Paschal Chukwu twitter chatter. Looks good for KU

  • Paschal Chukwu (ESPN #58 In 2014) @ The NBPA Top 100 Camp

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Like Chuck Woolery, only hold the “lery”.

  • @KUSTEVE I know! I meant his real name. I’m enjoying this! You know that though!

  • Mark Sudol ‏@news12ctsudol · 1h1 hour ago
    Could former Fairfield Prep basketball star Paschal Chukwu be transferring to Kansas?

  • With all of this pro KU stuff on Twitter and other media outlets I would say KU is the only real player in Paschal Chukwu’s recruitment. There is little to no talk of any other possible destinations and he was released from the Providence Friars a few days ago. If KU had a contender in this recruitment it would have been posted by now. I think he will be a Jayhawk soon.

  • Since we have the “Designer,” why not the “Architect?” Jean-Louis Pascal - famous Architect.

    Or, from the Beatle’s song, I am the Walrus: Chukwu g’ joob !

  • Go and read his bio. It sounds sooo familiar. I cant quite put my finger on it but I know its sure to come to me soon!

  • @Statmachine

    I am very hopeful we land “the Chu-Chu train.” Just hope we sign him immediately because it won’t take long for the flies to swarm fresh meat. And where there are flies, the buzzard squid can’t be too far behind!

  • @drgnslayr Im on board! I think a RS season to develop and learn the system will produce better results than any OAD border line 7 footer in the 2016 class!

  • @Statmachine

    True dat! Especially when you consider how many other 7’2" recruits are waiting in the wings! (none)

    “Chu-Chu train” is the perfect Self big man recruit. At 7’2" there is no way he mistakes himself as a guard (like Myles Turner did). Someone has to do the “dirty work” of post dominance. For Chu-Chu it is all his for the taking, and a long with it comes a lottery pick and a boat load of money for him in two years! He’ll have an entire season to learn Self-ball without the silly basketball critics knocking his game. And add in one year with Hudy to build another 20 lbs on his frame… maybe 30 lbs if he signs now because he will have TWO summers to build muscle mass before he splashes on to the college basketball scene to steal the show from all the freshmen OADs in 2016-17!

    And don’t forget he will be helping our entire team develop immediately because he will get to practice with the team and teach all our guys how to get a shot over and around a 7’2" beast in the paint!

    I still can’t believe he only averaged 9 minutes a game last year for the Friars!

  • @Statmachine

    Now start thinking about next year’s recruiting… we’ll have a lot of spots to fill, but we will be returning the #1 veteran perimeter game in college basketball and Chu-Chu will be eligible and built for dominance… We’ll be on the hunt for another post player and back to nailing a star SF… something we are famous for.

    We sign Chu-Chu now and even with our player exits for next year, we should be a FF favorite for this coming year and next!

  • Imagine our eligible WUG players having to play against Diallo and Chukwu every day in preparation for the WUG? I can see that duo tearing Ellis and Bragg up lol. And whos going to guard Svi? Its going to be SOLID competition in practice if we land this HUGE 5. Will he officially be the tallest basketball player in KU history?

  • @drgnslayr as soon as we fill this last scholarship I will be forced to move on to next year lol.

  • He doesn’t look that skinny to me. He looks a lot like JoJo.

  • @truehawk93 Yeah, totally agree. I was saying, tongue in cheek, that Self should stockpile some post talent the way Calipari did last season. It might be tough to get both Bolden and Chukwu on the floor at the same time, so…maybe a little two man “platoon?” (I had to grab a barf bag after I typed that word.)

    No doubt, Kansas is BIG MAN U. Any rep UK has in that dept is smoke and mirrors.

  • @hawkmoon2020 There you go - we’ll call him the “Walrus”…( after Hudy adds 50 lbs onto that lean torso).

  • @drgnslayr the Chu-Chu" train. Love it!!!

  • @drgnslayr @KUSTEVE The Chu-Chu Train.

    We have a winner.

  • @ajvan I was so hoping Self would play TROB with both Morii, but alas, he never did. It was always 2 out of the 3. Would he play both footers at the same time ( Bolden/Chu-Chu)? That would be a sight, wouldn’t it?

  • KU is likely going into 2016-17 with Carlton Bragg and Landen Lucas in the front court. Those two have a skill set that compliment each other. Bragg is similar to Marcus Morris and Ellis in that he’s a face up player and can play in the high post. Landen Lucas is more of a traditional low post back to the basket player. Whoever KU gets as a transfer should determine what type of front court player KU targets the hardest in 2016 because that person should be a back to play the opposite front court role the transfer does.

  • @ajvan That last sentence is tongue in cheek, correct? I despise UK as much as the next guy, but they have a much better track record with bigs than we do over the past decade. Davis and Cousins are all-stars, plus Randle, Noel and Kanter, and could even through in Patterson and Jones. Alas, our bigs in the NBA haven’t sniffed an all-star game. Kief might one day and we’ll see about JoJo, but I don’t think there is much question that UK has produced more productive NBA bigs than we have.

