• Coach Self isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, nor do I want him to. But seeings how some brought it up not too long ago and that he eventually will I have a candidate for you (though I realize that as of now he doesn’t have hardly any experience), how about Jacque Vaughn? Smart and sharper than a whip - can easily learn the ins and outs of the NCAA - who bleeds KU and is a flat out winner. Roy Williams had no headcoaching experience.

  • Kansas head coach Scott Drew

  • @BShark are you serious?

  • Vaughn is solid, would be a great role model and has Cali and east coast connections, and he Knows basketball. Anyway, that’s a name that no one has mentioned. I’d take him over Haas any day of the week. Just saying.

  • @BShark said in Eventually:

    Kansas head coach Scott Drew

    Someone’s pregaming

  • Would love to see Jacque, if we can’t lure Brad Stevens away NBA.

  • @approxinfinity - LIFETIME BAN @BShark

  • Get Phil Knight and watch the recruits line up to play for us.

  • @nuleafjhawk I think firing squad is being approved. 🤣

  • Interesting name to throw out. More outside the box then I thought reading the original post.

  • @BeddieKU23 just out of curiosity, how many more years do you all think that Coach Self will be at KU?

  • Odd as this may sound, Jacque Vaughn is probably too old to really consider him for the KU job after Self. He’s already 45, which isn’t old, but Self is probably going to coach 8-10 more years, which puts Vaughn in his early to mid 50s when KU starts looking for a replacement (assuming Self retires in his mid 60s as he has suggested in interviews).

    If KU wants someone that will stay for 15-20 years, they need to look for someone that will be no older than 47 or 48 in 2028, which means that person is, at most, 40 right now.

    Everyone, say hello to Jeremy Case, currently the video coordinator at KU, former player and national champion at KU, son of a coach (father is an assistant at Middle Tennessee State). Case just turned 36, which puts him in the perfect age bracket for this job. He was an assistant at both SE Missouri and Houston Baptist, so he has some D1 sideline experience. I would not be surprised if Case eventually leaves KU again to go and be an assistant (or maybe even the head man) at a smaller D1 school so he can get his feet wet running his own show before returning when Self decides to hang it up.

    That’s just my guess.

  • @justanotherfan Aaron miles?

  • @BShark Possibly Gregg Marshall ???

    @approxinfinity - LIFETIME BAN me for that comment.

  • @nuleafjhawk said in Eventually:

    @BShark Possibly Gregg Marshall ???

    @approxinfinity - LIFETIME BAN me for that comment.

    LMAO - - - ummmmm No

  • @nuleafjhawk said in Eventually:

    @BShark Possibly Gregg Marshall ???

    @approxinfinity - LIFETIME BAN me for that comment.

    all you get from me is this lousy thumbs up.

  • @nuleafjhawk I’ll take the firing squad. Slow gin Lynn, after Cindy? 🤯 no class!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in Eventually:

    @justanotherfan Aaron miles?

    YES THIS. I have no idea if he’s interested in coming back to a college job, but if there’s an opening for an assistant he’d be my first call. Might be the perfect replacement for Townsend if he has to go considering Miles’s west coast ties.

  • What about Snacks?

  • Let’s hope this entire conversation is extremely premature.

    I’m on board with the idea that Self may go another decade. I think his legacy is important to him and he knows his best path to add on to his legacy is to stay in Lawrence.

    So 10 years goes by… just for giggles sake I’m going to say Self wins 1 more NCAA crown over that decade. I do think it will become tougher to do anything like becoming close to another conference title record-breaking streak… but I do think we can build on streaks, like most consecutive NCAA tournament appearances. And during that decade we will win our conference most of the time… let’s say 7 or 8 out of 10.

    Then Self leaves.

