Mother Drgnslayr's Last Advice Before Sending Boys To Last Dance!

  • I just can’t stop being a mother… er… father!

    1. JWil - You are the “X-factor” guy in this game that will not get the MVP trophy, but this championship goes through you! You have to glue on Manek on the trey line and shut him down while also fulfilling your role as dynamic rebounder! If you do these two things well, we will not be denied the title! On offense… drive to the paint with your calculated medium speed… knowing not to charge and needing only a crack to slip through and put your body on a defender and score at the rim! We need your double-double!

    2. Chai - You’ve got this! Replicate your game on Saturday! Look for your shots and don’t hesitate! Defend hard, too. You called it right… you were built for this stage!

    3. DMac - Just like Chai… bring your Saturday game! No reason to do anything else. Bring the contact to Bacot and force him to back down without dropping your shoulder! Get excited because you finally get to match up with a big who may be in more pain than you!

    4. Juan - CONTROL THIS GAME! Play with poise, always be aware of tempo. You already know to push tempo. Our best tempo is sometimes a subtle shift. In the least, always push the ball up the court and make them run hard because they have no bench! When UNC runs and exerts energy on defense, they have less energy on their next offensive possession. So monitor UNC’s energy level and take advantage of it, and tweak our pace based on how well we score. It’s all inside you because you have the best court instincts we’ve had running point in a long, long time!

    5. CB - Realize how much your second half burst counted in our win versus Nova! Your first half was less than stellar but you left that behind and always focused on the next play! Do the same in this game and you will have your shining moments that will really help us bring home the trophy!

    6. Remy - No words necessary… You know how to support this team. Sometimes it means fitting into the flow, sometimes it means taking over. Trust your instincts and play to win!

    7. Mitch - I doubt anyone will have more emotion than you because this is your last game in a Jayhawk uniform and you’ve been in Lawrence since the invention of the wheel! Don’t be hyped up! We need your steady play, be levelheaded, and you will put in many key plays that help us win because you know the game so well. Play the role of a veteran!

    Team - Do what you did all year… maintain your poise! The brightest lights are on and YOU GOT THIS! All you have to do is play your hardest and leave all your game on the court, and stay poised! That is the winning formula!

    I know I speak for all Jayhawk fans everywhere… WE ARE PROUD OF THIS TEAM, WIN OR LOSE!

  • Spot on analysis! Can’t wait for the game!

  • My analysis:

    Just play hard. We are the better team. We are bigger, stronger, taller, faster, and more athletic. So just play hard and the right team will come on top.

    I’m hoping that emotionally UNC cared more about Saturday than today. That really felt more like their superbowl. This is ours. Just play like it.

  • Good analysis @drgnslayr. Would just amplify that from the get go the team needs to attack the rim. Whether that is getting it to Dave or penetrating. I don’t think they can stop us going downhill. Invite contact. Drawing early fouls on Bacot and/or Manek will change the dynamic. Especially, JWil - don’t be jacking up 3s. Definitely not your strength and it makes it easier on Manek. We should also learn from Baylor - apply some pressure on their guards. Don’t let them get into their offense easily or quickly. If they are going to be hoisting 3s, which is almost certainly the case, make them rushed, contested shots.

  • @drgnslayr - Nice post. You’re one bad mother-father!

  • @DCHawker CB start the first half! Big Dave, no dumb fouls! Mitch, need boards. PS, Juan, keep shooting!

  • Great post Dragon. You forgot the coach. Give him some advice!

  • I think Remy gets 30, Och gets 28, and we win by 11.

  • @Kcmatt7 I think you maybe right about, this may be an emotional let down from beating Duke and Coach K in the semi.

  • @wissox I hope Coach Self would let go of the notion that 3 pointers are “fool’s gold”.

  • @tis4tim


  • @BCT said in Mother Drgnslayr's Last Advice Before Sending Boys To Last Dance!:

    @wissox I hope Coach Self would let go of the notion that 3 pointers are “fool’s gold”.

    I wouldn’t worry about that too much since we just set a national record for 3s in a national semi-final game( 26 combined 3s with Nova). That’s an odd take considering we’re in the championship game, and you’re bringing up something that was said years and years ago.

  • Christian and Mitch we just need one drawing a charge call from each of you. I hope we get more even ref coverage in this championship game. Maybe they let’em play. Remy can be huge. Please? Christian is instant confidence and please bring the mercury as soon as you feel it. JWil you da man and true dat. My favorite Jayhawk. Your status as a draft contender is high now by shining on the biggest stage. I don’t care if you chuck up threes because you have confidence when some are timid.
    Daju your complete game please? Och you can be surreal I give you my permission. Dave we will be leaning on you again please make layups sir. Thank you for reminding us that being a complete person is very admirable.

    A chance to be national champs rarely comes around. I think you guys are one of Bill’s favorite teams. Make him cry for a Remy hug.

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