ok guys now that I have let reason play in more then emotion

  • @FarmerJayhawk neenyo is a clown. Hates on JW as JW just goes off these last few games carrying us scoring from everywhere.

    He thinks Dick can manufacture his own shot it’s comical. Gradey scores on catch and shoot threes and his pump fake to mid range game which Baylor’s guys recovered so he didn’t get the shot off much.

    He did same last year with Ochai and Braun when Ochai was clearly the guy and better shooter.

  • @FarmerJayhawk let’s discuss em’.


    Bill Self

    JW being a stud

    Gradey shooting earlier in the year

    Kevin shooting earlier in the year

    Juan and KJ carrying us a few games especially KJ

    We got some decent pieces to make a run but it’s going to be tough. Pick and roll with Juan and kj teams know how to defend. Gradey they face guard, Kevin’s too scared to shoot and our bench is atrocious. JW does his best Superman attempt and we almost beat the kitties.

    We got some tough losses ahead but if we can get back to how we played against mu or iu we will be just fine in March

  • @kuballin10 so maybe consider some of your emphases when you see the game similarly to such a clown.

    On this we pretty much agree. The pieces are almost there, just need a few tweaks. If it were me, I’d ride Udeh as the backup big, swap Yes for Bobby as the off guard, and play Juan just 2-3 minutes per half less and let Bobby run point. Nothing crazy, just a few minor tweaks.

  • @FarmerJayhawk what part do I see similarly to neenyo?

    Your tweaks are exactly what I’ve outlined minus the udeh part. Playing udeh now is Bill admitting he should have been playing him earlier in my opinion because we got no choice and need standing height.

    I do agree with udeh or Zuby but prefer udeh due to his height. Zach doesn’t need to see the floor.

  • It’s irrelevant to even glance at our offensive problems at the moment. We have the tiniest chance to win games without reasonable defense.

    Right now we have some challenging areas: defensive rebounding, Juan, KJ fouls, Kevin cold, Gradey cold, TOs… all going bad at the moment but playing tough D is only a mind thing and hustle. When you fix D you partially fix the rest without doing anything else.

    Right now if we could sneak into practices… it would be (or at least, should be) all about Self selling guys to buy in to his M2M defense.

    All 3 of those losses happened first of all because of bad defense. The KSU wasn’t as bad but we took them to the wire in OT missing 3 players on a team only running 5 deep.

  • @kuballin10 you tell me?

    @kuballin10 said in Paging:

    @BShark @Crimsonorblue22

    We are playing REALLY good right now and that is even after the Harvard game. Typically that is a Sprint center loss and our guys still gutted out a 14 point win.

    Juan - Absolutely must play as many mpg at the 1 as possible. He was a stud in the IU matchup after coach woke him up. If he could just see 1 three drop I think he starts to average 1-2 a game which just opens things up more for him. He must play the most minutes at the 1 every night. Bobby is not what they’ve billed so far.

    Kevin - This is who’s changed this team. He’s an animal defensively just flat out taking the ball from guys even as they drive on a fastbreak. The difference and not sure if anyone noticed but his back injury was THE BEST for him. Here is why: MJ Rice got to get some confidence and score. This put just a little fire under Kevin and all of the sudden he is a WALKING DOUBLE DOUBLE. His stroke looks great and with him shooting it like that we have a 3 headed monster with JW, GD and KM.

    Gradey - I’ve seen neenyo on 247 talk about him needing more touches and I agree. When a guy goes 8-12 in a game and 5-5 or 5-6 from 3 then he needs more shots until proven he isn’t on fire. He is okay at driving, having some layups under the basket, his pull up game and just any way he can get a shot up in deadly. Neenyo at 247 views the game similarly to meand is as negative but does enjoy a good debate as someone finally analyzed why JW has skills for the nba. I feel as he posts reason and people just say he sucks instead of debating him.

    JW - Leader of the team but cooling off of late. He looks to drive but NEVER kicks opposite to Gradey (he does if KM is in the corner). He can mainly drive hard right but man he is GOOD doing it. Dude needs to look to penetrate and kick more but it’s difficult as a coach to say that without making him hesitant. JW needs to keep doing what he’s doing BUT when Gradey can’t miss get the guy more looks. JW and GD need to average the most shot attempts each game. I don’t like seeing 15-17 shots for JW and only 8-10 for Gradey especially when Gradey is so darn efficient.

    KJ - Draymond JR is money analysis from Self (he must know a thing about basketball). KJ is becoming great at the pick and roll, he gets off the floor so quick that he’s rejecting 6-10/6-11 guys. Now that we trap stud bigs like TJD (IU game) it shows we are going to be just fine moving forward. KJ is the starter and I’m 100% on board. He needs to learn JW’s hard drive right because no big can guard him from the top of the key or elbow.

    Bobby - Needs to penetrate WAY more and look to dish or finish those layups (as he did against IU but was back to average against Harvard). When he’s in the team just doesn’t run the same. The Juan & Bobby lineup I absolutely hate especially when Juan doesn’t look to score. Bobby needs to ATTACK and try a 3 one of these days and he will be okay. Curious how he does next year with some stud guards we have in.

    Joe - He’s a good defender but I’m seeing what Bill probably has seen for 2 years now. He’s hit some 3’s in limited minutes so that’s all we can expect.

    MJ - Needs more minutes but still lost out there at times. Bill has to let him learn in-game to grow through it. He’s a better athlete and defender (when he knows what he’s doing) than Joe and Bobby. He needs to be the 6th man and scorer off the bench as many have said. His interviews he’s saying all the right things.