    I feel certain there will be one factor weighing the most on how we pick his successor. That factor is to find someone who will continue where Self left off without skipping a beat. There will be immense pressure to find the right coach and we will only consider someone with an already proven track history at the D1 college level. Second factor, right behind, is that this coach is young enough to build a huge legacy over time at Kansas. So as others have mentioned, age is pretty big factor and the coach shouldn’t be too old or too young either.

    So many of us used to think that Danny Manning would one day be the successor to Self. And I think the idea was more substantial when Danny stayed at Kansas and many of us thought Self would finish probably earlier than he will. When Danny was on the bench he was continuing to build his own personal Jayhawk brand and legacy status. He was developing himself as a “Self mentor” even though he didn’t play under Self. He was building a reputation for coaching bigs but also recruiting in some top shelf talent. Had he stayed through it all many would think he definitely paid his dues because he could have left and sought earlier leaps in success, but he didn’t. And he would have had decades under Self to carry forward his successful teachings. I feel certain he would have become our coach even if Self stayed longer than we earlier anticipated.

    But to stress how important it is for a coach to already prove himself before arriving… I don’t think Danny has much of a chance of ever coaching at Kansas again. I don’t think his record on his own shows enough success.

    I don’t think anyone will be picked based on being a great Jayhawk. I think we will be looking for someone who will become a great Jayhawk! That will be from winning, running a legit program, speaking well and representing the university well… All those things Self does really well! Look back over Self’s career here and you will see that we’ve had many challenges beyond the challenges on the court. Look around college basketball and you won’t find many coaches who could have handled themselves as good as Self. His legacy will be solidified by his character and ability to show his character through the challenges we’ve faced.

  • @Marco

    Well assuming this NCAA crap doesn’t change things ill say another 10 to 15 years. Really don’t have a top pick because I refuse to think about who could replace a legend like him.

  • @drgnslayr Interesting take, and valid points. @BeddieKU23 Coaching legend, bigtime. Just imagine the pressure that would come with being the guy who replaces Bill Self. @justanotherfan Yeah, Vaughn probably would be too old by then

  • If Self leaves my first choice to replace him will be Jay Wright.

  • @AsadZ Who could argue with that? But to @justanotherfan 's point, how old would Wright be then?

  • @Marco said in Eventually:

    @AsadZ Who could argue with that? But to @justanotherfan 's point, how old would Wright be then?

    I think Wright is actually older than Self. I know they are about the same age, so even if he’s younger, it’s not by much.

    The idea of Aaron Miles from @Crimsonorblue22 isn’t bad. He’s in the right age category, not too much older than Case. My only hesitation is that Miles seems to be on a pro coaching path rather than college.

  • I understand the Miles connection & that’s a solid choice however with him having no prior Coaching D-1 experience then if we go that kind of route then why would we not give Danny the Chance ?

    I think he would be equal to Aaron , he obviously has ties to the KU program , excellent Coach in working with big’s & he does have D-1 Coaching experience all be it he has had some struggles mainly at Wake.

    The thing with Wake and a big reason for the issues he had there is has been brought up before having to fight Duke & Nc for recruits right there in their stomping grounds and such for part of it could do worse, would love to be able to have him back to work with the Big’s again

  • If KU was looking for a coach immediately Jay Wright has been my pick for years. Recruiting, x’s & o’s, smart coach. He’s the guy that could keep things consistent here.

    If the coaching search is long term (5-10 years down the road) I think that discussion is impossible

  • @BeddieKU23 Jay Wright isn’t leaving Villanova for anything other than the 76ers.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 and the 76ers job has been open like 5+ times since he’s been at Nova.

    He is staying at Nova

  • If it was tomorrow I would potentially be interested in Hoiberg.

    Beard an obvious candidate and may be the top choice.

    Dan Hurley is intriguing.

    Mike White maybe.

    Billy Donovan if he were willing to leave the NBA.

    There are a lot of good options out there. But it’s hard to know they will succeed in a new place.

    Bill has spoiled us with success, even if it hasn’t been NC success

  • I can coach

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