Any Regrets Nebr., Missou & TxAM?

  • I wonder if the schools that abandoned the Big 12 have any regrets. Colorado has done well, but the rest have not been competitive at the same levels they enjoyed in the Big 12. I’ll admit that I’ve enjoyed watching our former foes struggle. Please, please, please figure out a way to safely launch college football this fall.

  • I think Mizzou and Nebraska regret it.

    But not Colorado or A&M.

  • Yeah. I think A&M has had lots of success and recognition on the national stage after moving over.

  • I don’t think Colorado, Nebraska or Missouri are in better shape. You could say Colorado is push but PAC 12 is usually considered the worst power 5 league across major sports. A&M I think has done well and after hiring Jimbo they have a chance to get better in football. I personally miss you the old conference, I thought the schedule was much better for football interms of rebuilding with 4 non conference games when you look at KSU, Tech and Baylor’s rise. I also feel like the basketball schedule didn’t beat each other to death. A mistake was made imo not adding Louisville and Cincinnati when we had the chance.

  • I just think Colorado fits with the PAC 12.

    And I could see them like the time zone setup better.

  • A&M gets SEC money now so they made out just fine.

  • Yea A&M got in the good side of the SEC and now their value is rocketed. Just look at the coaches they are able attract. Stole two solid coaches straight from ACC schools.

    This is what Mizzou thought they’d be able to do lol.

  • @Kcmatt7 they might consider renaming to “University of Texas-Missouri”

  • @stoptheflop Really, Colorado has done well? I thought they had mostly sucked in the PAC with only like one good season. They’re behind big time financially than had they stayed in the Big 12. That’s one school I don’t think has improved their lot at all (unless you’re going to judge their Big 12 tenure by how badly they sucked at the end).

    I would say no regrets for A&M (they were mediocre in the Big 12). I think Nebraska has moved on, but miss some of their Big 12 brethren. I think they’d love to see KU in the Big 10. Mizzou is pretty much irrelevant and has continued to recruit at the bottom of the SEC, which is never a great strategy if you want to compete to be at the top of your league. Their best couple of seasons in the SEC has been with their Big 12 players. Since their Big 12 players left, they’ve finished 1-7, 2-6, 4-4, 4-4, 4-4, and 3-5 in the SEC and they get to play Vandy, Arkansas, Kentucky, and South Carolina every year. Plus Tennessee has sucked most of that period of time. Mizzou went 1-5 against the SEC East last year so had they not played the worst in the West, they probably would have been 1-7 in the league. Mizzou will never admit they made a mistake leaving the Big 12, but it’s hard to see a path back to winning the East with Georgia and Florida back to being national powers and Tennessee looking like they might be a contender in future years. Right now, it looks like Mizzou is playing for 3rd or 4th place in the East on an annual basis. Of course, had they landed in the West, they could play for 4th or 5th place in a good year.

  • Anybody think Colorado or Nebraska would come back? Fred and tad would be fun.

  • @stoptheflop I think every single one of them wholeheartedly regrets getting their asses handed to them 2-3 times per season in basketball.

  • I doubt any of the departing teams regrets much, other than Nebraska, honestly.

    Colorado would not have wanted to stay in the Big 12 with the addition of West Virginia stretching the conference that far east. The time difference of being the only conference school in the Mountain time zone always made it frustrating for them anyway. I always thought they were the most likely departure to the Pac-10(12) for that reason.

    I doubt Mizzou and A&M regret the move. Mizzou may have made more sense in the Big 10 at first glance, but the SEC offered more money, so it doesn’t surprise me they went there. They basically got more money to be in a very similar position conferencewise. That’s a pretty good trade, honestly. And if they do ever win the SEC title game, they will almost certainly play in the national semifinals. Same for A&M.

    I think Nebraska may regret it because they didn’t sign on for Maryland and Rutgers. They wanted Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State, etc. They wanted the possibility of Notre Dame joining at some point. That’s not what they got. So they may actually wish they had stayed put. Add to it that the Big Ten hasn’t really helped open new recruiting territory, and Nebraska looks like they got almost nothing from the deal.

  • @justanotherfan Big 10 has been #1 in money for a while and they get to redo their TV deals in like 3 years. SEC is getting a big pay day for their game of the week so it’s not like they’re hurting, and perhaps they will pass the Big 10 eventually.

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