re guardian of an impermissible benefit. Does that mean that Self isn’t allowed give Tyler whatever it was Drame “gave” Diallo?

    It’d be nice of the NCAA to give an actual explanation instead of blowong smoke up everyone’s backside.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Thx for the clarification. On a cell phone on the run!

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Appears the NCAA might have been advised to back down, and leave a little smear, in case someone goes ahead and sues.

  • I’d love for those that enjoy backing the senseless organization we call the NCAA to explain this ruling. How are they not completely and utterly horrible at doing their jobs?? $165 equals 7 (5 reg, 2 ex) games. John Wall had to pay back $800 and missed two games (one of those an exhibition game!!!). The NCAA is a complete joke. Not even close to what you could call a consistent punishment.

  • Just glad that Self followed through on his recruitment. Would have been easy for him to back off when reports started coming out about potential eligibility issues last April…Just glad we got him signed and went to bat and got him cleared!

  • Self Knock Out_1.jpg

  • A few thoughts…

    Does anyone know what the least amount of money someone took and was suspended for it? $165 sure seems petty and I feel not being warranted a suspension.

    While watching the replay of the KU UCLA game I fell asleep and dreamed Diallo was cleared, then in my dream I woke up and knew it wasn’t true only to find out he was cleared, then I actually woke up and was bummed to find my dreams werent true. A few hours later, my dream came true. I should of posted it on here for proof…dang!

    Diallo’s impact will in time be large and I don’t believe he is our savior but a final piece that makes us a legit contender because we have a very good and experienced team without him. I would like to see Diallo and Bragg get minutes inside pushing Perry to the three. Watching Perry shoot threes this year, his fluidity with the ball as he dribbles the perimeter and the idea that he won’t get blocked so much on his short armed inside post moves makes me happy. I love Perry’s moves and his array of moves to get shots off inside, however he plays more like a guard trying to tear drop shots in over big men more than shooting over his strong shoulder and dropping the ball in the rim as most big men do. Perry also only has a future at the three in the NBA so this would be better for his future.

    Happy Diallo is cleared, happy KU is playing in the championship game in Hawaii and Happy Thanksgiving!

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