    Zuby/Udeh - Neither are where they need to be but getting better. Zuby should be 1st big as Self mentioned Udeh was “whipped” 1st defensive possession in the post against Harvard. They are the future though just need to be patient and give us good spot minutes for KJ.

    Clemence - Not seeing it and will probably transfer this offseason if I had to guess

    IU game was perfection, the guys played great and dominated. IU is a solid team but not as good as their ranking was. I’d love going at Tenn again to see how our adjustments work. When you double the ball you are daring guys to shoot wide open 3’s.

    Our D is nasty with Juan & Kevin. Gradey is getting steals (had what 4-5 the other day) and JW pulls more boards than Barkley.

    This team can get to a final 4 just need some breaks like last year. We can hang and beat any team in the country.

    Ready for this big 12 slate to see how tough we are. Us dominating missery on the road was awesome and after watching them dominate ILL (who’s in a free fall but still) it shows these older guys + stud frosh in GD can get it done.

    Self will dominate continuously with the portal. Get older guards like KM and then some good big here or there.


  • Jalen and GradeB+ are going to have us expecting 50 points every game. Gradey is really going to be the best at going to the hoop and finishing. The fear of defenders regarding his ability to shoot from deep has his fake and drive from the corner an effective answer to the teams trying to make it a four on four game. He will get a hoop plus one or an open pull up eight footer every time. Jalen scores 38/30/23 and we lose three in a row?

    Spotting teams double digit leads is not our defense as much as it is so many missed shots and turnovers lead to easy baskets. Teams focus on our power two and no one else seems to keep us in the game.

    All of our really good defensive plays by Jalen, Kevin and Juan don’t get rewarded when our bricks follow them. The teams can get the big leads against us seem to get ridiculous from three or on the offensive boards. I’m not sure our personnel can fix the offensive board thing. We need Udeh to become that guy the other teams seem to have but he doesn’t even play.

    Our bench hasn’t scored worth a flip and struggle to even run the offense a lot of the time. Who can really help us? Maybe MJ. The starters are going to wear down more and more from too many minutes.

    How many conference losses? I hesitate to say seven but unless we can be even or leading going into the second half Jalen’s AA year will not be enough.

    We love the guys and know they are playing hard. Thank you.

  • @FarmerJayhawk yeah that was in relation to JW not looking to kick out to Gradey which he wasn’t doing.

    JW changed that and Gradey isn’t shooting it like he did.

    The JW distribution yes, the rest of his tangents no.

  • I hate to interrupt the coaching clinic, but Mitch has a message:


  • @Jethro Mitch knows a thing or two, having seen the transition from Ted all the way to Bill

  • @kuballin10 glad you changed your mind! There’s hope yet 😂

  • @FarmerJayhawk Changed my mind nah but want to explain what I agreed with sure. He’s going off the rails and more I read he’s probably 65-75 with nothing better to do but stir up that board

  • @Jethro you hate to interrupt good board discussion to interject with more useless crap - I’m shocked

    No duh Self knows 100 times more than anyone on this board

    Post of the year - put it in the hall of fame - Jethro - just bringing in earth shattering news

  • @FarmerJayhawk said in ok guys now that I have let reason play in more then emotion:

    @kuballin10 so maybe consider some of your emphases when you see the game similarly to such a clown.

    On this we pretty much agree. The pieces are almost there, just need a few tweaks. If it were me, I’d ride Udeh as the backup big, swap Yes for Bobby as the off guard, and play Juan just 2-3 minutes per half less and let Bobby run point. Nothing crazy, just a few minor tweaks.

    @Jethro - please refer to the above for how to have a basketball discussion. Here is farmer saying what he’d tweak. Now we don’t need to act like we are 12 and assume farmer thinks he knows more than Bill. We all know we don’t but proper bball discussion on how to get a team out of a funk is 100% why I come to this board. It’s a “if you were Self what would you do”.

  • I might as well get in on this delightful conversation.

    What Self really ought to do is win. Not lose.

    That’s what I’d do.

  • @drgnslayr

    Honestly, I think the offense has fallen off more than the defense but it’s a great discussion to have. I do see your point about the defense getting back to in a groove having some kind of domino effect on everything else. I do think some of these hot starts from teams & their shooting from 3 has negatively impacted the psyche of the players. They have been fighting deficits which requires a lot of energy and effort to fight back against.

  • What I would do is explore the offer @wissox has made many times over the years to join the team. Assuming that year of eligibility extends to his 40’s, or is it 50’s? And that means the tweet by octogenarian Mitch was relevant.

  • @mayjay Add me to the list - I’m 64. And I know in my heart I can play D-1 ball. Also, I could start for Mahomes Sunday if he can’t go.

  • @mayjay You think me and Nuleaf can get some NIL money?

  • @wissox I have a few Sacagawea dollar coins I can give you but only after the F4 if you guys get us there. This NIL stuff not based on actual performance is nonsense!

  • @mayjay OK, I’ll try real hard.

  • @wissox said in ok guys now that I have let reason play in more then emotion:

    @mayjay You think me and Nuleaf can get some NIL money?

    I’d buy a bumper sticker! lol

  • @wissox Just remember, no ads for cheese will be allowed on your uniform.

  • @mayjay That’s a deal breaker, I’m entering the portal.

  • @wissox So we should cut the cheese?

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