  • @DCHawker Sadly, there’s no question that UK bigs outperform KU bigs in the NBA. Towns Jr looks like a guy who will continue the trend.

    Like we all know, UK is a destination school for OADs who want to hit the league with a splash.

    However, I’d still argue KU is BIG MAN U in its own right, thanks to the marginal post players Self & co develop into studs. If he can reel in a few more bigs with upside like Embiid & Diallo, our guys may start making NBA all-star squads instead of “just” becoming journeyman role players.

    You dig? ;)

  • @ajvan OK who comes closer to ROY 2016 Embiid OR Towns?

  • That’s a tough one. I see Towns having the better NBA “body” right now, so I give him a slight nod. Too many what ifs at this stage for both.

  • embiid.jpg towns.jpg I don’t think Towns has a better body but lets say he did? Towns can not move like Embiid.

  • I sure hope it’s Embiid! Lots up in the air right now, but if Joel’s physical therapy has run its course and he comes in at 100%, my money is on him.

    Towns didn’t show us anything resembling a Dream Shake and post bullies are a dime a dozen in the league.

    Towns could develop into an NBA star, who knows. But I think Joel will be better. (@Statmachine I mentioned Joel in my original post bc I think he & Diallo are the type of guys who can vault KU bigs onto the all star lists.)

  • Back to back ROY from KU. Sounds good to me!

  • Duke Nukem?

    Step aside.

    Here comes…

    Chuke Wukem!!!

    Sign now and I won’t make any Blaise Pascal references, okay, big guy?

    The team has serious chops if Self signs this guy.

  • @HighEliteMajor said:

    would a true center like Chukwu on the roster compromise our ability to land Marques Bolden?

    No.:two_men_holding_hands: :two_men_holding_hands:

    This is the international emoji for four footers.

  • @Statmachine Embiid!

  • Loos like UConn is trying to get involved.

  • @DCHawker

    "I despise UK as much as the next guy, but they have a much better track record with bigs than we do over the past decade. "

    They should… their bigs were all McDs 5-star AAs!

    How many of our bigs were McDs 5-star AAs? Any of them?

    You can’t compare apples to oranges. We’ve taken guys much further down in talent and given them a career in the league. I count that more than UK babysitting guys a few months that would be in the league even if they just went to school at UK and didn’t play ball.

  • @Statmachine I think Okafor is the best post player of the 3 actually. JoJo certainly has the most athletic ability. That is just a fact. It will be interesting to see how all of these guys adapt to the pro level.

  • @Statmachine

    I’d have to disagree. JoJo had the same 5 feet and in finishing ability with either hand that Okafor possessed. Where JoJo is head an shoulders above Okafor is the footwork is just magical especially the way he contorted and got angles. JoJo also is far ahead of Okafor with regards to shooting touch and range now out to three point land if you watch recent workouts and pregame shoot around with the Sixers. Obviously JoJo is quicker and more athletic, and appears to have a slight height & wingspan advantage. Okafor was able to use his bulk against supremely inferior post match ups in the ACC. I believe he is in for a rude awakening when he starts banging with equal to greater physical specimens you encounter regularly at the NBA level. With Okafor ’ body type it doesn’t seem like he will improve much from a speed and agility standpoint. JoJo added some more weight and muscle this year, and appears ready to not only out maneuver other bigs, but also back down opponents. Something he was ill equipped to do when he first arrived at Kansas. Hope I’m right, but I most certainly could be proven wrong. Just my two cents though haha

  • Also failed to mention that JoJo is clearly a more serious two way threat in transition. Guy runs the floor like a deer. He’s the kind of guy who will run down and get a block on defense in transition, and be right back at the other end for an uncontested layup or dunk

  • @drgnslayr That was partly what I was trying to point out!

  • He will be visiting ku early June

  • @blackmild33

    If that be the case I’ll keep praying for more rain. While we all complain about flooding basements and dark cloudy days Nigerians look at us with envy and proclaim we live on prosperous land. And they aren’t talking that way because a new mall just got developed down the road…

  • Chris Maynard ‏@maynardcc · 7h7 hours ago
    #kubball Providence transfer center to visit Kansas - Paschal Chukwu, a 7-foot-2, 225-pound center who has announc…

  • Michael Lickteig ‏@mhlickteig #kubball Looking forward to Paschal Chukwu visiting Kansas in June and hopefully becoming a Jayhawk. Would be a great addition to the team.

    Swan ‏@Swan888 · 14h14 hours ago
    Paschal Chukwu (7-foot-2 center) "will visit Kansas University the first weekend of June

    #BrodyFuentes ‏@BreezeM3 · May 23
    @RockChalkPhog how can I forget? I’m to only one talking about the soon to be future Jayhawk Paschal Chukwu. U better learn his name quick.

  • he is also planning on visiting Virginia and Michigan State

  • If I had to spend a year in student housing, practicing, and working out without playing; I know where I would go. As a matter of fact KU had me at student housing. To bad I’m too old, my eligibility has timed out, never mind my lack of talent…

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